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Part 55: Chapter 17A Hard Mode

Chapter 17A: The Shortest Distance

Sorry for the delay. This was supposed to be out last Saturday, but when I realized that I'd miscalculated some XP stuff and had to play 16x again, I lost the willpower and spent the weekend on Shogun 2 instead.

Right, since this is bizarro land, The first few shots are of 16x, since a few things have been shuffled around.

Rutger's getting the boots, because .

Ellen gets a speedwing.

Gonzales gets to accessorize.

And finally Tate gets the Dracoshield, since she's actually going to end up doing quite well for herself.

But enough about that chapter. I've already told that story. Welcome back to Let's Play Missingno.

Tate is actually kinda kicking some ass, probably helped along by being grossly over leveled.

She gets the brave lance this roundabout instead of Zeiss. This will turn out to be a good decision on my part.

Ellen cleaned up nicely too: She's already faster than her Sacae counterpart.

17A is actually very simple by FE6 standards. It has one stupid gimmick in the land bridge, but other than that it's a straight shot A to B line with almost no siege or status assholes. I'd go so far as to call it boring.

This guy's guarding the bastillae in the center, only notable for his xboxhueg strength.

The silver lance paladins are similarly underwhelming.

The two bishops are actually pretty resistant, but that's it.

This is fimbulvinter guy, pretty sad.

Finally, there's Arcard. Arcard is actually kind of okay, but he's still a joke by my standards at this point. His 15 speed in particular means he goes down like the filler jobber he's meant to be.

Anyway, We start things off appropriately.


Oh yeah, Astol is joining us.

He's not doing anything special, just being my cart bitch.

Oh, and the plan is for everybody to go north. There is seriously no reason to split up here: just rush north across the bridge, and take the southern guys as they come up.

The ballistae sense their impending doom, though it doesn't help them much.

One down.

Speed is good, I like speed.

Not bad.

Zeiss is getting the usual arena treatment. Unlike Artix or my regame for 10/11B, this is just an offshoot of my mainfile, diverging at 16x. That means that if I end up liking these bizzarro units better, I'll pick up this file to continue on with instead. That looks doubtful after this chapter, but who knows.

Speed is again nice, but Magic Clarine, Magic!

Running theme of the chapter: people missing Tate.

Gonzales was at 20/1 with zero experience in this file, so his first promoted hit is a critical. Even without the boots, I love you Gonzales.

Astol sells some of our shit and picks up some cheap killer weapons.

Goodbye Bastilla guys: tell those siege assholes from 16x in hell that I fucking hate them.

So, the plan: Miledy is going to build up support with Zeiss, Zeiss is going to grind, Clarine is going to heal, and Shin will guard their dumb asses. Everybody else: north.

Tate takes one out of four attacks thrown her way, and kills three guys in return.

Zeiss starts of his training with the stupidest level.


Even Bizzaro Ellen is getting the Same. Damn. Level.

Sure, I'll take it.

Percy does his murder thing.

As does Gonzales, despite his enemy specifically being built to kill him. Whatever.

Tate is Tate.

And... we're here. Yeah, like I said: easy. Most of this chapter is just me grinding Zeiss, honestly.

Oh hey, look who ran all the way across the map to meet us!


Better luck in the next life, kid.

A few asshole reinforcements show up out of the forts, but the forces in the area hold the line.

About 10-12 Pegs will also show up to the south in pairs over the next 5-6 turns. Not a single one of them manages to hit Tate.

Even the status asshole is missing. It's a little... disconcerting.

This guy comes out of nowhere and almost gameover's me. Asshole.

This guy, too. Man I got lucky this turn.


Another reinforcement bypasses the chance to attack Roy, and goes after Rutger due to the 1HKO possibility. It... goes badly for him.

I swear to god, I'm just off my game today. Thank god the RNG had my back for once. It's about to exact its payment.

Roy picks up the standard half-eaten kill.

I love stupid weapon matchups.

Zeiss proceeds along...

As does Rutger. More speed? Thank you.

He puts it to use on Arcard.

Lou finishes the job. Check dat swagga'.

What the hell is with this trend of my alternate Lou's being so good?

Anyway, ready for a swath of Zeiss levels?




Much Worse!

Much Better!

Fuck You!


I just...

Fine. Whatever. Okay then. Let's just put an end to this.

That... helps.

Yeah, definitely a far cry away from God-Zeiss. He's pretty lacking in the speed department, but a few levels and he might catch up. Maybe. If he's lucky.

Clarine picked up a level as well, and it was pretty great. Magic! Glorious magic!

Anyway, that's all I guess. Peace out.

Next Time: ...It gets easier? What?