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Part 53: Chapter 20Bx Hard Mode

Artix74 posted:

You all are awfully chatty about something you don't actually have any input on. I'm going to try and record 17A tonight, but it'll depend on how much trouble 16x gives me.

And in the meantime, I think you have a hard mode chapter to get out, Sydin.

Yes, mom.

Chapter 20B: A Love Letter from IntSys, Part II

Alternative titles included: "How many close calls does it take..." and, "Why is Sydin so inept?"

As usual, most of the band is back for more. Lance is is sitting on the bench, because both Dieck and Alan are out preforming him.

The troopers are actually toned down a bit this chapter, though they're still packing 20 speed.

The two Dragon Lords however, are more than happy to ruin the day of any unit who's even a bit squishy.

These guys are interesting. The druids actually have pretty great speed, while the nomads are rocking 25-26. I don't even think Shin can double these guys. Overall they're annoying, but they're also carrying pretty shit weapons, so with a little force we can topple these assholes.

I decide to employ Shin's hax for myself, and have him cross the river. Meanwhile, Alan and Ellen lead team southeast.

The northwest is headed up by Miledy, followed closely by Percy, Rutger and Ray. Not to be fucked with.

Gonzales doesn't need a fucking team, so he charges the three wyverns.

Oh, he had his swordreaver equipped. Right. This is the first of many glaring, stupid errors on my part.

Delphi Shield = No Fucks.

Get used to that 100% hit chance.

Oh and Rutger got sleeped. Yeah, 100% chance.

Luckily Clarine was hanging around Dieck, and was able to restore him.

Gonzales switches to his trusty silver axe. Results? Predictable.

Faster? Stronger? Harder? You bet.

Shin is in good contest for MVP, actually. He's doubling these nomads.

Probably because he's the fastest on the team.

Goddammit Miledy, if you weren't already pretty great, I'd be angry with you!

...Well that was close.


You can teach a computer anything... except futility.

Not to say players are immune to the same flaw. There is no healer in range of Zeiss, so we're going to have to bait him closer. Not a lovely thought.

Gonzales however, makes pretty good bait. He cleans up the rabble and gets in Zeiss's way.

Shin starts on our first boss.

Oh, did I mention Percy is asleep? Percy is asleep. Team northwest was supposed to be my heavy hitters, and they're falling apart.

Zeiss defies everything I know about Fire Emblem, and attacks an enemy in berserk instead of my unit.

Ray also picks up a shitty level.


-UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUOh hey, Shin killed Chan. 1/6 of the way there!

Alan picks up some tasty heals.

He pays his dues in blood.

That's cute Roy, but let's leave the fighting to the warriors, eh?

Miledy is the only one I have left to plug up this choke, so I guess she's doing that. Go!

Ahaha, oh wow. So yeah, once again I burn some of my RNG karma and Zeiss misses his first hit, sparing Clarine's life. I know what you're thinking: Zeiss is quick enough to double Clarine? No, he's not. That's why he used my brave lance to do it.

Anyway, he gets cured, and turns around to spear some former comrades.

Gonzales does his thing...

And Shin starts on another boss. He can't double this guy, but Kabul's weapon is terrible so he's still got quite the advantage.

No fucks, etc.

...This is gonna take awhile.

Rutger wakes up and gets to murdering.

Gonzales also employs his swimming prowess.

I am okay with this.

Still going...

That's the second time Ellen almost got killed. She avoids it by turning Super Saiyan, and ends this fool's life.

Speed for Rutger? Amazing!

Oh, and Shin finally pulls out a crit and wastes Kabul.

He also gets a fucking awesome level for his troubles.

Not to be outdone, Rutger busts out his favorite toy.


Doesn't the Swordreaver add like 30 accuracy?

Ellen can actually wreck these Druids.

Lou picks up where Rutger started and finishes Kudoka.


Ellen knocks the scrub down to exactly 1HP.


Sigh... Ray finishes.


Gonzales was going nowhere fast, so Miledy picks up the slack.

Ellen also picks up the fight against the second Druid.

You know what's funny? The first time I ever played this game, Clarine maxed magic. I hadn't looked at growths or averages, so I thought she was just awesome. How sad I was my second playthrough, and every playthrough since.

Right, I've had enough of your shit.

Ellen finishes the final guy.

That's... better?

Right, let's end this shi-




Let's end this.

Damn straight.

Next Time: Ilia. Right?