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Part 7: Fire Emblem (feat. Toothache)

Chapter 5: Fire Emblem (feat. Toothache)

Roy had the impresson that Eric wasn't the only traitor around. Lycia was no longer safe.

Hurrying toward Ostia, Roy decided to pass through the sparsely settled mountains to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Oh, wow. This game’s not wasting any time, I see.

The boys down at the village just got back.

All right, then let's go on our usual visit down to the village and gather up the loot.

Yeah, but boss, something's different today. There's an army stationed real close to us! They look like Lycia's troops!

Lycia? Then that ain't a problem... They must be the remnants of the army that got their ass kicked by Bern. We can beat 'em.

Sure thing, boss!

Well, we still gotta be careful. Maybe we can rake up some loot from them, too! All right boys, let's take 'em on!

Hey, wait just a second...

Yes. How may I help you?

Milord! We wish for you to defeat the bandits!


A pack of bandits has set up base in an old castle in the mountain pass.

Where are the castle guards?

They fled once they heard that Lycia had lost to Bern... We villagers were left behind, and now we spend our days in fear of bandit attacks.


We have no one else to turn to. Please help us!

Master Roy, we must keep up our pace towards Ostia...

Yes, I know. But we can't ignore people in need of help!

Master Roy!?

You will help us!? Thank you! Please make use of the secret gate. It will take you right next to the castle.

All right.

I will go make arrangements for the gate to be opened!

Sigh... So full of energy when you're young.

Chapter 5 isn't a particularly difficult map. We do get a choice on how to tackle it, but you have so many predeployed units that you might as well just go around and take both routes. First, there's the long way around, which Roy, Rutger, Clarine, Chad, Ward, Alan, and Thany will be taking. Second, by parking any unit next to the gate, it'll pop open and we can go directly to the castle. The remainder of the army (Dieck, Lance, Wolt, Bors, Lugh, Ellen, Lot) will be taking this way, though we're not opening the gate until we reach the village in the north.

Ah, mandatory bandit chapter #74. There’s a quick way to do this chapter, even in two turns if you employ a little ingenuity, but you miss out on a bunch of exp and an important treasure.

Thany starts things off by taking a potshot at a fighter.

Yes, Bishop Yodel. ...Now, where did Father Saul go? How am I supposed to guard him if he keeps disappearing on me?

Come now, please don't be so cold. We can sit comfortably tonight and you can listen to my preaching...

Father Saul! There you are!

Oops. Dorothy...

Well then, good day...

Now look at what you've done, Dorothy. She fled because you advanced upon us with such a menacing look.

This is the look I was born with! Father Saul, you were hitting on another girl.

You make it sound so evil! I was simply offering a helping hand to those poor souls in need.

Why does that have to be 'tonight?'

...Well, putting that aside... Did you not have something to tell me?

Oh, right. The Lycia Alliance Army is supposed to be around here somewhere.

What! Princess Guinevere is with them, correct?

Yes, if the reports from the Elimine Church are accurate.

We have no time to waste! We must find that army.


What is the matter, Dorothy?

Don't be ridiculous... Come now, we must hurry.

Yes, sir!

So Saul and Dorothy proceed to know, I have no idea where the hell they went, but it's not like our army is hard to find, especially since they're running toward us.

No one else thoroughly creeped out right now? Just me?

Not really that creepy. Plain Jane Dorothy and the Pervy Priest are unusual, but far from creepy

Alan starts the next turn with an alright level from killing a fighter.

Thany is deceptively safe here. The fighter does have a Steel Axe, but it's not quite strong enough to kill her (assuming it even hits, he has a ~35% hit chance), and both he and his hand axe friend in the back would have to hit her to kill.

None of which matters since her ridiculous defense dissuades him from attacking her in the first place.

0% hit odds? Who cares? It’s 14 damage! Just imagine how awesome it’d be if it hit!

These guys are assholes. They love to go up in the mountains and just sit there with their hand axes.

Expect to see this a lot unless you draw them out of the peak. It's not particularly difficult to do so, but it's still a pain nonetheless.

These guys were kind of obnoxious since there was no good way to kill all of them. Alan just isn't fast enough to double the nomads, and the people that are (Rutger, Thany, Chad) aren't strong enough to kill them (or not in range, as was Roy's problem) so someone had to live this turn. Chad and Thany took the closer nomad, Alan and Rutger killed the other, and Roy killed the closest fighter.

The exact same level as last time. Yay?

That's what we like to see.

It’s one level, but I like where this is going.

What a timely level, Chad.

And with that, we've made it up to the village.

Why don't you take this spear with you? I think at some point a really powerful knight used it. Just a rumor, but he bested many soldiers with this lance!

This is a pretty awesome lance.

Gant is a cameo from some manga, but his lance is a lighter, more accurate, and slightly weaker Steel Lance with 50 uses.

The manga is Hasha no Tsurugi, and is something of an alternate take of the events surrounding FE6. If you’re interested, there’s been a fan translation finished. Obvious spoiler alert, but it introduces a few new characters that get cameos in this game, like Gant.

Completely unnecessary crit go!

If I ever make a Fire Emblem game, I’d add code to detect when crits/etc would be redundant and increase the activation odds in these instances. Partly to spite the player, and partly to add a sort of cool finishing move sense to it all.

Incredibly mediocre resulting level go!

A Bors level! Will wonders never cease?

So let's open this gate.

I heard you were coming. Hang on a sec, I'll open the gate for you.

Cunning bastards...

Most observant bandits ever.

Well...this certainly is a thing.

No, bad Lance, there are still like 4 enemies in range of you this turn! At least it was mostly hand axe brigands...

Chad stops in the shop to grab a pair of Fire tomes and Heal staves.

How not to stay on the team, a tutorial courtesy of Wolt.

Jesus, what is this? The Critical Power Hour?

An ok Roy level.

Okay, that's enough from all of you.

It’s never as funny when the enemy does it.

A sparse, but useful level for Lugh. of my blows! You over there, you wanna try?

He whacks Alan with his hand axe, surprisingly.

Why yes, that is a Killer Axe. He's strong enough that about the only unit who's going to survive a crit to the face is Marcus, so bait him into attacking from afar before coming in.

If you’re in a hurry, he’s no more accurate than his lackeys, so it’s worth the risk with Iron Sword or the Killing Edge

Fuck you and fuck this chapter, buddy.

Sweet, sweet, non-redundancy.

No...I don't wanna die...yet...

Defense! Almost as important as strength for our Swordmaster-to-be.

A healing level gets Clarine some more magic, and we're done here. here looking for you...and Princess Guinevere!

He knew that the princess was with us?

Yes. How did he find out?

...I wonder. Anyway, I'll go talk to him by myself.

Roy, I will be fine. Let us see what he has to say.


The relationship between my brother and the Elimine Church has been becoming increasingly bitter. I do not believe that the Church would be hostile to us.

I see. Okay, Merlinus, let the priest pass.

Oh hey, it's you guys! How the hell did you manage to miss our army until now?

I like to think he seduced a Warp staff user for a quick ride. In more than one sense.

I am Saul, a priest of the Elimine Church.

Pleased to meet you.

And... Ah! You must be Princess Guinevere! You are as beautiful as the rumors say!


I trust you have it with you?

...! How do you know that?

The Head Church in Bern informed us that the Fire Emblem mysteriously disappeared from the Temple of Seals. And at exactly the same time, you disappeared as well.


I was sent by the Church to confirm this information. Why did you take the Fire Emblem?

...To stop my brother.

Your brother... King Zephiel.


...The Fire Emblem is the key to awaken a powerful sword that can 'seal' the Dragons. At least, that was what my father told me. I do not know exactly how the Fire Emblem or the sword work. However, the possibility of the Fire Emblem falling into enemy hands seemed to worry my brother...greatly.

So you took the Fire Emblem, hoping to make your brother believe that it had fallen into enemy hands and stop his conquest?

Yes...but my efforts were for naught.

As a representative of the Elimine Church, I will ask you this. What do you plan on doing from here?

...Must I answer at this moment?

Ah, so you have a plan.

Yes. I have not given up hope of settling this war without bloodshed.

I see. In that case, please allow me to accompany your journey.

If Roy accepts...

I have no objections.

I apologize, Roy. I seem to be such a burden on you...

No, not at all, princess. I hope there is still a way to end this war peacefully.

...Yes, I hope so as well.