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Part 46: Chapter 18B: The Law of Sacae

Chapter 18B: The Law of Sacae

The Djute clan, the most powerful clan in Sacae, had joined Bern after suffering defeat. Not standing a chance against the joint force, the other clans were quickly decimated. Although Dayan, the chief of the Kutolah clan known as the Silver Wolf, was fighting back with guerilla tactics, the situation looked grim. Sacae had become a territory of Bern.

As Roy entered the plains of Sacae, the warriors of the Djute clan stood in his path.

Good. Lure them into our territory as planned. We shall show them our strength. Have the other clans been notified?

Yes. Although there are many clans who are expressing their discontent toward our alliance with Bern, further invasion by Etrurian forces seems to require more attention.

I see. ...The Etrurian army should be easier to deal with than the Silver Wolf, since the Etrurian Army is a invasion force.

The clans will unite to fight against invaders...

Right. That is the law of Sacae. When we were up against the Silver Wolf, no one aided us because they saw it as conflict between clans.

But now that we have Bern behind us, we don't need their help.

Exactly. Of course, there are many who don't like the idea that it is Bern who has actual control of Sacae's politics.

Yes. I hear that there are many clans who agree with the Silver Wolf and joined forces with him.

He is too stubborn. His clan was defeated, so he should join us. It is not as if he doesn't know what happens to those who try and fight a head-on battle with Bern.

Even large cities like Bulgar have been attacked and taken over by Bern since they resisted.

From now on, those who are strong enough to manipulate the situation around them will survive, like us. And right now, we must take advantage of the law of Sacae to do so.

It’s another regular convention of assholes in here. Who knew?

Actually, you know what? How did Bern conquer Sacae anyway? The bulk of their forces are wyvern riders, going against a coalition mainly made up of nomad troopers. That should have been a bloodbath in favor of Sacae.


Since we are getting closer, we are clashing with soldiers from Bern more and more often. It will not be long before we engage in full combat with Bern.


I wish to ask you something before we do.

What is that?

I have been hearing rumors...that King Zephiel rose to the throne because he murdered the former king.


I couldn't believe it. You tried to stop him even by casting away your nationality. If King Zephiel is such a mad individual as the rumors say, then why did you try so hard to find a peaceful way to end the war?


Princess Guinevere, I accepted the Fire Emblem not to use it in battle, but to try and find a use for it to end this war peacefully.


Therefore, please tell me the truth about the rumors...

I...I'm sorry. Please...give me some time.

Lookit all dem nomads. Fortunately, the main threat here is sheer numbers. All of them are packing Short Bows, and the Nomad Troopers have Steel Swords, none of which are particularly threatening unless they gang up on someone. As long as you're full up on dodgy or tanky people, this chapter is a bit of a joke.

And after all the hype, too. I’m almost disappointed.

First things first, Roy grabs the Silver Card and hits the shops and HOLY SHIT THEY'RE SELLING PHYSICS BUY BUY BUY and I guess some thunder tomes or something, fielding three sages uses a lot of tomes up

And it’s not even a secret shop either! The one nice thing about the early, asshole-ish Fire Emblems is that they do offer the player a few nice things too. The current Fire Emblems don’t let you buy Physic staves until like the last chapter (although you can steal them, so...)

Igrene takes the southern point to distract the nomads that start there. Might as well thin the herd before they reach the main forces.

Gonzales gets a shiny

Shin breaks out the Silver weaponry and draws first blood.

The armory stocks Killing Edges, Lances, and Axes, so we pick up a few of each. Strangely enough, it does not stock Killer Bows, despite being in Sacae.

Visiting any of the houses on the map results in this...interesting statement. It's supposed to be a warning to the chapter's gimmick but A) Every reinforcement is labeled as a Djute unit so you don't get to see the whole "clans coming together to defeat an outside force" thing and B) It tells you fuck all about the gimmick.

I frequently wonder about some older games that do asshole-ish things and vaguely refer to them (and call it foreshadowing). Do they honestly think they’re providing fair warning, or is it just some kind of mistake? Early videogames are weird sometimes.

Just an interesting thing to point out, but Snipers are another class that can move through rivers. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Paladins are the only promoted physical unit that can't move through rivers.

Silly wyvern, this is nomad country.

Lugh attracts a fair amount of attention, but most of his encounters end rather abruptly after they eat two Aircaliburs to the face.

Bastard, walking on water with that cheating horse.

Okay fine, defense for Shin isn't bad. But still.

Lugh and friends clean up this mess of nomads.

Go Gonzales, you can do it! (he misses both times)

Oujay cleans up behind him.

Thanks Lugh, you're the best.

Igrene continues to play cat and mouse with our river-crossing friend.

He was at 2 HP you bastard

Physic Assholes are almost as annoying as regular Staff Assholes.

Not so funny now, is it?

And with that, it's now turn 6 and everyone but Monke is dead.

You know, it has been a chapter or two since IntSys reminded us how much they hate us. Monke is packing both Brave weapons, so there's really no way around dealing with them, but fortunately, he's not fast enough that you'll be at significant risk of being quadrupled. It also helps that Brave weapons aren't really that strong. Even with the stronger Brave Bow, he's barely putting up 25 Atk.

Hm... Yeah, I think we can make this work.

Now, the chapter's gimmick. Upon crossing the circle of huts, every other turn for 10 or 12 turns spawns three or four nomads around the circle more or less at random.

Like so.

Closer...closer... Right into our trap!

Buddy, I don't think your trap is going to be able to save you at this point.

This feels kinda like a precursor to all those maps where you cross “the line” and all hell breaks loose, except that “the line” is a bit too close to the boss and the trap kinda falls a bit flat, I guess. Still, in principle, this is still a classic IntSys Gambit here.

Gonzales no like horse man. Hard to hit with axe.

Oh I'm sorry, was that suppposed to hurt? Let me show you how it's done.

Rutger cuts down a nomad trooper for a shit level.

My calculations...were...flawless...

Much better, Lugh. Now with that taken care of, all that's left to do is wait out all the reinforcements.

In addition to the randomly spawning reinforcements in the center, the southwest, northeast, and southeast corners also each have a set of reinforcements that pop up every few turns.

And that's a wrap. On to the next chapter.

But now we have given a telling blow to our strongest enemy in Sacae. Although I'm sure that there are remaining forces somewhere...

They must be meeting to plan a retaliation.

Can we find out where they are meeting?

Well, I sent out a spy earlier, so he should be returning soon. I shall go check.

Is something wrong, Princess Guinevere?

...I have come to speak about my brother.

...Are you sure?

Yes... I want you to know before we enter Bern...about the tragedies that have occurred. You asked earlier if my brother murdered the former king.


In is true.

...! Then King Zephiel indeed killed his own father to seize the throne...


No? He didn't kill his father to get the throne?

No... Our father was the one who tried to kill Zephiel first.

What!? Then King Zephiel...

He...couldn't bear the abuse he was taking from our father. And so he...

What... Why did...

We have found where the enemy is meeting! ...? What is the matter? is nothing. Perhaps later... *leaves*

...Did I appear at a bad time?

Fucking hell, Merlinus.

No, it's okay. Where is the meeting place?

It is in a city called Bulgar.

Bulgar...I've heard of it.

It is the largest city in Sacae. Of course, it is now under Bern's control.

I see... All right, we'll be heading there soon.

*Merlinus leaves*

...Why did the former king try to murder his own son...?

Well, we FE7 players already know the answer to that, but Merlinus had to be a dick and ruin the story. Next time, we retake Bulgar!



Sue vs. Monke

You are the Silver Wolf's granddaughter...


Shin vs. Monke

...A survivor of the Kutolah clan?

Monke! Feel the Kutolah's wrath!