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Part 63: Chapter 20Ax Hard Mode

Chapter 20Ax: Despite all my rage...

And we're back! Honestly Artix you should be thankful: I'm having all the technical difficulties so you don't have to.

I've seen several translations of this chapter, but they're either "The Spear of Ice" or "The Ice Spear". Why did these translators feel the need to expand this to "The Spear of Ice and Snow" and break the table there? Whatever.

Did somebody say stupidly high stats?

The boss himself is pretty lame, that 13 speed in particular. Still he's beefy and has some resistance, so he'll probably be annoying to chip away at.

Strangely enough, the two staff druids here have the lowest magic I've seen in ages. Huh.

The team.

Imma steal Artix's ideas here. Don't be too mad: they don't work. Instead I end up having to pull some improvised bullshit of my own.

First up, we berserk longbow guy over here, as usual. Also I apologize for the mouse cursor in many of these shots. I had to reinstall / resetup my capture software, and it's still got some kinks.

Some trading shenanigans..

And we berserk the other guy, too.

The other teams stand out the way, lest they be berserked with no recourse.

These warriors fucking hurt

Luckily Nosferatu is hilarious.

Percy performs just about as expected.

Longbow 1 goes against my wishes and starts taking shots at the archer on the other side of the wall. To top it off he's as accurate as an unpromoted Gonazlaes, so he keeps fucking missing.

Longbow 2 goes along with the plan, but is just as accurate.

So instead, Niime decides to help sleep man take a nap of his own.

Nighty night.

I'd be mad, but she's still awesome.

We nip this in the bud.

Or so I thought.

It's at this point that I notice the two longbowmen have less speed than the damn druids. There was literally zero need to berserk those guys.

So instead, we put the second one to sleep. Four turns of peace.

Shin's bravery cannot be matched.

The side teams start moving up.

The stats on the other hand, prefer to stay seated.

Can't even hit him when he's asleep.

Oh come on now, that's what, like a 98% with true hit?

Wake up, idiot.

Oh boy, I sure do remember this level.

I calm myself down by looking at something lovely.



Less ow.

Berserk guy scares the shit out of me, but he'd rather take shots at his own guys. Okay then. He missed.

Lugh swings some solar flares around.

And Ray some dark... flares. Yeah.

Let's just clean this up.

Thank you.

Fire Emblem Rule #6: Never complain about speed.

Yeah, that's a warrior with 69 HP. Insert crude joke here.

Longbow guy wakes up from his stupor and misses Tate. His career sadly ends here.

Shit, only one turn left!


I can't believe that worked.

The left side finally breaks through to some action.

This guy could have had 120 HP for all I cared, and Rutger could still have chewed hip up in one round.

To be fair, what else can she get?

The final status asshole goes down. It was fun, guys.

Percy even gets in close enough to get a kill.

After some quick number crunching, I'm confident that Tate can survive both a critical from the sword master and a flux to the face.

Then I remember I still have sleep uses.

Gonzales takes the other berserk longbow to task for his poor accuracy. He dies dripping in irony. And blood.

I love the Bishop animations.

Rule #6

Fir? Is that you?

Me like.

All that's left is Teck over here.

Looks like Tate has an admirer.

Unfortunately, she rejects his advances.

Miledy does not give a fuck about your throne.


I'll miss you, Miledy.

Let us go.

One of my fliers is about to embrace godhood.

Next Time: The Real Sword of Seals Starts Here