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Part 20: Chapter 10A Hard Mode

Chapter 10A: Where we're going, we don't need screenshots!

Once again the map is identical. The reason I'm still showing it regardless is because similar to Chapter 9, I have seem to have a lack of screenshots for this one, too. Don't worry, 11A will make up for all of it, I swear.

As usual, the boss has stepped up his game. Importantly he's picked up +2 speed, and +5 magic.

This berserker is also a problem. 15 strength is enough to murder anything unlucky enough to take a hit or, dear god, a crit.

Also bastilla, but I don't have any fliers at the moment. No worries

Don't worry Artix, my Shin will pick up the slack. Hey, at least you have a better Roy, that's something!

No yeah, I wasn't lying when I said my screenshots were sparse. We cleared away the upper enemies, and Geese comes on over for a visit.

Geese is an allied unit, thus bereft of hard mode bonuses. He's still good of course, but still.

Downard ho!

Keep on truckin'.

Dammit, now we're doing this? You are ruining my moment here!

Thanks for trying to cheer me up, guys.

More guys die offscreen because I was apparently drunk while shooting, Lilina goes to have a chat with Frankenstein.

So far we're normal.

+7 HP, +4 STR, +3 SKL, +2 SPD, +1 LCK, +1 RES. Gonzales has 43 HP as a level 5 unit. That 3 skill is also awesome, and the strength and speed is just icing on the cake. Oh we'll be taking good care of you Gonzales.

Dieck gets his first good level in ages.

Gonzales backs him up. Okay not really. Just wanted to point out that Gonzales can deal 30 damage to these guys. At level 5.

Lance is damn fast and quite capable of doubling the boss, so we'll let him have it.

More strength, more! Shin is pretty much dead on or ahead in everything. I am okay with this.

Death? I don't see Rutger anywhere

And we end. Take note of Rutger and Lou sitting in the forts below: Those spawn reinforcements. Reinforcements I didn't screenshot. I am facepalming so hard now; what the fuck was I doing?

At any rate, hope you've enjoyed all those level up screens. Next time it's screenshot overload, as we get to dig in to some of the best bullshit this game has to offer.