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Part 53: Nothing Title-Worthy Happens (Battle)

Chapter 21: Nothing Title-Worthy Happens (Battle)

I’m gonna level with you right off the bat. This chapter is really straightforward. This might not be riveting stuff, sorry. It’s a big flat field full of guys.

Also, I definitely did not miss anything in this map.

: Are you certain you wish to join the battle? If you’ve any reservations about fighting your own countrymen-

She’s done it a few times now. Like in the chapter where you recruited her.

: If I did, Prince Marth, I would not have offered you my axe.

: But surely-

: You have the wrong idea. Perhaps you think I wish to spare my brother and former vassals, forgive them for seeing things differently?

: ...Don’t you?

: I would be lying if I said I did not wish it were that simple.

: Even if it means your own brother may die?

: Since I was little, I followed in Michalis’s footsteps. Whatever books he read, I read; whenever he practiced the sword, I was close by, watching, learning…He was always a step ahead: my hero, something to aspire to. Even now, some part of me loves him.

(not with those stats)

Anyway, there’s something viscerally satisfying about getting to do this myself.

The enemies are actually pretty tough on this map, especially if you’re just coming from Ymir’s gaiden. I had to be pretty careful with most of my units.

After the first turn, two of the Paladins charge, and you can see how quick this can turn ugly.

Our heavy hitters need to down those Paladins quick, since they’re exceptionally dangerous to the backline mages.

Choosing a good three unit team for this far left position is a pretty good idea, since you’ll be eating some Dracoknight charges. One has a Ridersbane too.

Tiki and Caesar can put out good damage. Lorenz is...uh...he’s there.

There’s a lot of scattered damage going out, so Fortify’s not a bad idea. I’m starting to get a bit more liberal using it as we hit end game.

I was afraid of this guy, because Killer Weapons, but then Wolf happened.

Yikes. It’s a good thing Cord’s so fast. Never underestimate how far a Paladin will move just to ruin your day.

He’s got 20 dang speed.

Lorenz isn’t great by any means, but he can soak hits well and do a little damage in return, which is more than you can say for half the random prepromotes Shadow Dragon hurls at you.

Here’s Pachyderm in action. It’s pretty good!

I’m using Caesar to weaken these enemies so Tiki can finish them with the Firestone. It conserves uses on the Divinestone that way.

Also, Tiki’s level ups are fast, since she’s technically at a very low level, so the game weights her kills really heavily.

Well, that’s that dealt with.

The side with Barst is doing just fine, as you might imagine.

A-OK over here!

C’mon, Caesar.

At this point, all the physical units are dealt with, so I have an excuse to pretend I’m planning ahead again with Barrier.

Still, I’m trying to hang back just a bit and take this slow.

Even unpromoted Mages with pretty basic Tomes hurt bad in Shadow Dragon.

Tiki gets levels like she’s from another game, though. That’s some Awakening shit.

Here’s a Convoy shot because I forgot to bring a single target, non-Physic Staff on Maria. Oops.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Wendell gets better level ups than Caesar. Here’s photo evidence.

On Turn 5, the map takes its claws out. We’ve got seven reinforcements! Two Cavaliers, two pegasus knights, and three Dracos, one in each “section”.

The forests are a double-edged sword, since they’ll slow you and the Cavs down, but the flying Dragoons don’t care. That’s what Beck’s for.

It’s nice that he doesn’t need many levels to just kinda do his job.

I won’t show me getting rid of all these guys, since it would take way too long and it’s basically the same thing we just did.

It’s a lot of experience, though. Anyway, top left Dracoknight is the worst.

Extremely rude, sir.

Also, after Fortify patching, Tiki can’t even down him for free experience! Now I have to make Marth or Abel do it.

Maria has some kind of complete aversion to gaining Magic. I won’t complain about a four-stat level, but I will sulk slightly.

On turn 10, the reinforcements repeat. You probably won’t see this unless you’re specifically stalling for it. Hell, you can probably skip the first set of them if you’re really quick.

It’s the same thing again, so, uh, here’s Wolf getting another Lance level. That reminds me, we haven’t put Gradivus or Mercurius to use yet.

Linde’s speed issues seem to be evening out a bit, which is a welcome sight.

So is this. Wolfffff.

This took both of our blue haired fliers, but it was worth it. Fuck that Ridersbane guy.

And that’s the last of ‘em.

No more Fortify.

The boss, uh, exists.

I mean, I got a good blink-shot of him. That’s worth something.

See ya, Orridyon.

I guess Ogma can finally promote now.

The two stores back here don’t have anything of particularly great interest, though I did grab a Bolganone, since Cord burns through them quick, and a Killer Axe, because I love Barst.

: I see you have made it to Macedon. You will find me in a village north of the Macedon aerie, their castle. If you possess the Lightsphere and Starsphere, have them in hand when you visit me here. …Ah, yes. I also have good news. Your sister Elice is unharmed.

This is a good thing to note! Not the thing about Elise, that’s whatever, but the other stuff.

: What?! You are certain? Where is she now?

: Thabes, city of illusion. Gharnef took her with him when he fled. I pray you rescue her soon.

: I will!

: But first, bring me the two orbs.

Also very good to know.

Next time Regicide happens.

The Old School Fire Emblem Art Gallery, Installment II

Welcome back. Last time we looked at the many faces and bare legs of Prince Marth, today we’ll move onto his motley band of friends.

There’s not much I can add to this picture of Cain and Abel other than noting that yep, it certainly does exist!

Speaking of Abel, he betrayed Marth to join Michalis in the manga version of this game for...uh, some reason, I haven’t read it. Here he is doing that.

Here are Cain and Gordin’s TCG arts, as well as Draug’s FE3 one, but only the face, because I know that’s what people want. I like how Cain is dual wielding here. I’m sorry, you can’t do that in this game.

Here’s a compilation of Jagens through the years. If you look closely, you’ll notice he grew an extra shoulder spike between FE3’s release and the TCG coming out. He also bought a cape, and between TCG and Heroes, spent all those years making his armor as overcomplicated as possible. He also swapped to swords, apparently.

We also have Jagen’s appearance in the Fire Emblem Anime, where he had kind of a “very shiny Clint Eastwood” thing going. Oh, also that part in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE where he turned into a motorcycle. I haven’t played far enough in that game for context, but I don’t think it matters.

I was going to do Caeda here but nothing’s beating Motorcycle Jagen so I’ll save that for next time or something.