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Part 74: Chapter 24 Hard Mode

Final Part One: Feel the Bern

That was terrible, I admit it.

We've been pared down to only ten units, so out go a lot of the tag alongs. Most tellingly, Clarine is kicked out for having no offensive power to speak of. Ellen Ray and Lou have more than enough healing power between them.

Like Artix, I've cut out most everything but attacks and level ups. There just isn't much interesting this chapter.

Unfortunately Ellen doesn't have S rank magic because I didn't grind her on this save, but she can still sling this purge tome around.

Gonzales and Rutger clear the left and right dragons.

Lou softens him for a... level, I guess.

Ahaha, oh wow. So yeah, Fa is oneshotted by every dragon here. Even if she wasn't, they all have 11-12 speed, so they double and thus one round her.

One down.

This level along with 14x smacks a lot of being inspiration for the water temple in FE7, particularly these narrow passages.

Shin has a divine weapon, but why use it when you don't need it?


Those boots.

Ellen burns the last of her tome out killing this dragon.

Shin finishes the other.

I'm used to this by now.

Speed? Maybe?



Another one down.

More dragons die.

I'd just like to reiterate that apocalypse is hilarious.

Am I the only one who finds it funny that a fire tome is super effective against fire dragons?


Get off the fucking throne.

Thank you.

Rutger: dodging all day or your gold back.

Gonzales doesn't need no divine weapons.


More murder...

More levels...

More Gonzales.

New room, same problems.

More speed!

About all he can get at this point.

Dammmit Ellen.

These dragons have fuck all resistance, so Ray can clean them up even with basic tomes.

Get out.

Shockingly, Gonzales becomes even more unstoppable.

Next room.

I had a spare wyrmslayer around, so why not?

Not you too, Rutger!



Whatever. Not like you'll be on the frontline any time soon.


Okay, last room.

Yahn has +5 strength, +5 skill and +3 speed. He's still a mamkute though, and thus already dead.

Burn baby, burn!

Hi, Yahn.

Bye, Yahn.


I burn the last hammerne uses on the Sword of Seals.

Very nice.

And very nice.

Next time's the last time.

Next Time: Seriously? That's it?