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Part 70: The Bad Ending

The Bad Ending

The bad ending can be attained by either missing one of the gaiden chapters, or using any of the Divine Weapons enough to break them, including the Sword of Seals itself. Contrary to what I may have said way, way back in the thread, Fa dying or breaking her Divine Stone will not give you the bad ending, but her death will prevent you from getting the true ending.

The problem with the bad ending is that it's not really...bad. Idoun slips off and disappears, but Elibe sees centuries of peace and for all we know Idoun was a really elaborate sequel hook or something similarly stupid. If you weren't aware this isn't how the game is supposed to end, the only clue you'd really have is "Wait, I haven't killed Brenya yet," and even that gets handwaved a little since Zephiel sent her off with Idoun, who has completely disappeared. The best part of all is that IntSys only includes the scene that tells you why you got the bad ending...if you don't get the bad ending. Thanks IntSys.

...Princess Guinevere.

I'm sorry... Please leave me alone for a while...


Master Roy... We should let her be.



...Thank you. I knew you had your own problems with your own nation... But you helped us. I must thank you...

...I don't quite understand what you mean...but if I have been helpful, then you are most welcome.

Zephiel's words? Perhaps he was a way.

...Has the Dark Priestess been found?

No... Apparently she disappeared before the battle.

I see... Do you think she's really the Dark Dragon?

I wouldn't know unless I actually saw her. It's going to be difficult to find her because she is said to clad in a black robe, and no one has ever seen her up close.

Oh... But the battle is now over.

What are you saying, Master Roy? The hard part has yet to come. We must help the land recover from the war. There are people out there who need our assistance.

Right! We have work to do. The real battle may be just beginning.

Yes. We are alive, so we must think about the future.

No matter what hardships are to come, I will never give up. We have to show that even humans can construct a beautiful and peaceful world!

Master Roy, you will have me at your side, always. Now, let us leave the castle for now. We must spread the word of victory!

With Zephiel's death, Bern surrendered to Etruria. Etruria dismantled its government, but after careful consideration, avoided directly administering its reconstruction.

With Roy's help, Guinevere took the throne and the New Kingdom of Bern was established. Many of the nobles of Bern expressed their discontent at Guinevere handing over the Fire Emblem to the former enemy, but with her efforts and hard work, she cut open a new path of recovery for Bern.

While the Dark Priestess was never found, peace was restored, and Elibe was set for a new age of prosperity led by Etruria. Over time, it regained its former peace and balance, and centuries after Roy's time, the nations in Elibe were united under a single flag.

But that is another story for another time...