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Part 50: Chapter 20x: The Reason I Went For The Generic Units (Prep)

Chapter 20x: The Reason I Went For The Generic Units (Prep)

(Hey, Shadows Of Valentia came out today! Maybe you should check it out, I haven’t played it yet.)

: Again, it falls upon me to correct the mistakes made in this faulty retelling.

: Are you sure you don’t want help with this?

: Bah. Don’t underestimate me, kid.

: Anyway, uh, this person joined us. I don’t remember their face. We’re on the bridge, right?

: …

: While my Jagen Tales tome had run its course, the sequel had just entered print. It’s a hit.

The ol’ Warp/Horace bomb is still an extremely good tactic, even with an Armorslayer in the mix. This probably wouldn’t work with mages in the group, however.

Things don’t work out as well for poor Dexa. He/she did eat two shots before this, though!

This was honestly the greatest obstacle on this map. Normal mode nerfs the Paladins hard, so it’s sort of a breather.

Oh, I figured I’d let you know, I didn’t do an exact count but this is at least Wrys’ fourth empty level. I think it’s been around six.

The reinforcements are also pretty weakened thanks to the whole “not moving as soon as they spawn” thing. This also makes it much easier to Screenshot LP. Live and learn.

: Well hey there, new gal! Ya wanna know a secret?

: Hmm?

: From one pinkhead to another, he just LOVES bow users. Especially if you try an’ use ‘em in melee range! Give it a shot!

: Ain’t enough room for the two of us…

So, I couldn’t decide if I wanted a picture of Bantu’s battle model or his death quote, so I think I panicked and got this instead. So here’s him looking very introspectively in specter form over an empty text box.


: Pssh. I’m kidding. He went to take a nap.

(look, he got like 6 empty levels and I didn’t wanna reset )

Due to the low unit cap on this map, we only got one new character despite the pretty huge losses I took. Say hello to Hendexa!

Say goodbye to Hendexa!

: Purged in holy fire!

: Speedy fire!

: ...Why did you tell me about that part?

: To combat such a powerful foe as General Camus, we had to recruit Altea’s finest.

: Not this guy, I don’t know who the fuck this guy is.

: Wymp, who shot at a house once, and almost hit!

: Owend, runner up of the barracks beer-pong tournament!

: And, finally, Laim, master of the healing arts, who cured a whole town of minor scratches.

So, uh, as you’ve probably noticed, once the game runs out of Latin numbers, in the American version, at least, the names get...interesting.

: Seriously I don’t know why we brought this guy.

: Behold his mighty Archery!

Unfortunately, without Lena, the Hammerne is Literally Useless to me on this run. I guess I can sell it?

I also spent all my Master Keys last time, so, uh, we’re just gonna forget this route exists, okay?

To my surprise, though, you can, evidently, get through this area. It’s not all mountains. I’m learning a lot on this meat-grinder-esque playthrough.

: I’m pretty sure he was too old to be of any use to us anyway.

: Sir Jagen-

: Don’t you sass me, I’m on my deathbed here.

: However...against the strength of the great General…

: Not even our greatest warriors could stand!

: Thus, we hatched a desperate plan…

: See ya.

: Wha-

You do get some different dialogue here if Camus lives. Most notably, Nyna doesn’t run off to cry in the black void.

(This chapter is called “Men and Monsters” in the EU version, which is a way better name.)

: Anyway, Lava Town.

: to crush the last of the opposition. The surviving Grustian soldiers, in a mad attempt to hang on to their lives, took all the residents of a nearby village hostage to keep Marth from striking. However, they could not have picked a worse village to harass…

The sole new addition to the team this time is Auffle the Bishop.

This map has one feature that I don’t think appears anywhere else, lava. It’s the same as Water but Berserkers can’t cross it.

There are a lot of chests scattered around this map, which is separated into six separate islands. We start in the bottom right and have to move up to the top left.

The enemies, as is typical for a Gaiden chapter, aren’t anything too special.

Here’s the loneliest island of all.

We do have a Swarm Bishop to contend with, but it’s not much to worry about in the grand scheme of things. The grand scheme being “this map is still pretty easy”.

The boss here has no ranged weapon or throne, so he’s...just a General who doesn’t move. Not much to worry about.

Also I made Auffle a Swordmaster. That’s enough for today.

Bonus Content

Etzel’s support is really depressing so here’s a Catria art from the new game!