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Part 115: Bartre

Supports: Bartre


C Support

Hmph... So this is a wyvern. It has a forbidding face.
You are...Bartre.
Yes. Young man, do you mind if I touch him?
Well, maybe not now...
Hm...? Hmm!? Why, you... You want to fight me, do you!?
Rubley, stop!
I'm sorry, he's on his toes since we were training... Are you hurt?
No, I'm fine. Say, young man, you have quite some talent. You've tamed this beast at your young age.
No, any wyvern knight can do this much...
Don't belittle yourself like that. I can tell you have talent. Ah, yes, you said you were training?
Yes, I've been trying to get some more speed in my offense.
Hm, you're already a powerful Dragon Knight, but you seek to become even stronger? Now that's a real man. I wish you luck!

B Support

Ah, young man. Have you been continuing your training?
Yes, very good. Men must always be strong in body. I say, the men these days are getting softer and softer. Why, in battles I see grown men lagging behind the women! Disgraceful.
Yes... We must become stronger still.
Yes, I agree... You see, my daughter left home recently, and I've been wondering that maybe it was because I didn't enforce enough discipline on her as a father... It's been bothering me for several days now.
I, uh... I'm sorry to hear that.
Ah, it's always good to talk with someone who understands!

A Support

It seems we get along well. I feel I can bring out my true strength when I'm fighting alongside you.
Yes, I can also fight without worry with you around. It's like...something big is protecting me.
Hm, if I had a son, I would have raised him into a fine young man like you. You are indeed the perfect match for my daughter.
Uh... Thank you.
From now on, think of me as your father and feel free to tell me anything. Is that clear, my son?
Uh, yeah... Thank you very much.

Fir doesn't even have a support with Zeiss. Oh Bartre, you keep trying.


C Support

Hm? Who are you?
Hi, I'm Cath! Hey, Bartre, can we talk for a bit?
Sure, I don't mind.
Thanks. You look a lot like my father, you know.
I do?
Yeah. But he didn't act like you, though. He was nothing but a coward.
I see.
But talking to you reminds me of him. Hey, Bartre, can you hug me like my father used to do?
Well, all right. ...Like this?
Thanks, Bartre.
Sure. *leaves*
Heh... What an idiot. Just like my father.

B Support

...Bartre. Here.
Hm...? This is my axe.
Yeah. And see this other stuff? They're all yours. I stole them from you the other day.
Yup, I'm a thief. I trick people and steal their stuff. Well? Aren't you going to yell at me?
...Cath. Why are you telling me this? You could have gotten away with it if you had kept silent.
...Yeah. I don't even know why I stole them from you in the first place. I usually only steal from the rich.
Does it have something to do with your father?
...Maybe. I always hated my father. He was such a coward... I always hated him.

A Support

...Our village was burned to the ground in the war. A bunch of soldiers came and ordered us to set our houses on fire. No one did... I mean, who would? It was our home. Soon, the soldiers got impatient and drew their swords... That's when one of the villagers took a torch and went around setting the place on fire. That coward... That was my father.
All of our houses and crops were burned... And even then, all my father did was stand there and watch. ...I've hated him ever since. I swore to myself that I would never become a coward who goes around bowing down to power like that. That's why I...
Cath... You're wrong.
...No one would enjoy burning down his own village. But your father... He had something he needed to protect.
Your father didn't have the strength to defeat the soldiers. But he was fighting all the same. He was gritting his teeth and fighting to protect something that was even more important than his house and crops. ...He was fighting to protect you.
...Ha... I don't think so. My father's just a coward. He's nothing like you. But...I suppose I could think of it that way...

Bartre/Zeiss - Thunder/Thunder
C - Defense + 1, Avoid + 5, Crit + 5, Crit Evade + 5
B - Defense + 2, Avoid + 10, Crit + 10, Crit Evade + 10
A - Defense + 3, Avoid + 15, Crit + 15, Crit Evade + 15

Bartre/Cath - Thunder/Anima
C - Attack + 0.5, Defense + 1, Avoid + 5, Crit + 2.5, Crit Evade + 5
B -Attack + 1, Defense + 2, Avoid + 10, Crit + 5, Crit Evade + 10
A - Attack + 1.5, Defense + 3, Avoid + 15, Crit + 7.5, Crit Evade + 15

Bartre/Gonzales - Thunder/Thunder
C - Defense + 1, Avoid + 5, Crit + 5, Crit Evade + 5
B - Defense + 2, Avoid + 10, Crit + 10, Crit Evade + 10
A - Defense + 3, Avoid + 15, Crit + 15, Crit Evade + 15

Bartre/Fir - Thunder/Fire
C - Attack + 0.5, Defense + 0.5, Accuracy + 2.5, Avoid + 5, Crit + 5, Crit Evade + 2.5
B - Attack + 1, Defense + 1, Accuracy + 5, Avoid + 10, Crit + 10, Crit Evade + 5
A - Attack + 1.5, Defense + 1.5, Accuracy + 7.5, Avoid + 15, Crit + 15, Crit Evade + 7.5

Bartre/Karel - Thunder/Light
C - Attack + 0.5, Defense + 1, Accuracy + 2.5, Avoid + 2.5, Crit + 5, Crit Evade + 2.5
B - Attack + 1, Defense + 2, Accuracy + 5, Avoid + 7.5, Crit + 10, Crit Evade + 5
A - Attack + 1.5, Defense + 3, Accuracy + 7.5, Avoid + 7.5, Crit + 15, Crit Evade + 7.5