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Part 67: Chapter 21x Hard Mode

Chapter 21x: The Art of Screenshots

Do you like graphical glitches? I sure hope so, because you're going to be enjoying them for 90% of this update.

As you can see, our roster has been pared down to a measly 10. So of course, I'm bringing Astol and Merlinus.

I'm a little frazzled about finals, so I apologize that I've got nothing more interesting for this chapter other than charge forward.

Roy begins his path to greatness not sucking.

Tate flies over the water to go fuck up some northern forces.

Thank god for the Delphi Shield.

I then remember Gonzales can cross water too.

Brave Sword heroes are probably the most threatening thing on this map.

More magic? I'm satisfied.

We've got some groupies trailing behind us. In good time.

This general has maxed defense. Luckily Gonzales crits twice in a row, ending his day regardless.

Meanwhile, my day keeps getting brighter.

These heroes are really nothing to write home about. Though I guess it is important to mention that, on the whole, they're on par with Dieck.

All of the snipers on this map have no speed for some reason.

Who needs defense when you have 25 speed + 24 Luck?

Oh yeah, and whoever was asking me about Roy getting levels?

This is for you.



There are a few druids scattered around, and all of them are fairly intimidating. These Nosferatu guys are a pain in particular.


Fuck you.

Ellen restores Clarine and gets a level I forgot to screenshot. 20 magic.

I keep forgetting, does FE6 have true hit? Because this guy just hit Ellen.

We proceed north.

Roy leads the pack, cleaning up the riffraff.

What a somber occasion.

Gonzales jumps headfirst into the nearby river, and throws his handaxe so hard it plows through the wall next to him and cleaves this poor archers head off.

Meanwhile Shin dodges graphical errors and fights ghosts.

This oddball is guarding the bridge into the central area of the map.

Artix may want to dodge these guys, but this is hard mode, baby.


A few people hammer on it at range, while Shin picks up this... well it's a level.

Gonzales goes in for the kill.

Shit, Gonzales needs to pick up dragon hunting more often.

Devil axe guy ran away to get healed, but then proceeded to never move even when Rutger got in range. Okay then.

It's cool though, Rutger makes house calls.

They don't pay well, though.

Then again, what the fuck else does he have to level?


Now this is a proper young lord. Sure his resistance is a bit poor, but nobody's perfect. If my daughter brought home a man like this, I'd only be slightly disappointed in her.

One less druid to worry about.

Okay then.

Then this guy comes out of nowhere. That was close.

Eat shit.

You too.

Are you sensing a theme? I'm sensing a theme.

Anyway, Pereth.

Yeah, he's exactly the same as he was if you let him show up in Chapter 21.

Could I have ended it any other way?


I may have blown my whole treasury on you Roy, but damn was it worth it. We're not even done yet, I have more speedwings and misc boosters.

Next Time: Definitely the Final Chapter. Yep, the end. For sure. I promise. Trust me.