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Part 80: Trial Map 4: Pincer Attack

Trial Map 4: Flier Heaven

Trial Map 4 is-

Pretty much that! The objective is "Kill the leader" and he only spawns after there are no enemies remaining on the map.

The game is right that we want to go heavy on fliers so let's... wait a minute. Who's that?

Gale! So yeah, I have Gale because I didn't kill him like Artix, the monster for completing the game twice: once on normal to unlock hard and once on hard. His speed is a fucking joke, but he has good constitution and almost maxed strength.

Gale comes with a killer lance and light brand.

Yeah... quite a step down, huh? Despite having to complete Hard Mode to unlock Trial Maps 4 and 5, they still have normal mode level enemies. Suffice to say, I'm going to end up smoking all of them.

We start off on a main island, with quite a few units sharing it. Let's... welcome them.

Like I said: a joke.

Even Gonzales has no problem despite his skill and WTD woes.

Roy one-shots them.

Narshan is here because he has wings, and that's about it.

Gale's battle sprite is cooler, but he isn't fairing much better. At least he doesn't have a stupid line to parrot every time he fights.

We apply a little Shin...

And bam: center island clear.

With that done, we venture out to the open seas.

I didn't bring Gonzales for kicks: his ability to walk on water is rather invaluable here.

A lot of flier action ensues now that the rest of my group is stuck on the center island.

Reinforcements show up, and that pretty much sums up this chapter's gimmick. You have to kill the boss, who only appears when there is nobody else on the map. However reinforcements keep dropping in, so you have to predict where they're coming and manage to clear the map before a second wave rolls in.

I'm... not so good at that.

SO glad I brought the longbow.

A sage pops out of nowhere next to Rutger. He dies.

Meanwhile, at sea...

Narshen's sprite is colored specifically so it looks like he's holding a rune sword, and the effect is pulled of really well.

Yeah, good idea.

More flying...

More not giving a fuck...

More Ellen

Shin helps out...

Roy breaks out the Sword of Seals since he doesn't care about breaking it now.

After ten turns of running in circles, I finally manage to nab everybody.

That would be the boss.

No portrait, not even a custom name. "Bandit" here is the boss.

Er...was the boss.

I toyed with the idea of going back for a better tactics score, but since I'm pretty much the one holding up the thread here, I think this will do.