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Part 64: Final Chapter: Shadow Dragon. (Battle)

Final Chapter: Shadow Dragon. (Battle)

Time to take down Medeus.

: Sire! Lord Gotoh is here to see you.

So, intermediate note (Get ready for a lot of these): If you went to 24x, Gotoh will not show up here, and none of this dialogue happens. I guess he’s given up on you after he had to send you to the Alterspire to salvage your loss of Tiki and Falchion.

: Lord Gotoh?! What are you doing here?

: I washed my hands of humankind and their foolish ways long ago. But you and your companions have convinced me that was a rash decision. Perhaps there is hope for you yet. Allow me to offer what help I can.

: You mean you’ll fight with us?

: Yes. I may lack the power to stop Medeus, but his minions are another story. Let this old man strike them down and clear a path for you. …The gods have chosen you, Marth, prince of light.

So, this next part doesn’t play unless you’re on Normal. I’ve spliced it in.

: Go now, and win back a future for us all. Your family would be proud.

: …!

: Your sister knows that you are the future of Altea- nay, the whole land!

The Normal intermission is over now.

: Come, my friends! We have a dragon to tame! Help me confine Medeus to the shadows for all eternity, and bring light back into the world!

And that’s it for the starting speech. I like it way better with the flashbacks, so it’s a shame that it, like a lot of other cool stuff, is confined to Normal only.

There’s a short scene at the start of the map where Medeus transforms. Meet his true form, the Earth Dragon.

Okay, so, Gotoh. Gotoh is the final character in the game (finally) and he’s pretty much just a panic button. Athos Gotoh comes packing two powerful staves to heal your allies, a Thoron to defend himself, and the only usable Swarm book in the game. He’s not as strong as your own trained sages would likely be, but he can hold his own, at least on Hard.

Let’s get this started.

Starting with the top left room, the Pachyderm needs to go down. There’s already way too much damage coming out, and you cannot afford to wait around on this map.

Thankfully, the combination of Catria and Beck makes it feasible to kill it off ASAP.

Moving counterclockwise, Abel can down this one all by himself, thanks to Gradivus.

Top Right, another long range attacker. Get rid of these goofballs.

Unfortunately, our center group here with Marth is still locked out by that closed door for now. There’s an open one off to the left, but it’s a longer walk and I don’t want to bother.

I kinda just wanted to poke at this guy, since Gotoh’s not doing anything else, but this was a crit!

Not that it mattered, since the Fortify and Physic curates were glued to their ally here.

Here’s the reason I brought Tiki to the final chapter. That damage is gross. She can one-shot any manakete in this level but the boss, which is crucial, because they hurt a lot and are extremely fast.

That helps too. Except the Magic.

Yikes. I hate Magestones.

That bishop who was with the general went for Abel. He brought himself only death, and me only disappointment.

That could possibly come in handy, but I’m already well stocked on them.

Obnoxiously, this Hero has a Levin Sword, which I didn’t expect, and he blasts the shit out of poor Beck. This was a double, so it was close.

That sounds bad.


One thing to note about Chosen By Fate is that almost every enemy charges you. You can get in a bad spot very quickly if you aren’t careful.

Alright, time to start clearing the rooms. Barst’s lucky dodge means he’s not even too scuffed up as Hauteclere weakens this goon.

...Well, this is the time to use a save tile.

Got it on the second try.

Lorenz also cracks open the center door, and Caeda gets a celebratory critical on the Hero here.

Catria will not be outdone, however.

Tiki killed that other guy, but it wasn’t a Dracoknight crit so I didn’t screenshot it.

And that’s the top left corner completely cleared.

I know this guy’s going to get healed up. At this point I’m just spite-shooting.

And, of course, the ol’ Abel Bait strategy gets deployed again on the oncoming reinforcements from the North.

The first set of doors has closed.

Well, this looks...terrifying.

Let’s just take this slowly and methodically. With a ballista.

I said slowly, you’re ruining it.

Finally, Cord’s time to shine!

The Ridersbane is also a useful resource.

Like, really, so much so I have to pass it around.

A Fortify goes off, and that’s the first bit of that rush of northern units dead. Still waiting on the Generals, though.

I’ve had enough of this guy. Normally this would be dangerous for Caeda. But, Iote’s Shield.

This poor Manakete was just waiting in this corner for Marth to come around. Joke’s on him, I had a key, and he’s dead.

Nice of this General to finally trundle over. Thankfully Abel can keep taking hits because Maria and Gotoh are popping Fortify every single turn. I’m not screenshotting it because I don’t hate you.


Oh well that’s ni-

I O T E ‘ S S H I E L D

So, just like any good finale, there must be a tragic moment of sacrifice. Due to a failed attempt, I happen to know these stairs will spit out a deadly ballista and a Bishop who can one-shot Beck. Time for (sorta) desperate measures.

Beck and Caesar are going to have to stay behind to block the steps, and get locked out. Farewell, brave heroes, until like twenty minutes from now.

Meanwhile, we’re starting to encroach on the Throne Room…

But we could use some backup.

The Barst Orbital Drop meets its final deployment.

And not a moment too soon, because it seems we’ve got company.

I’ve got enough of an issue with this guy alone.

Get outta here.

Another Warp drop.

That’s one potential headache gone.

I probably should have leveled Tiki up more during Chapter 24, but it seems she doesn’t really give a damn.

Here’s a rare Gotoh level.

The next turn, a Dracoknight spawns on the right, and a whole ton of dudes pop out of the southwestern forts.

The Hero reinforcement goes down thanks to Falchion.

And the Dracoknight makes a questionable attack.

Wolf finishes off the Dracoknight, and now it’s just us, Medeus, and that pack of guys near the start.

So, Tiki can do a huge chunk of damage to Medeus, but it’s risky. His positioning is terrifying, by the way. Only one unit can hit him in melee range at a time. I wish the Rescue Staff was in this one. Or the Again Staff. I guess I wish this was New Mystery.

Weapons that are effective against other Manaketes don’t get any bonuses against Medeus either. You’ve got to use Tiki/Nagi with the Divinestone, or-

The Falchion.

(don’t worry, fortify went off, he’s at full HP after this)

Cord and Tiki have the stairs blocked. Let’s go.

: Oh, how you will regret it as you die slowly…painfully…writhing in the fires of the inferno!

Medeus hits hard, but Marth hits back.

These guys are still around, rushing the throne.

However, it’s too little, too late.

That’s game.

: Know this, Altean prince… That light which surrounds you is only a temporary respite. So long as the darkness in your hearts continues to sustain me…I cannot be…destroyed…..

One last level for the road.

: But then the earth trembled! The palace shook!

: Um.

: Medeus rose again!

: Worthless humans! Your pathetic Falchion cannot truly harm me!

: Zounds! What can we do? What could save us from the Dragon Emperor?

: Stand back, Sire.

: Emperor Medeus! Even though I, Jagen, am old and senile…

: I will not lose to the likes of you.

Bonus Content

The Old Soldier of Loyalty, Jagen

Next time, epilogues, the ending, and we say goodbye to Archanea for the last time.