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Part 54: Long Live The King (Prep)

Chapter 22: Long Live The King (Prep)

Right, time for the actual reason we came to Macedon. Surprisingly, no, it was not Orridyon.

I didn’t even attempt a title pun because I’m not beating this.

: Michalis, the fiend, would often surf upon his mount, arms crossed, like a real piece of shit.

: But then their brother, Prince Michalis, succumbed to his lust for power. Despite his sisters’ adamant opposition, he sworn allegiance to Dolhr; and when Macedon’s Dragoons took flight, the world suffered. Even now that the tides had turned, Michalis took position for one last stand. Dracoknights filled the sky end to end, eager to pluck Marth from the earth.

This map is actually pretty cool, and I think it’s one of the more memorable ones in this game.

We all start at the foot of Michalis’ fortress. I could send fliers to challenge him directly, but, uh.

He’s got friends. As you’d expect, they’ll filter out and charge for you. Be extra careful with healers on this map, since the Dracoknights and Pegasus Knights are out for blood.

To get to the northern steps and climb the tower, your units can either go right or left (Or both, if you want to split Michalis’ forces.

To the right is this pretty important village! This is where Gotoh’s been hanging out.

On the left, some more shops. These are some of the last in the game, so if you’re running low on high quality weapons, it might be a good idea to hit them up.

Most of the Forts are near Michalis himself, but there’s this one too. Reinforcements don’t come out of it or anything, it’s just...there. I dunno.

The enemies in this map specialize in movement, and a lot of them have fairly powerful weapons. Ridersbanes are frequent as well, so it’s a good idea to check weapons before sending in one of your Paladins or Horsemen.

The boss himself is Michalis, as you’d expect, and he’s got some pretty bulky stats. He doesn’t move, however, so he’s not quite as big a threat as Camus. He’s also kinda slow and somehow has Zero Luck, so he’s extra susceptible to getting crit. If we're being totally real here, he's a bit of a chump for a major story boss. The item he’s carrying, Iote’s Shield, prevents the extra damage from bows that fliers usually take. Caeda wants her hands on it, but for now, it’s just a bit of a way for the game to say “No, you can’t just one-shot him with Parthia that easily.”

This is going to be the last promotion. We’re all grown up now.

Marth’s got to deliver some Orbs to Gotoh. I don’t know if you NEED them in your inventory when you visit him, but it’s better safe than sorry.

I’m rich.

Since we’re almost at the end, I figured I’d give our consistent MVP’s favorite weapon a slight tune-up.

I also couldn’t think of any joke names.

Also, since I mentioned it last time, I remembered we have these legendary weapons I’m not using.

Abel gets Gradivus, and Caesar snags Mercurius after a quick Arms Scroll to bump him up to an A in swords. Nobody on the team can use Parthia, sadly.

As a weird note, the Longbow is, in fact, class-locked to snipers. Generals and Horsemen can’t wield it because uh, balance reasons, maybe?

Next time we confront Michalis.

The Old-School Fire Emblem Art Gallery: Installment III

Let’s talk about Caeda!

I like Shadow Dragon’s depiction of Caeda the best, personally. Not that there’s a big change between her outfit there and the New Mystery one, but the darker colors look better, I think. Although I have to wonder what happened to both the bird and the bulky-ass leather shoulderpads she had in FE3.

Like her future husband, she also had a helpful game show posing phase. What are they pointing at? That’s up to your imagination.

Here she is with her dad in the Fire Emblem anime. I...uh…

I love him.