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Part 39: Chapter 10B Bonus

Bonus Update: I'd Rather Be Playing Bastion

Proper LP's supposed to start at the beginning. Ain't so simple with this one. Now here's a goon who's whole save file got all twisted; leaving him stranded on Chapter One of Fire Emblem.

He starts up.

Sets off for Chapter Nine. Where everyone agreed to go in case of branching paths.

RNG forms up underneath his stats as if easing the way. He don't stop to wonder why.

He sets foot inside one of Fire Emblem's famous bullshit chapters. Wait, haven't I...?

Anyway, Chapter 7 just brings back memories.

Think of all those times it didn't go your way...

All a' life's little setbacks.

Imagine if you could have another go at them.

Now wouldn't that be grand? ...It's funny, feel's like I've told this part a thousand times.

Kid never knew his mother, but he had his father to look after him. Mediocre little lord, with poor growths like his.

Havin' his father's growths did the kid no favors.

But he learned to hold his own out there.

Sure you didn't drop that dusty old thing on purpose, just to see if he'd go after you?

Now listen close. You should remember this next part: why go to Chapter 8x? The main chapters were the most efficient way to Chapter 9, we all knew that.

But on the other hand, some folks just yearn to complete the things they're told they don't have to. And that's why you go to chapter 8x, ain't it.

Kid's probably dealt with Chapter 9 by now.

He reminds me of myself, when I was his age. I ever tell you about those days?

Real 10B tomorrow.