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Part 12: Chapter 7 Hard Mode

I decided to double check my save, and my current level 18 Roy is behind Artix's Roy in speed, and only one point up in defense. Your Roy is glorious. Now I want to see Roy as a killing machine, without having to rely on a certain super weapon.

Chapter Seven: I fucking hate Generics

The immediate difference is the addition of a third wyvern rider. Two knights also join the fun, along with the cavs up top being repositioned to be able to get to you much faster, even if their formation makes less sense. So yeah.

Our loadout, sans Merlinus. I didn't bring him this time, thank god.

Devias is still unremarkable, though his high defense is annoying coupled with that fucking throne.

The wyvern knights on the other hand are speedy little fuckers, on wings, with more strength and -1 defense from the boss. Fuck these guys.

As you can see, getting to Treck and Zealot is easier said than done. I've decided to slowly work my way there this time and place their fates in the RNG's hands. The last four times of bumrushing Roy up there resulted in his horrible slaughter.

Zealot for his part acts as a wonderful meatshield for Treck. I guess he's doing his job.

Rutger is my secret weapon against these Wyverns. His strength is so ridiculous he's putting up high numbers despite the WTD.

We pick up Noah and immediatly put him to work. To the north, you'll see Alan and Lance surrounded on all sides, with Zealot nowhere in sight. Zealot made a break for it and ran all the way up to the northern wall to kill one of the priests

Let's just say I got this screen a lot.

Almost there, but that wyvern is a problem.

Lou picks on their fairly low res.

Rutger finishes off the last Wyvern. Yeah you're reading that right: a myrm has the highest strength on my team. Who'd have thought.

Er... thanks IS? You've shown now qualms about surprising me with reinforcements before, why start warning me now?

Saul? Who's that?

We run way up north and finally grab Zealot, bringing an end to this nonsense, all that's left is murder

Those reinforcements show up.

But don't you worry...

We'll send them packing.

Alan and Lance stay back to deal with the next few waves, while Ellen is just there for morale support. And heals.

Oh, and these guys like to surprise you with silver weapons. On chapter 7. Yeah I was surprised when Alan lost 3/4 of his health in a single blow.

Zealot's been shopping, and Lou gets a fresh new set of literature.

Rutger also gets some presents.

Alan takes a loan on the horseslayer for some extra levels

While the rest of the army pushes north.

The last true dick move: a group of eight or so guys pop out and charge us.

Oh, and more cavs from the south. There's like five waves of these guys.

We commence the murder.

Lou is starting to look respectable.

So respectable in fact that he kills the boss.

Clarine and Rutger grab their B Support.

And I'm finally done with this fucking map!

Really, Chapter 7 is decided in the first five turns or so. If you can hold off the initial wave of units, as well as grab Treck and Zealot before they're turned into generic soup, you'll have no problems with the rest of this map. However it's just those first handful of turns that are pure luck. It reminds me of a less drawn out, less assholish Battle Before Dawn, in that you're completely at the RNG's mercy in regards to if a mission critical NPC gets killed before you can do anything about it. Thank god it's over though.

Noah/Treck: Alan and Lance sucking hard? Wish you had a new pair of Cavaliers to bromance up to an A support and let loose? Look no further? As the B squad knights these two will do the job, but most of the time they just get benched because they come in too late to matter, and are the very definition of obsolete.

Zealot: A marginally better Marcus, coming in at the time when Marcus is starting to become obsolete. Don't even bother, just bench.