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Part 38: Bonus 1 - Chapter 10B: Caught in the Middle (feat. Cake Attack)

Bonus 1 - Chapter 10B: Caught in the Middle (feat. Cake Attack)

...plaguing the Isles, Roy led his forces west along the coastline. On the way, he happened across a small village caught in constant conflict between the rebels and the marquess trying to get rid of them.

We are still searching for him, my lord. It appears that he has hidden himself in a village at the foot of the castle...

The rebels are just another ragtag band without that Elphin supporting them with his brains. I don't care what happens to the village, just find him!

Yes, my lord.

You seemed...busy.

Oh, no, we prioritize allying with Bern above all things. If there is anything we can do for you...

Then, as I asked earlier...

Ah, the whereabouts of Princess Guinevere.

Do you have any information, Lord Zinc?

I regret to say that I do not. Have you already visited the capital at Djuto?


Hm... Then I suggest that you speak with Bishop Oro. He resides in the castle overlooking Mt. Ebrakhm in the north. He knows these islands better than any of us, so I'm sure that he would have some helpful information. However, if even he does not know where the princess is, then I would suspect that she is not on these islands at all.

I see... Thank you, I will talk with Bishop Oro. I appreciate your cooperation, Lord Zinc.

Yes, according to our sources. However, I also heard that earlier this week, the rebels were hunted down by the Etrurian military and decimated.

...The Etrurian government overlooks the bandits, yet oppresses the rebels who are trying to help the people? This doesn't look good at all...


Is there anything we can do?

That would be difficult... We would be turning against the Etrurian court. I can't say that would be a good idea when we were sent here under their orders.

I'll send a messenger to General Cecilia and see what she has to say. We probably shouldn't do anything too risky right now...

We have received a report that the lord of this area has dispatched troops to attack the villages and hunt down the remnants of the rebels!

What! Master Roy, should we...?

Well, I guess we don't have time to wait for General Cecilia's opinion... I want to help the people here. Even if it means that we'll be going against Eturia...

Master Roy...

Let's fight! So we can be proud when we return to Lycia!

10B is just as bullshit as 11A, but half the bullshit is switched with a different kind of bullshit. The map is a lot smaller, but Gonzales, Klein, and Tate all have to be recruited, we still have the "save all the villages" thing, and we miss out on an extra chapter of experience before having to do this.

That’s still a helluva lotta bullshit.

"You mean people only have a 50% chance of seeing our bullshit chapter? Well that just won't do, borderline remake it for the B route." Thanks IntSys.

Or maybe they made two similar-ish bullshit chapters and were so torn as to which was “better” that they just decided to put both in. Wouldn’t surprise me, given IntSys so far.

The approach here is three-pronged. Lilina, Roy, Lot, and Thany will bust through the wall immediately to our north and go through that way; Alan, Saul, Dieck, and Lugh are heading up the center where they'll meet up with Roy and co; finally, Sue, Rutger, Clarine, and Oujay are taking the far right side.

Alan starts us off by murdering the closest fighter. This is going to be one of those chapters, isn't it?

I’unno, this doesn’t strike me as the kind of level that heralds those chapters.

Ooooh, wait, this run isn’t technically canonical. Riiight. Near-perfect levels will doubtless abound then. We know whose LP this is.

That's just fantastic. We all knew it was going to happen but that doesn't make it any less great.

No... But I was told that a bishop named Oro in charge of the mines in the north might know something.

All right, then let's head north.

Gale...I'm sorry. My squad was the only one assigned to look for the princess because King Zephiel wanted to keep it in secrecy. I'm sorry that I got you into this mess...

You have enough to worry about already... Don't fret over things like that.

But you're one of the captains working directly under General Murdock...

Don't worry about that, General Murdock has agreed to my helping you. In fact, he wants me to help you find the princess and the Fire Emblem as soon as possible.

...Do you think that Princess Guinevere has the Fire Emblem?

Well, that's what the royalty thinks. Looking at the situation, I'd have to agree with them.


Come on, don't look like that... I'm sure Princess Guinevere has a plan of some sort. Come, we have to hurry.


And that's why we see Miledy and Gale in 11A. Cross-route continuity!

That's actually pretty neat. Little touches like that are always nice to see.

Are you awake?

...What...happened to me...?

We found you yesterday, collapsed at the entrance of the village, all bruised and blood-spattered. We brought you here and treated your wounds.

And you are...?

My name is Mary. I live here.

...Live here...? No! This village will be endangered if I stay here... Or... Perhaps it is too late if it has already been one day...


The marquess will be sure to send troops to capture me.

The rebels...

Miss Mary, you must escape. This village will be in danger as well...

...No, I will stay.


My younger brother is out looking for work his friend from next door. His friend asked me to take care of his little sister while they're gone. So... I must wait here until they return.

I see... Then all I can do to protect this village is to leave. Thank you very much for treating my wounds. ...Please take care.

Yes, you too...

Just a friendly reminder that Clarine still has 4 magic.

Sue is strong enough to shrug off a hit from both the merc and archer, if only by the skin of her teeth. Handy, when no one else can get out there to help her.

She also pulls a timely crit to deal with this archer attacking her.

It’s easy to forget that you can do Random Bullshit Crits on the enemy as well.

For shame, Rutger. His Iron Sword only had one use left.

Useless fools!

It's the Lycia Alliance Army! They are fighting to protect the villagers!

The Alliance Army? They would turn against Etruria!?

We have just received a message from the capital at Djuto! It says... 'The Lycia Alliance Army is suspected of treachery against Etruria. They may be allied with the bandits. Capture them!'

Oh? Allied with the bandits? How ironic! They're desperate to get rid of the Alliance Army to save their own hides...

What do you mean, my lord?

This is not the mainland. Might makes right here.

I'm not quite sure I understand...

Don't worry, you don't have to. Is that all from Djuto?


They should be arriving shortly.

Damn! We won't get all of the credit if we defeat the Alliance Army with the aid of reinforcements! We need to finish this quickly... Ah, of course! Get Scollan!

Oh hey, he does actually have a name.

What can I do for you, Master Zinc?

I need you to set fire to all of the villages in this area. Make sure you kill off the villagers as well. Leave none of them alive!

...What if there's treasure?

Do with it as you wish. Just hurry!

Got it, Master Zinc. Hehehe...

You want to be up by the northwest villages by turn 6 for best results, which isn't too difficult between a cavalier or two and Thany.

It looks a tad less insane than the sprint you have to pull in 11A, in any case.

...all out there trying to make money. It's too dangerous to go outside now... Can you go check on her? Here, I'll give you this, so... [Got Barrier Staff]

Dieck still sucks even in the alternate route. Rutger is still amazing.

Here... I here...

There's a village to the south. You get that?

Get it.

That might be a hidden base for the rebel forces. Master Zinc says to burn it down, village and all.

Village and all...

Right. Now git! A stupid hulk like you only comes in use at times like this. You better not screw up!


You got a problem?

N-No... *leaves*

Heh, he looks like hell but has that damn kind heart. He shouldn't be scared of bustin' up one tiny village. You guys, you got that too?

Sure thing, boss!

These guys show up on turn 6, but you have until turn 7 or 8 until you get to the "Oh god gotta save the village right now" point. Of course, they start with four, and get two more bandits every turn until turn 11 or 12, so it's in your best interest to get there as soon as possible and start killing them off.

Scollan is kind sad, actually. He's weaker than all of his fellow brigands, and he only has an Iron Axe for offense. Gonzales is as he always is, though as previously noted, he starts at L11.

Silly is what that is. Gonzales is denied a load of perfectly good levels for literally nothing. Damn waste.

How do you get put in charge if all your goons are stronger then you? It's not like bandit requires more of a skill set then smash things. Well and burn things.

Fortunately Alan is up here now, and Lilina is nearby for Gonzales. Roy and Lot are on their way as well.

While I wait for Klein, Rutger and Sue get to work on the wall. Dieck and Lugh do the same.

I always found it odd that you can’t double walls. I mean, what, are they too fast for it?

The side corridor is kind of dangerous. Two shamans hurt like hell, and would either kill or come damn close to doing so on pretty much everyone over there. Sue takes point - she has a healthy avoid score, and can fire back at range, but isn't strong enough to kill the shamans, let alone the archer.

Klein shows up on turn 8.

Well, this makes things a little complicated.

Thany is dead if Scollan and the Hand Axe bandit to the left both hit her, but on the whole this isn't too bad.

Annoyingly, both bandits will probably be inclined to attack her over Lot.

Nothing like ending your turn on a gamble. I swear the enemy always leaves the decisive attack for last.

We recruit Klein, and start sending his ass up north.

Damn! We're having enough trouble as it is... I don't need any reinforcements to take all the credit!

Thany: Still useless, but not dead.

Gonzales: Not dead.

Gonzales recruited.

Tate and her suicide squad show up on turn 10.

As do these guys, but no one cares about them.

Pegasi are fucking assholes on maps like this. I've surrounded Saul as best I can, but there's only so much you can do.

Jesus Tate you are the worst mercenary and the worst sister

The AI acknowledges not the context, seeing only its pawns and its enemy.

Meh, what's a javelin to the face between siblings? I've done worse to my brother.

Steam Chat Log -
Artix: Amazing. Gonzales can straight up one-shot Tate's units.
Sydin: Gonzales smash strange flying girls. Jealous of their wings.

Gonzales has beautiful bird inside who want get out.

Gonzales no fight with mouth open anymore.

Do not think I will forget this, RNG.

Tate becomes less homicidal, more suicidal.


What are you doing here?

I have a contract with General Klein of Etruria. Thany... Are you with the Alliance Army?


I see. Then there's only one thing to do. Draw your spear!

No, General Klein said he would join us! We don't have to fight!

What? Really? ...Then I'll join you as well.

Thanks, big sister!

Still have to talk to her with Klein, but at least she's not trying to kill us anymore.

The fighter has a Killer Axe, but Rutger is happy to be bait.

...are raising hell, we ordinary people have to deal with the consequences. What? You know what happens if we go against the local lords. We just want to lead a normal life! ...Hey. Wait. I can't do anything... but take this... [Got Orion's Bolt]

The cavaliers run head-first into Gonzales, with backup from Klein. It goes well for them.

...the mountains for her, and when they found her, she was with a huge monster of a man. We threw stones at him and drove him off... But my granddaughter told me that he found her crying and led her to the village. ...If you see that man, would you give him this? And...tell him I'm sorry. [Got Swordreaver]

We need to let Gonzales split some heads with this.

These two villages are special. Visiting them normally will net you an Elixir from the left one and a Door Key from the right. However, if we go with Lot or Ward...

Myu! Have you been good?

Yeah! I was good! I didn't even wet my bed!

Good girl.

Lot... While you were away, Mom...

Yeah, I know... She went to a faraway place...

Here... Mom left it for you. She said you'd find a use for it...


You won't go to a faraway place without me like Mom, right...?

Of course not! I'll come back with lots of presents for you. So listen to what Mary says and be a good girl, okay?


Anyway, go hide in the hills with Mary. It's dangerous here.

Okay. ...Lot?


You promised! You won't leave me, right?


*Myu leaves*

I hope I can keep that promise... [Got Speedwing]

Lot! You're coming home?

No... We just stopped by on a mission.

Oh... Myu will be sad.

I've been making you take care of Myu ever since Mom died... I'm sorry.

No...don't be.

Some day...


Some day, I'll return. ...Can you take care of Myu until then?

...Can you promise?



But I'll be waiting. Without false hope...

...I'm sorry.

Oh, take this.


It's a magic weapon that will help you keep that promise.

Thanks, I appreciate it. Well... I have to get going.

Be careful... [Got Swordreaver]

There we go, the Reaver weapons are actually magic.



We’re helping.

This next line is completely unedited from how it appears in-game.

...the villages behalf. is a scale from a real Dragon. They say it protects you with a magical barries when you use it. Please take it. [Got Dragonshield]

Proofreading: Who needs it?

Further evidence of the professionalism of this translation.

Fools. What is that to me? Their purpose is to die in my service. I couldn't care less about the squeals of those worthless pigs.

Klein's archer eats a Silver Lance to the face. Fortunately, Zinc's not nearly fast enough to double him.

Here, take this. I'm going to look for other survivors. As long as we can find our leader, we still have some hope. [Got Sleep Staff]

And that's the last village.

Zinc...well, Zinc is a general. His Silver Lance hurts like hell, but there's something quite wrong with you if you're not attacking him with Lugh/Lilina in the first place.

No one...shall...!

Yeah, yeah, that's nice. Seize the gate. see you. He says he is a member of the rebels...

I'll see him. Let him pass.

Pleased to meet you, my name is Elphin. I am a member of the rebel forces here.

Blah blah Arcard and Roartz are in with Bern

Master Roy, please count me among your ranks.

...I don't like the idea that you were testing us, but if you're willing to help, then we will welcome you.


Yes, please fight alongside us. Well, then, back to business. What can we do to help the people on these isles?


Castle Idina is located there. It is a detention center for the people being sent to Mt. Ebrakhm.

All right, then let's rescue those people first!

Also... Master Roy, please take this sword.

What is this?

It is a sword called the Wyrmslayer. I hear it was created during the Scouring to use against the Dragons.

Wyrmslayer? This isn't a Divine Weapon?

No. The Divine Weapons can only be used by those who have skill equal to the Eight Heroes. However, this weapon should be usable by ordinary people as well. [Got Wyrmslayer]

Are you this army's leader?


I wanted to thank you for protecting our village.

No... I just did what I felt was right.

Please take this as a token of our gratitude. [Got Hero's Crest]

We will stay here and restructure the area, as you directed us.


We wish we could fight alongside you. Oh, and here, here is the arrow that you had us keep. I will give it back to you. Farewell, and good luck, General Klein.

Thank you. [Got Orion's Bolt]


Bonus: Visiting the villages with Ward


Sis! Good to see you're doing okay.

You're coming home?

Well, not really... We just stopped by on a mission...

...You're not coming back any more?

No! Of course I'll come back! ...But I'm not quite ready yet. Just wait, I'll bring back lots of money so we can live an easier life...

I don't care about that... I just want you to be safe.


I know it's pointless to tell you to be careful with that personality of yours...but just remember that there are people waiting for you. Okay?


Here, take this.

What's this?

It's a special weapon. I treated the wounds of a traveler a while back, and he left it in return. You can use it, can't you?

Thanks, Sis! Then I'll get going.

Be careful...

It's Ward!

Hey, Myu, how have you been doing? ...Come on, can't you at least say 'big brother Ward' instead of just Ward?

But... Ward is Ward.

Ah, never mind. You look like you've been doing okay.


...Anyway, it's dangerous here. Go hide in the hills or something.


Sis is still here, right? She'll take you.

Yeah, big sister Mary's here too.

You call Sis 'big sister' and me just 'Ward,' huh?

Oh. Here.

What's this? A feather?

It makes you like a bird!

Like a bird? What's that supposed to mean?

Like a bird is like a bird.

...Uh, anyway, are you giving this to me?

No. It's for big brother Lot.

Even he's not just 'Lot'...

Hahaha... I'll go see Mary. Here's the feather. Give it to Lot, okay, big brother Ward? *leaves*

She sure can change her tune quickly... Whoa, be careful! Don't trip...