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Part 16: Chapter 8x Hard Mode

Chapter Eight: 18 Speed? Fuck You

Yeah, Lilina is coming with us for this one. I'm not fond of her personally, but Lou is a little below average Now, anyway so we'll see how she does.

Fuck you, Henning. Fuck you and your 18 speed. Luckily his weapon weighs him down, so Rutger can just barely double him, I believe.

Speaking of Rutger, he gets the party started. The numbers speak for themselves: Rutger has risen to a level beyond normal Myrmidon.

It's magic and speed. I'll take it.

It also occurs to me that Roy hasn't gotten any levels in... well forever, so he gets to take a swing at some of the fighters this chapter.

This mage is showing off the asshole gimick of this chapter: ranged units hanging out ringed by fire traps. You have to attack them at range, or risk eating some lava.

Did I mention my Roy is terrible?

Here's the mercenary that attacked him. Foes start stepping up their game now: 13 speed is pretty impressive.

Lilina continues to eat half-chewed kills.

She also came within a hair's breath of making me restart. Fuck you, base 16 HP.

Just look at this little clusterfuck. First you have a mercenary with a killing edge, who HAS to be attacked at melee range lest you risk the lava. Then behind him are a mage and an archer who have to be attacked at range. Finally a myrm brings up the rear, who again must be attacked at melee.

Yeah it was a gamble, but Rutger is already far enough ahead of the rest of the class. We have to let everybody else catch up.


That's better. Thank you, Alan.

That's it, you're benched.

Poor Henning, he's got a sword two sizes to big for him, and that means Rutger can capitalize.

One step closer to fulfilling your destiny.

Now let's see, who'll finish...

Oh yeah, our real mage.

Rutger finally manages to get past Dieck's crippling shyness and raise support.

+1 sword that we can't really afford to use (Only 20 uses on the legendary weapons? Really IS?)