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Part 31: Chapter 14x Hard Mode



You are all sick, sick people. Go swoon over someone with actual art talent.


Chapter 14x: Why does every water temple suck?

Here we go .

Our loadout. Quick reminder that my Gonzales is actually still unpromoted. He will remain this way for at least two more chapters.

Hi physics assholes.

Luckily, Hard Mode 14x is just 14x with hard mode bonuses. No extra tricks: the same two bolting assholes and an eclipse moron. Speaking of hard mode bonuses, let's take a look at Ohtz

Ohtz is a goddamn beast. Honestly, if they put him on my team, he'd do well in the fucking endgame. Also don't forget that he's packing bolting, and with +2 speed, +5 Magic. Fuck Ohtz.

Here's an insight into my brilliant tactical mind. First I put Tate just in range of bolting so she'll draw hits.

Then I immediately fly Miledy into bolting range anyway. Me stratemgize good!

Fun fact: units who have tiles vanish under them can still move, provided they're still adjacent to a land tile. Apparently every unit has the endurance to swim exactly one square, and NOTHING ELSE.

Ohtz misses, but I wanted to illustrate that he's fully capable of two-shotting Shin. Thank god he has enough speed avoid being doubled.

Ellen begins using her new holy powers to smite everybody in sight.

Roy's chillin' back here so he doesn't get a face full of lightning. Clarine and Rutger are building up support, I think.


Oh god damn it, there goes Shin.

Apparently having both himself and his horse submerged in water does not stop Shin from shooting things.

Oh, my bad. They're walking on water.

Lou and Ray also get a support. Why not?

Rutger's back, and here to smite.

Miledy also eats a bolting.

Thanks, Fire Emblem. That helps a lot.

Shin and his horse are left to tread water as the rest of the group moves in for the kill.

Right after they intercept these guys.

Oh, for fuck's sake.

Yeah light magic is pretty bad, but on the plus side my Ellen is turing out great, and nobody has any resistance in this game.

I thought Ellen was supposed to be the one who was faster, but with less magic? Whatever, I'm not complaining.

Fuck you 17 speed.

A little better.

Tate puts Ohtz on the ropes, but she's too weak to deliver the kill.

So Miledy puts him in his place.

The Arena

For those playing along at home, she's 1 away from her strength cap, and 6 away from HP. The funny thing is that she's actually behind on some things, notably speed. Hard mode bonuses, ladies and gentlemen.

This one mercenary just spent the whole chapter kicking back on an island, strung up in a hammock, sipping a margarita. What a bro.

Not nearly as painful as I thought it would be.

Well, that's it for the bullshit. Well... for a chapter or two, at least.