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by Artix74

Part 8: Chapter 5 Hard Mode

Chapter Five: Help Wanted Clearing Chapter: Lance Users Need Not Apply

As you can see, I finally figured out how to make these fancy maps. Note the obscene amount of axe users. This is the reason Bors has trouble: all the early maps are axe heaven, and he's locked to lances. It's a shame too because I like Bors

Yeah, the boss has 19 strength. AND a killer weapon. If you can't tell, the game is trying to give you a subtle hint here.

The regular enemies aren't pushovers either. 14/10 STR/SPD is damn good. Fortunately they all have a weakness-


I'm not even touching this gate. It'll take a combined effort by our A-team to push upwards alone. Getting attacked on two fronts would put us in a tight spot.

Dieck, Lance, Alan, and Rutger form the sword grinder. Several fighters proceed to suicide into it.

Some bandits make it over the mountains to attack behind us. Everybody flee!

Roy and Lou stay back to clean up the trash.

Suddenly, wild swords appear! Alan and Lance pull out their lances, while Rutger and Dieck prove their chops by going sword to sword with the mercenaries.

Rutger takes a bit of a beating, but he's doubling everything with little effort.

Why are all me healers so magic blessed? This is amazing.

Rutger and Clarine grab their C Support. It begins.

These four,

And these two are the only enemies left on the map. Looks like smooth sailing from here!

Just kidding. Asshole reinforcements start pouring in from the east, south and that remote fort to the west.

And I mean pouring. Remember that whole "I don't want to get attacked on two sides" thing? Yeah.

Alan and Rutger hold the south.

While Roy, Alan and Lou hold the east. Dieck has the western fort.

Alan has also apparently taken offense to Rutger's superior speed, and is attempting to fix the problem. God damn.

Ellen and Lou grab a support as well. If Ellen ends up as our endgame bishop, this will pay off.

22 damage, even without crit. Rutger doesn't give a fuck though. Have you seen his levels?

The results next turn. Don't fuck with Rutger.

Just look at this guy. Just look. He has ten levels to go, and he's already capped speed and come two away from capping skill. What the hell Rutger.

Anyway, with that all the enemies are defeated.

Er... almost all the enemies are defeated! Whatever, we'll let this one shellshocked bandit go free.

And that's a wrap.

Next chapter we get to drop all the dead weight! About damn time. I'm getting sick of making walls for Thany and Wolt.

Also, I'm official caught up Let's see how long that lasts.