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Part 77: The Good Ending

The Good Ending

After Bern's surrender, Etruria dismantled its government, but after careful consideration, avoided directly administering its reconstruction. With Roy's help, Guinevere took the throne and the New Kingdom of Bern was established.

And on the day of her crowning, the long months of war came to a close...

I haven't see her in her royal garments yet. She must be beautiful beyond words. Even when I first saw her, I couldn't believe that such a beautiful woman could exist.


But the Princess' hardships are still to come.


Even if she becomes queen of Bern with Etruria's help, I'm sure that there'll be a lot of rebellion and unrest.

Do you think so?

I think that there might be people who'll say that Princess Guinevere joined Etruria just to seize the throne. She'll have to face them.

...But I think Princess Guinevere will be fine. And then Bern will become a much better nation than before... She's just so smart...and strong.

Yeah... I think so, too.

Me? I'll return to Pherae. I'm worried about my father's illness, and we'll have to start rebuilding the lands that were trampled upon by the war.



Uh... Nothing. So you're returning to Pherae...

What about you? You're going back to Ostia, right?

...Yes. I must take my father's place.

I'm glad to hear that you'll be staying is Ostia.


Because if you're Ostia, then I can go meet you any time I want.


I'll go pick you up.

...I... I have to prepare, too... But... Roy... I always...

Oh! The ceremony's starting. Come on, Lilina, we have to go see Princess... I mean, Queen Guinevere and pay our respects!

R-Roy, wait for me!

I had business in these areas, so I decided to stop by on the way.

Fa will be glad to see you.

I saw her earlier. She is as energetic as ever.

She is being allowed outside more often these days. Perhaps that is why.

How is the girl that I sent here doing?

...She still won't go back to normal?

Fa sometimes takes her outside, but she won't try to do anything on her own.

I see...

Master Roy... We knew that the girl you sent here was captured by the Dragons. Still, we did not try and rescue her. We feared that our kind would be in danger if we showed ourselves in front of the other Dragons again. But now, I wonder whether my judgment was correct.


Perhaps it is because we have begun to live with humans. I will make my best efforts to bring back the girl's heart fully.

...Thank you.

As a first, I would like to see some kind of sign that her emotions are working... Perhaps laughing or crying...anything...


Right! And that tree gives yummy fruit!


Yes. Can you see? It's up at the top. And if you shake the tree like this...

*Fa shakes the tree*

Oww! It fell on Fa's head...


...Laugh? Me?

Yeah! You just laughed! Yes! You laughed!

Laugh...? This is to laugh?

Where's Roy? Roy! Fa has to tell Roy that Idoun laughed!

And that's it! As the credits roll, we get the personal endings for everyone. Before we get to those though, there's a couple quick things I want to point out. First, the scene with Idoun and Fa is only included if Fa is still alive, and you killed Idoun with the Sword of Seals. I just had to gif Fa running around Idoun all excited because it's about the most adorable thing imaginable, and I wanted to end the story on a note. Also, there's one specific call out in the credits I want to make.

Somewhat infamously, Sword of Seals was actually Roy's second outing. Released about three months prior to FE6, Roy also starred in a very obscure and niche fighting game.

You might know it better as "Super Smash Brothers Melee." It proved to be a more effective ad campaign than anything else Nintendo or IntSys could dream of putting out, and FE6 sold ~390k in Japan, topping FE4, FE5, and every single Fire Emblem since until Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Roy: Young Lion - Roy returned home to rebuild the lands in Lycia that were trampled on during the war. Although both Etruria and Bern offered him high-ranking positions in their courts, he never accepted any of them. Still, people always seemed to like him, and he left behind many legends during the course of his life.

Fa: Divine Dragon - After returning to Nabata, Fa was never heard of again. Many historians today voice their skepticism on whether she really existed at all...

Marcus: Loyal Paladin - Marcus finally retired upon returning to Pherae. Although he tried to live in peace, he could never get rid of the endless stream of aspiring knights begging for his direction. He left his name in history as a great knight that fought with Roy and also as an outstanding teacher to the next generation.

Alan: Ferocious Knight - Upon returning to Pherae with Roy, Alan proceeded to help his master rebuild the trampled land. His fire and powerful will of always pushing forward no matter what stood before him inspired many and gave them a new hope to live.

Bors: Impregnable Knight - Bors returned to Ostia to help rebuild his ravaged country. His kind-hearted nature allowed him to unite the divided people once again to bring back harmony and prosperity to Ostia.

Wolt: Dutiful Archer - Wolt returned to Lycia with Roy to assist him in rebuildings his homeland. Although many perils and hardships stood before them, Wolt did his best to support Roy and played a large role in leading Lycia to prosperity.

Lance: Tranquil Knight - Upon returning to Pherae with Roy, Lance proceeded to help his master rebuild the trampled land. Never losing his cool, he would directly confront Roy if he was making a mistake, and he played a major role in leading Pherae to peace again.

Ellen: Saint of Bern - Ellen returned to Bern with Guinevere to rebuild a land ravaged by war, and to reunite a people devastated by defeat. Her hard work and kind-hearted nature earned her the title, "The Saint of Bern."

Thany: Cheerful Knight - After the war, Thany was knighted and became a full-fledged Pegasus Knight. Throughout her career, she served as lieutenant and squad leader, and she eventually rose to the position of Flightleader of Ilia. Her cheerful personality earned her much admiration and respect from her colleagues.

Paired with Roy - Thany gave up the path of the Pegasus Knight and went to Pherae with Roy, where they married. Rebuilding the battered land was a painful process, but her cheerful personality encouraged many people to rise up and help lead Lycia to prosperity again.

Dieck: Wounded Tiger - Dieck broke up his mercenary band and set out to travel on his own. After that, he continued to participate in various battles. Once, an entire legion of enemies fled after seeing him appear on the battlefield... That is but one of the many legends he has left behind.

Ward: Confident Axefighter - After returning home, Ward worked to cultivate and develop the wilderness of the islands. His work was passed on through many generations to build what would be the greatest city on the Western Isles...

Lot: Silent Axefighter - After returning home, Lott married his childhood friend and led a fulfilling if meager life. Although he played a major role in the war, he himself rarely talked about it openly.

Chad: Lycian Linx - After the war, Chad quit thievery. He traveled around the continent and dedicated his life to helping orphaned children. Not many could guess from his generous actions that he started out as a thief.

Lugh: Child of Anima - Lugh built a small magic school where the orphanage used to be. He took in orphans and other deprived children and taught them magic as a way to live. Many powerful magicians who left their name in history can have their roots traced back to that school.

Clarine: Unruly Princess - Clarine returned home to Aquleia and lived her life as she did before the war. Her personality never changed, but her charm and true kindness earned her admiration and love from her peers in the Etrurian nobility.

Rutger: Lone Swordsman - After the war, Rutger disappeared. Many claimed that they had seen him in one place or another, but none of them had any solid proof. Today, his name only appears in the records of this war...

Saul: Priest of Freedom - Although the Church offered him the position of Bishop, Saul turned it down and went off on his own, serving the people in his own way. There are many stories about his behavior, but it cannot be denied that he did his best to help those in need.

Dorothy: Gentle Archer - Dorothy returned to her hometown and led a normal life. She never was the flashiest or the most impressive among her comrades, but perhaps she may be the one who led the most fulfilling life afterwards...

Sue: Doe of the Plains - Sue returned to Sacae and resumed life as a nomad. Despite playing a major role in the war, she refused to claim credit. Seeing how she chose to live her life in the vast plains which she loved so dearly, some people say that she reminded them of the "Divine Warrior" Hanon.

Paired with Roy - Sue accompanied Roy to Lycia, where she married him and became the mistress of Pherae. However, she never could cast away her love for nature, and her behavior sometimes troubled those around her, who were not familiar with Sacaean culture.

Zealot: Leader of Knights - Zealot returned to Ilia, where he worked to rebuild the ruined land. He eventually united the Knights' Union of Ilia into the Kingdom of Ilia, and he left his name in history as the nation's first king.

Treck: Peaceful Knight - Treck remained in Zealot's group, where he continued to fight as a mercenary. Although he always was sleeping half the time, in battle, he would demolish all those who dared stand in his path. Treck himself never talked about his performance, but stories about him reached the ears of many.

Noah: Vagrant Knight - Wanting to test his ability, Noah left Zealot's group and traveled the world as a lone mercenary knight. Although several nations offered him positions in their militaries, he turned them all down. Many people have been inspired by his strength to live life by just being himself...

Lilina: Beautiful Duchess - After returning home, Lilina became the marquess of Ostia and dedicated her time to rebuilding her land. She later rebuilt and led the Lycia Alliance to create the Kingdom of Lycia, a peaceful nation blessed with prosperity and harmony.

Paired with Roy - After returning home, Lilina became the marquess of Ostia, and married Roy a short while later. Together, Roy and Lilina united the Lycia Alliance and created the Kingdom of Lycia, a peaceful nation blessed with prosperity and harmony.

Astol: Shadow of Ostia - After the war, Astol's name disappeared from the records. Legends say that he worked to rebuild Ostia, but nothing else about him is known.

Wendy: Beautiful Knight - Wendy chose to live her life as an Armor Knight. Her actions gave courage to many, especially women, and she is still remembered today as the first female captain of an Ostian Armor Knight squad.

Barth: Knight of Justice - After returning home, Barth was put in charge of the Ostian military. Although devastated from the tragedies of Hector's death and the rebellion, Barth's strict but fair leadership led the Ostian Armor Knights to glory once again.

Oujay: The Little Hero - Oujay continued to travel around the world as a mercenary, and his name gradually spread across the continent as a great warrior. Even in his fame, he kept the utmost respect for his comrades in the war, saying that he never would have gotten as far as he did without their help.

Fir: Heir to the Sword Saint - Fir set out again to travel around the world in training. Her name eventually spread throughout the continent as the next Sword Saint, and her legends were to be told for centuries to come.

Shin: Falcon of Sacae - After returning to Sacae, Shin joined the newly reunited Kutolah clan. He never had much to say, but with his leadership and skill with the bow, he spread his name across the vast plains as the new Silver Wolf.

Gonzales: Gentle Brigand - When Gonzales returned to his home on the Western Isles, he was not greeted with stones or harsh words. Instead, people welcomed and cheered for the return of a hero. After that, Gonzales moved into a small village, where he lived happily.

Geese: Ruler of the Seas - Geese reopened his trading routes, where he started to regain his profits once again. He donated large portions of his wealth to the Western Isles, helping greatly in the area's development. His generous aid earned him the title of the "Ruler of the Seas."

Klein: Silver Prince - Klein put down his bow and became an ambassador for Etruria. He used his diplomatic abilities to settle various foreign affairs, and while he was in office, he made sure that Etruria was the center of a peaceful and prosperous continent.

Tate: Rider of the Winds - Tate returned to Ilia, where she worked to reunite the divided Pegasus Knights. Her diligent work and leadership paid off, and the Ilian Pegasus Knights gradually regained their former glory.

Lalum: Cheerful Dancer - Lalum continued to travel around the world as a wandering dancer. Her energetic and cheerful dancing struck the hearts of many, and her style has been passed on through many generations to this day.

Paired with Roy - Lalum accompanied Roy to Pherae, where they married. Many voiced their discontent at bringing in a woman of unknown origins into the family, but Lalum's perseverence and unbending will earned her respect. She then proceeded to live happily with Roy.

Echidna: Goddess of the West - After Echidna went back home to the Western Isles, the people were overjoyed at the return of their hero. She left the rebel group, but the people begged her to be their leader once again. Her hard work united the Western Isles into a new nation, the Western Union.

Elphin: Seer of Truth - After the war, Elphin disappeared without a word. Several months later, an official announcement was made in Etruria that Prince Mildain was alive. The prince that hid his identity to help General Roy in the war... That story is now a favorite among bards and writers.

Bartre: Ferocious Warrior - After returning home, Bartre opened a small bar. His jolly personality and uncanny talent for cooking ensured success, but what really kept the customers coming back were the stories he had to tell about his valor in battle.

Ray: Child of Darkness - Ray traveled around the world, honing his dark magic skills. Although dark magic had been all but forgotten, Ray's efforts brought it back to people's awareness again. He was known for being hard on both himself and others, but for some reason he was generous towards deprived children.

Cath: Master Thief - Cath set out to travel the world after the war. She then continued to give to the poor while exposing the secrets of greedy nobles and merchants. Her name remains in history today in "The Legend of the Master Thief."

Miledy: Crimson Knight - Miledy returned home with Guinevere to help build the new Kingdom of Bern. Her unbending will and hard work earned Guinevere the respect she deserved, and Bern gradually began to regain its former prosperity.

Percival: Knight Among Knights - Percival returned to Etruria where he rose to become the new Great General. He then continued to climb up the ladder of glory where he ended up as the king's personal advisor. His name was remembered for generations as the model of the Etrurian knight.

Cecilia: Daughter of Etruria - Cecilia returned home and helped rebuild Etruria. Her calm judgment and leadership played a major role in directing Etruria to prosperity once again. Her hard work earned her the title of the "Maiden of Etruria" after her death.

Paired with Roy - Cecilia accompanied Roy to Pherae, where she helped rebuild the battered land. She eventually married Roy, continuing to offer him close support and aid as the duchess of Pherae.

Sophia: Prophet of Nabata - After returning to Nabata, Sophia disappeared. There are no records of what happened to Nabata after the war, so no one knows how Sophia led her life from then on...

Paired with Roy - Sophia accompanied Roy to Pherae, where they married. Although she was never very talkative, her wise decisions played a major role in the reconstruction of Lycia.

Igrene: Guardian of Nabata - After saying that she would return to Nabata, Igrene disappeared. There are records of people seeing her in various places around the continent, but no one knows where or how she led the rest of her life.

Garret: Veteran Berserker - Garret quit banditry and led a normal life. He worked and tended to his crops just as any ordinary villager would. He never picked up a weapon ever again after the war ended.

Hugh: Streetwise Mage - Although many nations sought out his service, Hugh turned them all down and led his life on his own. He always was a pain when it came to money, but his magical abilities allowed him to imprint his name on history's face as a great and powerful sage.

Zeiss: Black Lightning - Zeiss aided Guinevere to build the new Kingdom of Bern, and he took various leadership positions in the military. Although at first he suffered much criticism from siding with Etruria during the war, his loyalty coupled with Guinevere's assistance gradually earned him respect from his colleagues.

Douglas: Lionhearted General - Although at one point he retired from the military to live in peace, Douglas continued to receive requests from the Etrurian Court to come back. Unable to refuse, he returned to the palace to lead the great Etrurian Army once again, leaving behind many legends that would be told for centuries to come.

Niime: Hermit on the Mountain - Niime returned to her secluded home in the mountains and continued her research. Although it is said that she solved many of the mysteries of the world, we can never know for sure because she didn't leave any written records of her work.

Dayan: Silver Wolf - Dayan built a new clan centering around his remaining Kutolah brothers. His quest did not go without oppression, but he used his perserverence and leadership to create harmony and lead the clan to become the greatest in Sacae.

Yuno: Legendary Flightleader - After returning to Edessa, Yuno worked to reunite the divided Pegasus Knights of Ilia. Later, she was asked to lead the newly united Pegasus Knights, but she refused and led the rest of her life happily with Zealot. After her death, she was named the "Grand Flightleader" and is remembered to this day.

Yodel: Legendary Bishop - Yodel continued to spread the faith of the Elimine Church. He eventually rose up to the position of Archbishop, but he never let his power blind him from those in need.

Karel: Sword Saint - Karel retired to a small village in the mountains of Bern and lived his life in peace. Although many swordsmen came to him seeking direction, he never did teach any of them directly. However, many said that they were able to seek out their path simply by training at his side.