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Part 33: Chapter 15 Hard Mode

Chapter 15: In which I Break Fire Emblem LP Law

None of you understand the depths of my jelousy for Artix as I continue to stare at the greyed out portrait of an unpromoted Gonzales.

Percival is still chillin' in the top corner.

IS has apparently decided to cut us a break, because Raeth is a total joke. He'd be a non-issue if he weren't on a throne.

Igrene is pretty decent, and usually ends up about as good as Klien, if they both were leveled to 20. She's not going to be doing much for me, however.

Roy is going to be grinding out some levels this chapter. I have my work cut out for me.

Lalum has a chat with Percival.

Welcome to the team.

No really, welcome to the team.

+6 HP, +3 STR, +3 SKL, +2 SPD/DEF/LCK/RES. Percival is, hands down, the best prepromote in the game on hard mode. While he's steady competition for Alan and Lance in normal mode, he leaves both of them in the dust. Even their A support can't help them much. We will be using you Percival, oh yes we will be.

Speaking of prepromotes...

There are a few of these valkyries on this map, all of them with pretty much the same stats. 21 speed is pretty crazy, since I only have a handful of unit who can double that. None of which are particularly resistant.

Rutger of course gives no fucks.

Percival also makes his debut in style.

So much work to do...

Oh, hello there killer edge guy.

I took my time with those nobodies, and let these bandits get too close to the village. This is why I love horses.

These losers flee for their lives.

So yeah, as you know Garret is very recruitable. With Lilina. Who I forgot to bring. So... yeah.

The redshirts are gone, which means I can focus on more important things.

Like more speedy valks.

Not helping.

Not really attacking, I just wanted to show off how pathetic the boss is.

We press on through flying reinforcements.

Ray needs so much help right now I don't even know where to start.

Oh, and yeah. I keep forgetting to do this.

Yeah, I realize how late I am on this. But Rutger has been so blessed that he's had to break away from Clarine to kill everything. This is what happens when you're trying to support a crutch character with a healer.

All clea-

Or not. Two cavs run screaming out of those forts and almost one-shot Clarine. Beautiful.

Tate goes and stands on the fort so that no more reinforcements can pop from it. She's also just outside murder range. How convenient.


After. Miledy gets shit done.

Percival is so statistically superior to this guy that he doesn't even care about the throne.

A few turns later. Now then, who to feed the kill to?

Nice 4% crit there, Roy. Maybe there's hope for you yet?


Enjoy the breather? Good, on to a much more annoying chapter.

Igrene: Igrene is basically a mirror-world version of Klien. Her bases are much better, but he has slightly better growths, so he'll end up better by level 20. In theory. The problem is that Klien's growths really aren't that much better, and so he really just kinda ends up only just making up for his base deficit, only taking Igrene over by a handful of points. Honestly if I was going to use a sniper (hah) I'd use either Igrene or Dorothy. Dorothy is high input, high output, where as Igrene is low input, decent output, while still taking less resources than Klein.

Percival: Percival greatly benefits from his hard mode bonuses, and he comes in pretty much ready to tackle the end game. He could use a few points here or there, particularly to max out his speed, but he has 15 levels of growing room to get 2-3 points. Yeah his growths are trash, but it honestly doesn't matter, because his bases are so hilarious. Think Haar, from FE10. Percival could get 1-2 statups for the rest of the game, and he's till be on my endgame team.

Garret: I know I turned Garret into so much bandit soup, but let's talk about him. Garret is pretty terrible. He gets hard mode bonuses that sort of help him (+4 STR, +3 SKL), but he only gets +1 SPD, bringing his total up to... 11. Yeah. If I wanted to use Barth, I'd use fucking Barth. Garret is pretty much solidified as garbage, since he's inaccurate, slow, and just all around awful. Gonzales could eat this guy for breakfast unpromoted.