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Part 10: Chapter 6 Hard Mode

Chapter Six: And behind door number three: more reinforcements!

Chapter 6 is the first time we get to choose deployment. Finally

We immediately drop the dead weight. Well, except for Merlinus. I brought him along for some reason. In retrospect, I’m not sure why.

Before we can get into the chapter proper, we have to deal with this mess. These guys are going to charge down the center straight for us. The mages in particular hurt, and they’re surrounded by some good walls.

Dieck, Rutger, Alan and Lance are the four pillars of this team. As such, they take up defensive positions.

I am okay with this.

A turn later. Alan and Lance have a B Support and are pretty dodgy, while Dieck and Rutger are… well, Dieck and Rutger.

Cath pops up on the map, and Roy immediately talks her out of stealing our loot. Unfortunately her stats are buffed in hard mode, and so Chad is too slow to steal her lockpicks. I'm an idiot and speed totally has nothing to do with stealing. Chad just had a full inventory. Not that it matters: lockpicks have 30 uses and Chad isn’t running out any time soon.

We take up defensive positions to the south in preparation for-

…The Asshole Reinforcements from the north. Right

THEN they come from the south

Chad busts Sue out of the joint. She’s just as mediocre as she was before

This door here, and the one opposite of it, are filled with some tough baddies. We’re going to clear out the center first.

What, you thought the game was done throwing waves of reinforcements at us?

Shut up, I got impatient.

I am really scared right now.

Rutger confronts our dark mage friend.

The results are predictable.

Was there some ritual sacrifice made in my name I’m not aware of? Any first born sons slaughtered? What the hell is going on here?

Just for kicks, I broke my no savestate rule here and decided to let Chad have a go. He proceeded to miss, followed by a face full of javelin ending his pathetic attempt at combat, along with his life. I laughed, I cried, then I reloaded and let him suicide against Alan.

Instead, Chad does what he’s supposed to do: grab all that loot.

Alan and Lance on the other hand perfect their bromance, earning them an A support.

T-t-t-t-that’s all, folks!

Saul: In normal mode, Saul comes in about the same level as Ellen, and will usually have better stats anyway. Thus, he’s your man if you want a bishop. On hard mode however, Ellen usually sees a fair bit of action, and comes in a few levels higher. Putting aside my Ellen, Saul is usually behind in levels at this point, and I’m too lazy to work him up and just opt for Ellen. He’s the better unit on paper, but Ellen simply gets more room to grow in the early game.

Dorothy: Dorothy actually has some damn fine growths, and to be honest I don’t doubt she’d make a fine unit. However she’s left in the dust due to her class still being complete trash. I wish IS would cut archers a damn break: if there is one constant across all Fire Emblem games, it’s that archers are useless. Well except FE10, but even then not until the very, very late game.

Sue: Sue is a lot like Thany in hard mode. She’s low level, she has piss weak durability, and she’s pretty much obsolete in hard mode. We’ll get into that later.

In other news my finals are coming up in a week, so I’ve already finished chapters 7, 8, 8x and 9 in order to give myself some breathing room. One side effect of this is that it seems that from 8x onward, I’ve exhausted my massive supply of luck. I don’t know where it’s fled to, but hopefully it’s somewhere in Artix’s direction.