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Part 42: Chapter 11B Hard Mode

Chapter 11B: Witty Title Failure

This will be a quick one. 11B is low on the bullshit, and even with weak characters it can be powered through fairly quickly.

Our loadout. Despite being a prepromote and generally inferior to Igrene, Klien has hard mode bonuses and a silver bow, so he can do some damage.

This is the only major obstacle at the start.

Even then, he's not very impressive.

Morgan is another recolor of another generic villain we've murdered. Can you guess if his new hair dye will help him succeed?

Morgan actually has decent resistance and high defense, which makes him a bit of a wall. Still he won't last long.

Here at the citizens. IS surprised me in this chapter by giving them the competent idea of 'Run away towards the player' rather than making them stand stationary or run into the boss, or something.

You may remember that Gonzales comes in at level 11 in this route.

He doesn't win any awards, but berserker Gonzales is never a bad thing.

Elphin is interesting in that he has a unique sprite, yet it wasn't copied for the Bard in FE7 like the Dancer one. I have no idea why, maybe they just didn't picture Nils carrying a harp?

I love that this screenshot implies that there is no spinning involved: Gonzales just throws his axe straight up.

Klien proves his usefulness to me by tanking ballista bolts.

Anyway, let's actually get underway.

My group splits in half and takes both sides.

Yes, I am very much enjoying a competent Roy. Even if he did get hit on 25% displayed odds.

Geese pokes his stupid head out, but since I've never played this chapter before ever I didn't know he spawned down here. So yeah, He's going to flounder around until Roy can have a chat with him.

This guy finally runs out of ammo. Also what the hell is with that one shaman? He's completely stuck up there, and doesn't have an eclipse tome or even an asshole stave.

This druid pops up a few turns later. His speed is hilarious, but his 21 magic is not.


Not so done.



Sup Bartre, nice 'stach. Now just sit right there and Roy'll-


Lance rescues the idiot, and Roy gets his charisma on.

Technically I guess we are? Whatever, give me your brave axe.

We whittle down the boss a little and-

Escape from this alternate reality with such an impossible, illogical event that the very fabric of time and space can no longer sustain this illusion.

Roy kills a boss.

I can feel things normalizing, we're returning to reality!

And so ends the B-route stuff. Fun. I'd never actually done this route before, and all I can say is this: It's all backwards. You get a huge does of bullshit upfront, then a relatively boring chapter. I definitely prefer the A path better, and not just because it gets me Gonzales, Destroyer of Worlds at a slightly lower level.

So what's next, Artix? We moving ahead with Saece, or showing off Illia first?