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Part 62: Chapter 24x: Dimensional Detour (Battle)

Chapter 24x: Dimensional Detour (Battle)

Hey there, and welcome to the last non-main story update of the LP. We’re so close to the end, but first, we’ve got an Alterspire to climb.

: Sire, it’s teeming with soldiers…Who are they? They fly no recognizable banner.

So this is like the Malledus path, huh?

: They are the Keepers whose test I must pass.

: You mean to fight them, then?

: Gotoh says we must prove ourselves. Very well; we’ll seize the tower! Follow me!

: He said “Follow” him, not charge in!

: Pah. Can’t argue with my results, kid! Besides, I had to hurry...

: SOME OF US were still rummaging through the damn Convoy because they left their good bows at home.


So, let me be straight with you, reader, this chapter’s a pushover. All the enemies are really understatted, and this is just a good opportunity to grab some more Experience before the final battle. So this is going to be a quick fight.

: Their Berserkers buckled against the body of the half-giant, Ymir!

: Their dark wizards could not even harm Etzel, master of magic, and also they got shot.

: Not even the Mage Dragons, fiercest of Dolhr’s forces, could stand against Marth, and the Falchion that we definitely did not have, if Gotoh asks.

: They tried to disarm us with specialty weapons, but the ultimate specialty is just getting sliced in half by Barst.

: With a sword faster than light, Athena carved videspread vounds across their….

: ...Vabdomens?

: You ruined it.

: I guess Horace was there too.

Merric, sadly, doesn’t have the speed to double here. That can be a deal breaker with mages.

The Killer Bow here is actually a little scary at first glance, but even if this guy crits, it won’t be substantial.

: Though we had no Thief to open the doors, you’d be surprised how good Norne is at shooting through a keyhole.

The enemies near the throne charge when you get close, but it’s sorta too little, too late.

: And so, we proved ourselves masters of the alternate dimension.

: ...Alright.

That’s an empty screen, Malledus.

: There are no others. And look: these markings around it are the same pattern we saw in the Fane of Raman…

: Hmm, you’re right…

: We found a dragon girl in the fane...I wonder if these symbols- Huh?!

: Sire! The coffin…It’s opening!

: What? No! It must be some kind of trap, or…or some kind of…er…

There’s a transition effect on the bottom screen here. Again, sorry, hard to capture in screenshots.

: My name is Marth, prince of Altea. And you, my lady?

: Me?! My name…is Nagi.

: Wait! I know her! Oh...oh this...a real story?

: Well, of course.

: I’m going to need to lie down once this is all over...

: Nagi…I was sent here to find you, by a man named Gotoh.

: Gotoh…I know that name…But from where? I cannot recall.

: You’ve lost your memory?

: I…cannot say for certain. But your voice…I heard you calling. Did you rouse me from my sleep?

: Your soul…called out to me…begging for my help. For this blade…

: That…that’s Falchion! How did you get it?!

: I cannot remember…But you need it, I know that. And you need my powers.

: Your…powers, my lady?

: Take me with you. I must…finish what I started…I think. I must fight with you.

Well...that’s handy. I’m kinda sad it’s not called the Parallel Falchion, but that would require quite a bit of foresight into Games That Weren’t Out Yet.

So, there’s something to note about Nagi’s Falchion. This is the original I got from Gharnef.

Nagi’s is actually way worse, with five less might, less hit, and more weight! I guess it makes sense for an extradimensional knockoff Legendary Blade.

You don’t get Nagi until the start of the next map, but I started it to get her stat block. Nagi’s pretty similar to Tiki. In fact, these are around Tiki’s average stats at this level, aside from Tiki having way better Luck. Nagi also takes way less investment, but she is a bit of a crutch unit to help you against the many dragons we’ll be facing off with in the final map.

Now then, here’s a final roundup of the stat screens for my Normal Mode team, just for completion’s sake.

Marth actually hit his Resistance Growth twice, which is kind of a nice little miracle. Otherwise he was just standard Marth. Pretty decent, but not really good at anything until he gets his hands on Falchion.

This Strength-blessed Frey pretty much had the team on his back. I love those numbers.

It’s our hero, Sir Jagen! With copious amounts of stat-injections, he became a respectable Bishop.

Norne was pretty good for sudden bursts of damage. I still can’t say I’m super impressed with her, but she turned out alright enough.

This is more what Caeda is SUPPOSED to look like, not her super buff self from the Hard run. She’s not quite as much of an all purpose tool without the strength and defense blessings, but she was still an asset to the team.

This Barst is apparently a little below average. I didn’t notice, because he’s still Barst.

I was focusing on Jagen so much that Merric ended up pretty underleveled. Whoops. He’s still okay.

Sedgar serves as a fantastic block of HP and solid damage. Seriously, Sedgar and Wolf are super good if you reclass them. Special note goes to having General level defense with 23 speed.

Athena > Navarre.

Horace is a pretty good block. That’s about all he does well, but he does it!

I really, really wish Etzel was faster. Unfortunately, without doubles, he’s just outclassed by a lot of other casters.

Ymir’s doing better than I thought he would.

And...uh...the rest!

Next time, the conclusion! It’s Endgame time. See you there.

Bonus Content

All our Normal mode run pals are here for a group shot! Sorry Ymir’s so blurry, I’m not great at sizing these. Whoops.

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Can we get a gotoh masterpiece masterpost, please


There's also Camel Pimp's rainbow Gotoh, who's in the OP.