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Part 52: Chapter 20Bx: The Bow of Winds

Chapter 20Bx: The Bow of Winds

However, the remaining forces of the Djute clan were waiting for Roy in the ruins...

The Etrurian Army is here!

Oh god. “Make here theirs”. It’s just about technically correct but so so wrong aargh-

Tell our brothers that we will defend this land to the death. We will avenge our dead comrades!


Shin, do you know about this place?

All I know is that the Divine Warrior Hanon's bow, the Murgleis, or the Bow of the Winds, is kept here.

Hanon... She and Saint Elimine were the only two women among the Eight Heroes.

So it seems. ...Watch your back. The Djute will give us everything they've got to avenge their clansmen.

All right, we have to be careful. Let's go!

20Bx is an interesting map, if a somewhat tedious one. Six huts means six times the assholes on Gate terrain, and there's a mountain of nomads and wyverns between us and them. Our troops start divided into three groups, and each group will take the two closest huts to them - the southeast group heads for the southern ones, the northwest group takes the west huts, and the northeast group will take the center two.

So first things first, let's get a run down of the main assholes.

Every flavor of fun is represented, and all of them are obnoxious as fuck to actually hit.

And naturally no one could be arsed to create distinct portraits for any of these people. Doubtless the artists hated them as much as the players would.

We dole out a few more presents as well.

Percival baits the shaman/nomads to the north, and Oujay and Ray set up for the bulk of the horde in the south.

For reasons I don't really understand, Brakul tries really fucking hard to berserk Igrene. She's down with Lugh, Shin, and Bors, who she's either not going to be able to hurt in the first place, or not be able to hit.

Rutger isn't deterred by little things like rivers as he and Fir move across to greet our nomad friends.

I always considered it a missed opportunity that IS never really bothered to implement terrain that imposed penalties on combat abilities in addition to helpful terrain. You’d think there’d be sense in having combat be hard when you’re standing in water, but no.

Bors picks up the first level after shoving an axe in a wyvern's face a couple times.

The north nomad trooper slips past Percival to attack Ray. He is not amused.

It's a pretty shitty level, but his speed is pretty much the one stat that's letting him down right now so I'll take it.

Ray and Oujay are very popular targets with all these nomads. Ray can counterattack and kill them with Nosferatu, but Oujay isn't strong enough to kill them with a hand axe, and he'd only have ~50% chance of landing once anyway.

Yes, thank you, so helpful.

You were just complaining about his accuracy

Brakul burns his last Berserk charge on...Tate? Admittedly, I had Gonzales rescue Rutger so they were both safe, but I don't know why he wouldn't have targeted Fir instead.

So help me god I will shove you full of Speedwings if I have to.

Gonzales is still Gonzales.

Igrene just can't catch a break.

Probably better asleep than berserk. Somewhat.

One point away from maxing magic.

Go, Gonzales! Subdue the berserk Tate.


The nomad took a shot at Igrene while she was sleeping, so Shin corrects this oversight.

And with this, we've cleaned the place out aside from the bosses.

Just think; those bosses are so in love with sitting on their bullshit terrain that they lose sight of how much more dangerous they could be if they all charged at once. Ah well. Small mercies, I guess.

Seriously, it may just be a short bow, but Hugh is taking 4 damage a shot from a physical boss. Dude just does not give a fuck. He and Kudoka get into a throwing match while Percival attacks from the front and Oujay takes a nap. Ray ultimately claims the kill next turn.

Rutger and Fir come down to sort out our sleep friend while Tate is still berserked.

Shin doesn't actually attack, but he gets himself in position for Kabul.

Bors doesn't have time for your silly bullshit.

I guess you could say... it bores him.

Ray picks up a healbot level from fixing up Hugh.

Goddammit Lugh that's twice in one chapter

Yeah...nice knowing you, buddy.

Just because I don't think I ever showed it off in the FE7 LP, this is Fenrir, the A-Rank Dark tome.

I believe Rutger was actually a little behind in speed, so I'll take it.

Hit rates? Who needs hit rates?

Oh goddammit Shin. Kabul's packing a Killing Edge, so we kinda have to kill him this turn or Shin's kinda fucked.

Come on Igrene, don't fuck this up.

Lilina comes in to provide a little backup for Gonzales.

Aircalibur proves much more effective than the Swordreaver.

Tate pulls a Rutger and just straight up sweeps a bitch.

Chan has Nosferatu and takes me an embarassingly long time to kill off, but after a combined effort from Bors, Igrene and Shin with Lugh on healing duty, Shin gets the final blow.

Now, at this point I go ahead and do all my support grinding and all for the chapter. Lugh picks up a healing level in the meantime.

Now, to properly finish off this chapter. Of the six huts, only one has Murgleis ("Miurgre" is a butchered translation) and will end the chapter. If you seize any of the remaining five...

You're dead, get out of here.

So yeah, the game spawns a pair of nomads, myrimdons, and shamans around the tent. Rinse and repeat until you find the correct hut. Did I mention that the correct hut is chosen randomly? Because it is.

That’s almost clever.

Third time's the charm?

The bow is hidden in the altar!

This is the Murgleis... It looks like an ordinary bow, but it must have incredible power.

Master Roy, Bern's troops are retreating.

Oh. All right.

All right? We must give chase.

No, don't. They're fleeing. They don't have any more will to fight.


They have families as well. There's no need to fight more than necessary.

Three to go!

There's actually a big conversation next where we hear the rest of Zephiel's story from Guinevere, but I'm going to hold off on that until we're actually going to Chapter 21. Pack your snow boots, because we're heading to Ilia next!