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Part 81: Trial Map Characters

MR. J posted:

So... did the throne in Trail Map 3 give you the same bullshit bonuses as thrones do throughout the campaign?

Yeah, it's still a piece of gate terrain, so you get all the usual bullshit that comes along with it, only for you this time. You know, in case you need it to be even easier.

Trial Map Characters

Level 10 Wyvern Lord
Swords - A, Lances - A, Affinity - N/A
Equipment - Runesword, Delphi Shield
Unlock by clearing the game 1 time

HP: 46
Strength: 16
Skill: 13
Speed: 16
Luck: 13
Defense: 20
Resistance: 12
Con: 11

There's not much to say about Narshen. He's hamstrung by the fact that he's a mid-game boss, and therefore can't really be that powerful. His skill is awful, and he's not particularly strong or fast, but he does make a hell of a tank with his 46 HP/20 Def/Runesword combo. A second Delphi Shield is nice as well, but to be honest, there's only one trial map where your flyers would ever be in danger of getting shot down in the first place.

Level 18 Wyvern Lord
Swords - A, Lances - A, Affinity - Ice
Equipment - Killer Lance, Light Brand
Unlock by clearing the game 2 times

HP: 49
Strength: 22
Skill: 15
Speed: 13
Luck: 11
Defense: 22
Resistance: 14
Con: 12

Gale takes Narshen's idea of being a decent tank a little bit farther, and trades a little speed for being able to hit a lot harder. The biggest problem I have with this is that 13 speed just isn't enough to really play ball. Narshen might not have been the strongest or most accurate, but he had enough speed to not get doubled and even do a little doubling of his own (like against the berserkers in Trial Map 1). Gale can't claim the same, and assuming they both land, Narshen's two hits are going to out-damage Gale most of the time. Add in that Gale only has 3 HP and 2 Def/Res on him, and I'm almost tempted to say that Narshen is actually a better unit than Gale.

Fortunately for Gale, the trial map enemies are almost exclusively awful and using weapons that are way too heavy for them. If you were to go anywhere outside of the trial maps, Narshen would be a better unit, but since everyone's stuck here, Gale's alright.

Level 20 General
Lances - A, Axes - A, Affinity - Thunder
Equipment - Brave Axe, Silver Lance
Unlock by clearing the game 3 times

HP: 43
Strength: 18
Skill: 20
Speed: 10
Luck: 15
Defense: 30
Resistance: 15
Con: 20

Alkydere posted:

Obviously not the Hector you dragged through Hector Hard Mode on FE7. Way too manly for that.

So, care to amend that statement, Alky?

Under any normal circumstances, Hector would be shit. Generals as a whole are still awful, he's not very strong, his HP is relatively low for being a 20/20 General, and his speed is as terrible as you'd expect it to be. That said, he can also bench press a dragon and tank like a motherfucker, and since the Trial Maps are the only place in the game IntSys bothered to put in defensive victory conditions, he actually has a use! I still wouldn't use him over a knight you bothered to raise (ie Bors, Barth, Wendy), but he does at least put Douglas to shame.

Level 20 Sage
Anima - A, Staves - A, Affinity - N/A
Equipment - Fimbulvetr, Bolting, Fortify Staff
Unlock by clearing the game 4 times

HP: 38
Magic: 23
Skill: 18
Speed: 18
Luck: 17
Defense: 18
Resistance: 25
Con: 6

Brenya is when the Trial Map characters really start getting fun. As I mentioned back in Chapter 23, Brenya is basically Lilina-lite. 23 Magic isn't crazy high, but it's up there pretty good, and the rest of her stats are nothing to sneeze at. Her defenses in particular are pretty crazy for a mage (max Res, 2 away from max Def), and she's also the only source of a Fimbulvetr tome and Fortify Staff in the entire game. I mean, you don't really need Fortify when you have the Saint's Staff, but it's the thought that counts, I guess?

Level 20 Paladin
Swords - A, Lances - S, Axes - C, Affinity - Anima
Equipment - Silver Sword, Silver Lance
Unlock by clearing the game 5 times

HP: 48
Strength: 25
Skill: 20
Speed: 22
Luck: 14
Defense: 24
Resistance: 15
Con: 11

Holy shit Eliwood, what the hell were your Wheaties laced with? Lowen was right, you clearly were skipping breakfast too much in FE7.

So yeah, Eliwood is more or less the best paladin in the game. He has max Str, a point shy of max Def, excellent speed, and he even has acceptable Con! A very defensively-blessed Alan or Lance might give him a run for his money, but that's about the only way to match him. The only thing that really irks me is that he has Lances-S instead of Swords-S. I realize that FE7 obviously came after this game, but why would you give him a super-legendary sword in FE7 if he's most proficient with Lances?

...Goddamn dude. Shame about your kid.

Level 20 General
Lances - A, Axes - A, Affinity - N/A
Equipment - Tomahawk
Unlock by clearing the game 6 times

HP: 60
Strength: 27
Skill: 19
Speed: 12
Luck: 12
Defense: 25
Resistance: 17
Con: 20

The original dragon bench-presser, pretty much everything said about Hector applies to Murdock as well. Murdock trades a few points of defense for better...basically everything in comparison to Hector, so if you're willing to put with five movement, you might actually get some use out of him. Also, he's the source of the only Tomahawk in the game. And just for posterity's sake, no one has a Spear, not even the Trial Map characters. Gale could have, but they decided to give him boring shit instead.

Level 20 King
Swords - S, Affinity - N/A
Equipment - Exaccus
Unlock by clearing the game 7 times

HP: 60
Strength: 24
Skill: 20
Speed: 14
Luck: 15
Defense: 22
Resistance: 24
Con: 17

At last, we get to the big man himself. Zeph is about on par with Murdock stat-wise, but coming with an infinite use legendary weapon is a pretty sweet deal. Once again, he suffers from the general's five movement, but Zeph is one of the few units I'd actively put up with it for. Dat spritework.

Level 20 Sage
Anima - B, Light - S, Staves - A, Affinity - Light
Equipment - Divine, Recover Staff
Unlock by clearing the game 9 times

HP: 29
Magic: 24
Skill: 24
Speed: 23
Luck: 24
Defense: 13
Resistance: 25
Con: 5

And finally, for clearing the game from start to finish nine times, you unlock Princess Guinevere. She is unique in that she is the only Sage who can use Light magic, and her stats are pretty spectacular. The only thing she's really lacking is HP/Def, coming with even more magic than Brenya, max Res, and being 2 points off the speed cap. Much like Eliwood topping the paladin chart, the only person to really give her a challenge for best sage is a very defensively-blessed Lugh, and he's still going to be lacking Light magic compared to her. You could also argue Lilina, but she gets destroyed in comparison to everything that's not magic.