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Part 59: Chapter 19A Hard Mode

Chapter 19A: IntSys Cracks the Whip

Here we go again! 19A is where the buck stops and IS gets their heads back in the game. Fog of war, asshole staves and plenty of ballista and fliers. No siege tome assholes, but they're still warming up.

Fog of War presents the interesting opportunities where units can scout for other units. Miledy spots our first ballista asshole, and Tate finishes him.


Niime puts on another layer. It is a little nippy, after all.

I forgot about this shop, thus my lack of silver card. I still pick up a few physic staves, since duh.

Shin doesn't need a sword to wreck flier shit.

There's something so backwards about all this.



18 Resistance? Pah, come back when you're ready to join the adults.


Soon there will be nobody left with wings to torment Gonzales. Soon.

This like what, level three of Shin getting fuck all? Yet he's still MVP.

This chick jumps out of the fog. Check that speed.

Oh right, Team Flying.

They're fine.

Oh right, I brought this.



Well that would explain Niime getting put to sleep. Talk about Min/Max.

27 Magic means nothing against four Rutgers.



These guys pull back, since they have no Delphi shields and there is a cluster of three ballista ahead.

Then again they can't even hit Roy, so maybe I'm overreacting.

Out of the friggin frying pan...

Two down.

At least Clarine is getting some exercise.


These two go north to take out another ballista.

Tate on the other hand takes the brunt of everything and comes out barely scathed. I really am going to miss her.

Lou too.

Percy gets his token one kill per map.


Niime validates her existence.




That's actually not bad.

And that's it.

North is clear...

Ah, there you are.

Sigune gets significant stat boosts across the board, but her con is still hilarious so she only has a functional 19 AS.


Wow that looks terrible.

Helloooo nurse.

We out.

Niime: Same shit, different day. Still joins on a terrible FoW map filled with ballista, only now with random fliers who can gank her from the darkness. So fun.

Next Time: The Ghost of 20B