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Part 59: Day Late, Dolhr Short (Prep)

Chapter 24: Day Late, Dolhr Short (Prep)

I’d like to congratulate our friend Athena on making it into Fire Emblem Heroes, even if that dates the hell out of this update.

: but when the Shadow Dragon came, everything changed. He sunk all Archanea into a cycle of war, in which heroes rose and heroes fell- always claiming his cause was just and the humans’ deaths deserved. But now Medeus’s empire was crumbling…He was nearing the end of his reign…even as Marth was nearing the end of his long quest.

Before we jump into this map, let’s look at one of the game’s final characters, Elice.

Elice has the highest natural magic growth in the game, but good luck using it when she comes in like this. In fact, most of her growths are good, but it’s sorta hard to salvage a Level 10 unit in the penultimate map, especially one with base stats like that.

The A Rank in Staves is pretty nice, I guess, but it only really exists if you need someone to use the Legendary Staff.

So we’re just going with the usual squad for this. Sorry, Elice.

I have a lot of money, and we’re almost out of opportunities to do this.

I’m not lying to you, or myself.

This is a pretty huge map with a lot to deal with, so let’s get going.

We’ll be running into a ton of Manaketes, so if you have the Effective weapons for Dragons on hand, it’s time to bust them out.

Also dotting the map are forts. You’ll want to be blocking these off, otherwise reinforcements will spawn until Turn 49! If you’d rather grind for experience, though, leave them alone.

On the southern path here, there’s a Hero and two Manaketes guarding the Resurrectory. We don’t have anyone dead to USE the staff on, but hey, why leave it lying around?

In case you thought we were free of Fortify Curates, you were wrong, I’m sorry, hypothetical reader.

Pretty much all the enemies on this map are quite formidable, so it’s time to field your strongest units.

The boss, Xemcel, has a Magestone, so he does do magic damage. He’s pretty tough, but he’s still a stationary boss, so there’s not too much to worry about so long as you take it slow and don’t get ambushed by reinforcements.

Art Gallery VII

Manaketes! Dragonkin! Weird People! Let’s look at ‘em!

We’ve got our two playables, Bantu and Tiki here. They both haven’t changed much over the years, but how did that rad little blue dragon never show up in the games? What is that? Explain, Fire Emblem.

This might be a bit of a premature showing of Medeus, but he never even physically appears in the game until the next map so fuck it. I think the winner here is his grabby hands in The Complete artbook version.

To round us off, here’s a very rounded Gotoh and a very chill Xane. See you next time.