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Part 66: Bonus Post: Camel Pimp's Archanean Safari: Other Great FE1 Art

Posted by Camel Pimp

Okay, first off I gotta warn that the quality fluctuates; some of these I found on the other Fire Emblem wiki, some I found on Serenes, and some I found on various japanese blogposts.


Yes I already posted this but it's still amazing.

In case you're wondering, sadly Kain is very normal looking in comparison.

Jagen just looks confused, poor guy.

Draug here is, uh.... a untouch unnerving?

Gordin is worse.

This kind of weird edit is the best version of this image of Caeda I could find. I love how confused her horse is.

Hardin's horse is even more confused.

This picture of Minerva is actually from the soundtrack, I believe, but this art is also in the manual. But the picture I have of her manual art is blurry as hell

I'm not sure what's happening with Palla and Catria here.

I'm not used to old school Julian having pants. Lena looks sad about this.

I think Merric is wearing the same tunic Marth is.

Linde here lookin' good.

Ogma is... well he just looks like he always does. (I couldn't find any art of Naverre in my search for fe1 art, which surprises me. I dunno if I just didn't look hard enough or if he doesn't have any)

Midia's just kinda generic but Astram looks great.

EDIT: I actually had to look this up, but the first one is Wendell, and the second is Boah, and I think both are actually from the fe1 manual (I originally assumed it was just the first) I keep forgetting Wendell and Boah are two different characters.

This is... one of the generic armor knights that come with Midia. What's his face.

Yup, that's Nyna all right.

I can't find anything better for Wrys and Darros here, I'm sorry.

Oh, and of all the characters to get art, Malledus does. Yeah. Go figure.

And in memory of a dear friend, here's Gharnef. He's so happy!

EDIT For posterity, here's Elice