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Part 34: Chapter 25x

So far as rewards go, this chapter is just weak.

I wish that every castle could have a lava pool in its basement.

: Anakin, look... It's... a dragon!

: ...No way... Dragons cannot be here... They're on Blaine... They can't have crossed the Sea of Flames...!

: Anakin, we have to do something about this! I don't know what a Dragon is doing here, but... I know that it shouldn't be here. Just look at it... It's screaming in pain...

: Kelik, we're no match for a Dragon... We should just run... before it goes wild!

: No. I'm going to slay it. I'll put it out of its misery, and then find out how it got here. Whoever's responsible for tampering with this is crazy... If they can bring dragons back to this world, then there's no telling what else they can do. Could it be Emperor Louis? Or Lahar? I don't know... I may never find out, but I still have to do what I can.

Honestly, this chapter introduces way more questions than answers.

: Kelik, you're insane. I can't believe you want to fight it... You truly are fearless.

Or just stupid.

: I've spent the past ten years building that trait of mine. At the very least, if I die, it won't be in fear. Come on, Anakin. This will be a challenge of a life-time. We'll be getting rid of danger and get to fight the same dragons that the Seven Heroes once fended off during the Falling. With or without you, I'm going to test it out.

: ...A dragon imprisoned underground... Just what is Magnus doing?

So we're killing the final boss of FE7, based on kind of weird pretenses. Shon's still having a sulk, but we don't need him for this one.

The dragon's big problem is that it's so burly, your team's only going to do single digit damage to it. Its unblockable 35 damage is easily managed with these party members, so as long as you keep the team healed up, it's not a problem. There are ways to make this fight a lot faster though, and I'm going to show you how.

Not even any pre-fight banter. Filler, your name is this chapter.

Player Phase:

Enemy Phase:

As can be seen, most of the party can't even get through the dragon's stat boosts. But there's an easy solution.

The Cleave Axe is an axe-shaped Eclipse tome with an actually acceptable hit rate. The dragon starts with 120 health, and if we get lucky, we can chop it down in one go.

No special music for this boss. It just uses the final boss music from FE7. So lazy...

Bummer. Next turn then.

This is all the healing I'll have to do this chapter.

Sure, Althares is hurt, but I'm not using Althares, because the dragon is invincible against instant death.

And in one hit, that ridiculous health bar is suddenly very easily managed.

Like so.

Two turns. That's all this chapter took.

: I told you it was a bad idea, Kelik. We could have gotten killed... And even though it's dead, it's still pretty scary...

: What's done is done though, Anakin. Now all that's left is to figure out how... And perhaps why. It just seems odd that one would go so far in crafting a sword that they'd claim a dragon... It's just not enough reason.

: Maybe we'll figure it out sometime in the future... Right now, I just want to take a nap...

No rewards, no experience for killing the dragon...what's even the point of this, other than giving Kelik a chance to show off?

Ugh...what's next?

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