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Part 51: Chapter 20x: The Reason I Went For The Generic Units (Battle)

Chapter 20x: The Reason I Went For The Generic Units (Battle)

Short update here, because even for a Gaiden chapter this one’s a pushover.

: With that ogre on the loose? Hardly, sir. All of our soldiers together still can’t contain him. The other villagers have fled into the caverns, out of reach.

Not a...literal Ogre. No monsters in this game. This ain’t Sacred Stones. Or Gaiden. Or Echoes, I think I have to add that now.

: What? Grr, enough of this! The League will be here soon. Take your positions! We’ll deal with them first and cut that giant down to size later.

This is, as far as I know, the only time this “Cave” background is used in the game. There’s so much effort in new assets for this optional, extremely hard to accidentally reach map that...never get used again.

: Why would you try to take on an entire army just for our sake?

: Because you treat me like a human being. Do I need another reason?

: Ymir...thank you.

: I’ll be standing guard outside the cavern. Nobody will hurt you, I swear it.

And that he does. In another case of “This Game Desperately Needed Neutral Units”, Ymir enemy for some reason. He won’t move, though.

Marth has to go talk to him, so he’s of course with his ace bodyguard, Auffle.

Pretty much everyone else takes to the western exit.

Many of the Mounted units on this map will charge you. This still shouldn’t present much of a challenge, especially if you make sure not to let fliers in the Horsemen’s range.

This helps too.

Honestly, if you made it through Chapter 20, you aren’t going to be having trouble here.

There’s also a convenient chokepoint here.

Not that there’s much to...choke.

: Did...did he forget to pick up his sword?

: No, see, he’s got it!

: well.

: Let’s move on.

You know, an interesting thing about this map (and most of the Gaidens) is that it’s full of riders and armored units, which Marth is great against thanks to the Rapier. And, even if you’ve lost literally every other character, you MUST have Marth, and this is a great spot to get him EXP.

These Generals actually have some substantial Attack, thanks to the Silver Lances, but they still aren’t too bad.

I’m sorry, I can’t say too much about this map, I just kinda killed the enemies.

Here’s a Jagen one-shot.

Even their Manaketes are shitty!

This guy was late when they handed out the Lances.

Once you get close enough, the remaining stationary Paladins will begin a charge.

Thankfully for us, Marth’s reached his goal.

: You just keep your distance. I’m not letting anyone near the villagers in here, and that includes you!

: You wrong me, sir. I’m here to rout the last of Grust’s army. To save you.

: Yeah? Well, they said the same thing when they led us down here. And look where that got us. I’m not fallin’ for the same lies twice!

: I speak the truth. But, if my word is not good enough, so be it. Stand aside and watch us fight. Let the battle prove I mean what I say. Agreed? Either way, you are in danger here. Take the villagers and hide until this is over.

: …So I’m supposed to just sit here, when I could be fightin’?

: Just give me a chance to prove I’m here to protect you.

: …Fine. I’ll stay out of it. For now. But if I find you’re lyin’ to me, I’ll split you right down the middle!

Ymir actually exits the map at this point. Don’t worry, you’ll still recruit him, so long as you finish it.

Unlike Hard Mode Run Caeda, I don’t think Normal Mode Caeda was lucky enough with levels to take on all those Paladins, so she backs up.

The rest of this will be a looting spree.

I missed the shot, but it was a Killer Axe!

You might be sensing a theme.

Frey’s got enough movement to dispatch of the Swarm Bishop before he can work his foul, bug based magic.

I hope you like getting Crits. But who doesn’t?

Whoa, whoa, you don’t fit the gimmick at all, buddy.

No wonder these two were on their own island.

The boss has no range, but Barst has a Hammer.

This was the most expedient solution.

: Those soldiers told us they’d protect us when they led us down here…but they were just using us as leverage, hostages to keep you at bay! If you hadn’t shown up, they might have just killed us outright in the end…

And that’s all he has to say, scene change!

Okay, this is a good blink portrait, maybe there’s something salvageable in this update. Vote 5, folks.

: Well, at least we’ve cleared up the misunderstanding.

: Since you came to the villagers’ rescue, how ’bout I help you out as a way of sayin’ thanks?

: You mean...join our army?

: I’m strongest in the land! Well, second strongest, at least. I can hold my own in battle. But if you don’t want a monster in your ranks, I understand…

I think people are supposed to be afraid of Ymir because he’s...big? And has war paint? But nobody really has that reaction to him in this game. It takes until New Mystery for someone to just assume he’s come to kill them. (thanks, steve)

: Monster? You’re a giant among men, to be sure, but a hero as well! Any warrior who can fend of an entire army is welcome among us!

: Then count me in! Let’s see how many more armies break themselves against me, eh!

Oof. Nobody’s breaking themselves against that 9 defense, big guy. Ymir is...not good, unfortunately, because I love his design. He’s a mound of HP and Strength, at least, but that’s about all he’ll ever be.

Bonus Content

Ymir’s Official Art

He doesn’t have the war paint in this one.