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Fire Emblem: The Last Promise

by Blastinus

Part 38: Finale 3

It's been a long road, but it's time for the main story to end. Kinda wish it had ended two chapters ago.

We join Lahar, in a heated discussion with someone just offscreen.

: I am your master now, you ignorant corpse! Why can't I... why aren't you under my control?!

: You're not powerful enough to direct the flow of ether when it's as strong and forceful as it is within me. Isn't it ironic, Lahar? That your demise would be a consequence of your own actions.

: You... wouldn't dare... Without me, your very soul will never rest... Your body's ether will dissipate into the air, and remain there! You'll live a fate worse than death! Don't kill me!

: I have the power to slay dragons, and a sword with which to wield that power. Do you truly expect me not to use it? You're a fool to have created something so much stronger than yourself. Now suffer the price, Lahar.

Why yes, Blazer DID just kill Lahar off before we even got a crack at him. Did you expect anything more?

Dear Blazer, don't cram three characters into one side of the screen. It looks weird.

: It's... him!

: Lahar is... dead?

: Does that mean we've won? Did someone... defeat Lahar for us? But who could have...?

: There's someone back there... behind Lahar's corpse!

Hammy Voice Acting!

: But now, one more challenge awaits you...

: Siegfried!

: ...Sieg.


: It's good to see you, everyone. I never imagined I would be back in my own body...

: Your... own body?

: Dad! I'm so glad you're okay!

: Hold on, my son. It's not safe to get close to me. I'm not completely in control of my body. Stay where you are.

: What? Dad...

: Siegfried... are you really... alive?

: ...Hold on. I'll explain everything.

: Everything? Then you're going to have to do a lot of explaining. From the very beginning, Siegfried.

No, don't encourage him!

: I know, Kelik.

Too late. He's started.

: After I died, he took my corpse... And he put it into an etherium.

: An etherium?! That's...

: Normally, a person's soul, the purest form of ether, won't change containers unless it has a lingering attachment to something in this world. Kelik, I believe yours was that amulet of yours...

: ...Yes. You're right.

: But somehow, Lahar forced the flow of ether in my body. He moved it from my body, freshly rendered dead, and into this sword of mine, which I had lost years ago. And so for a time being, I was conscious, my soul contained within a sword.

: So that's why you said you didn't think you'd be back in your own body... But why can't we get close?

: Because if you do, I may end up killing you.

Yes, get ready for convoluted bullshit. This chapter is spewing it.

: What?! Dad, you'd never...!

: It's true that I've been revived, but the process wasn't perfect. My body was "fixed" by Lahar so that it could be used as a container for my soul once more. My heart is beating once more, and even my wounds have been healed. However, some of the connections between me and my body have been... severed. I feel like if someone got too close, I'd instinctively swing my sword to protect my body.

: So you've been revived, but not perfectly... You're like a reanimated corpse, but with your original ether. You still remember all of us, and you've retained your emotions.

: That's right. I would never intentionally want to harm any of you. So tell me, how is the war?

: We've defeated Magnus. After Emperor Louis fell, we got warped here. According to Leon, it was Lahar who brought us here.

: ...Perhaps he wanted to... show me, to you guys.

: That's...

The answer to this question varies depending on what happened last chapter. Since we won...

: ...Yes. I defeated him. He'll never hurt another person in this world.

: I'm glad, Kelik. You've become strong.

But if we'd lost...

: I... was able to knock him unconscious, thanks to the power of my amulet. But he's... not dead. I was...too weak.

: I see... Don't let it bother you, Kelik. None of us are perfect.

Wow. That's condescending to the max.

: ...Yeah. But more importantly...

: Yes. Let me return to what I was telling you.

: You said you'd tell us... everything, right? But what more is there to tell us, Siegfried? We've won the war, and we have you back. What left is there to do but finally go home?

: ...Anakin. I'm not the great leader you think I am. Shon, I'm not the great Father you make me out to be. I've made so many foolish mistakes in my life I can't count them. I've hidden so many truths with even more lies... I'm not the Siegfried you all know.

: Father... what are you talking about? You've done so much... Don't say such things! Not when I just got you back...!

: I'm sorry, Shon, but you have to know the truth.

Will the truth be interesting? Probably not.

: I was born in Yulia but moved to Regalia. I became their Knight Commander... Even at this point in time, Count Praze of Regalia had passed. Magnus was building itself up... we knew it would start a war. Frightened by the overwhelming military of Magnus, the world was thrown into chaos--including Valencia. Our various leaders got together to discuss a course of action. However, that course of action involved surrendering to Magnus. As a knight, I didn't want to surrender our people to Magnus. But because of my rashness, tragedy came to my doorstep. Shon, you were so young, and so traumatized... You forgot it all. But now I'll tell you... I'll tell you how your mother died.

You know what that means? It's time for...

Wait, how could Siegfried be flashing back to this conversation? He wasn't even there!

: If we don't hurry up, that meeting is going to end, and their Knight Commander will get back before we escape! We have permission to silence anyone we see. Let's go in.

Thank you for repeating your plans to nobody in particular.

: Please, Lily... let me make it in time!

I love how Siegfried's "young" version is just him with a bad haircut. Same armor and everything.

: You don't yet realize the consequences of your own actions! It's me you want, right? But my husband will not let you get away with this. You're forfeiting your lives by making him your enemy!

: Shut up! We don't care! We get paid to carry out a mission. That's all!

Dude, if you care about getting paid, you care about living.

: No... You... fool...

: Aaaaaaaahhh!!!

: I-it's you! The Champion of Regalia!

: Lily, can you hear me?! Hold on, I'll get someone to help!

Yes, that's right. The grievous wound that Siegfried took, the one that crippled him for life, was getting stabbed once by an assassin. Have you seen their strength caps?

I also love how Lily already knew that Siegfried would wipe out everyone who attacked his wife. She knows him so well.

: I can't hold on much longer. I'm... not as tough as you...

: Don't say that! Don't give up!

: Siegfried... I didn't think... things would... end this soon... But now that I'm... dying... I'm starting to... regret things... ...Can you... leave me... with one promise...?

: I... Lily... Please, don't...

: Come on... Siegfried... you can... make me... one last promise... for me... right?

You've probably been wondering for the longest time what the deal was with the title "The Last Promise." Well, after the entirety of the game, with only a few hints to go by, here is your answer.

: I... This can't be happening...!

: Don't panic... This isn't the end... You still have so much to live for, Siegfried... I know you.... love me... and that's why... I worry. I'm worried you'll... lose your path... but you can't... My country is... losing its way... you must... set it right... And... protect our son... You will... right?

: On my name as Siegfried, I will... uphold this vow. I know I'm bad at keeping promises, but I... I will keep this one. No matter what it takes... I will save your country, and protect our son...

: Thank you... I no longer... have any regrets... I lived an amazing, happy life, Siegfried... And for all it's worth, I...truly loved you.

: Don't go yet! I...I'm not ready! Lily! Wake up! Open your eyes! Please! LILY!!!

: or rather, their decision to side with Magnus in the war, I suffered the loss of a life that meant more to me than my very own. But I made a promise, and that spurred me on...

: Dad... Is this really... all true? I can't believe I... don't remember...

: In an attempt to protect your own innocence, your mind... may have blocked out those memories. When you came to, it was like you had forgotten two years of your life. I... didn't want you to share the same burden that I did. At least, not at your age... But you've seen me die once. There's no more reason to keep anymore(sic) secrets.

: Kelik? What's come over you?

: I judged you harshly for your actions and behavior without first trying to understand their circumstances. I hated how you charged in to every battle, and seemingly cared only about victory and protecting your son. But ultimately, you were only trying to keep a promise... Just like I was to Kain. It seems we were more alike than we could have imagined.

I don't think they're exactly the same thing, Kelik.

: ...Yes. Perhaps you're right. Thanks to that day, I was injured deeply, and so I focused on helping Shon grow up. Then, one day, Shon and I were attacked by Magnians. Apparently they wanted to be sure they had eliminated all potential sources of opposition. And so our journey started. And throughout that journey, I was always scared... I was scared I would lose Shon, or that I would be too slow, and I wouldn't be able to save my wife's country in time, like I promised...

: ...Dad...

: What do you mean "Lily's country"? Weren't you both born in Valencia?

: ...There's one more thing you should know, Shon. I was born in Yulia, a territory of Valencia. But your mother was born in Magnus.

: No way!

: M-Magnus?!


I mean seriously, do you honestly mean to tell me that all those times that Siegfried called Magnians dirty classist discriminatory jerks, he was trying to SAVE them? I don't buy this excuse. Not one bit.

: It's true. Your mother, a noble from Magnus, had blonde hair, like many others. It's a very common trait amongst descendents of nobility in Magnus. Shon, your hair is just like your mother's.

: So I'm... half-Magnian? I... don't understand...

: I'm sorry, Shon. I've kept too many secrets. I decided that in order to save Magnus, I had to first destroy it. But it seems that when I died, I left you guys with that job.

Seriously, not buying it. I know that Blazer's trying to make Siegfried seem like a bad guy here, but when everyone else is still going to respect and idolize him, it just doesn't work.

: Siegfried...

: I formed this rebellion for selfish reasons, and I only ever thought of fulfilling a promise to the love of my life.

: But... even so, you've saved so many lives in doing so! Despite the reasoning, you still saved this continent. No one can deny that, Siegfried!

Minus, you know, completely obliterating Magnus's military and any form of government without doing anything to address the cultural norm of classism and xenophobia. But hey, at least everywhere else is sitting pretty.

: No, Anakin. The ones who will save this continent are the people on it. I set ablaze the flames of change with my own candle, but it was everyone else who fueled the fire. I didn't take any time to understand my enemies or my companions. I'm no leader, and I'm no hero.

: ......

: Now listen, everyone. I need one last favor from you.

: "One more challenge awaits you." Will you finally explain your words?

: I am a relic of the past, a ghost of an era long passed. Even now, as we speak, my ether is dissipating. My body can no longer serve as a container for my soul. If I continue to live as I am now, I will suffer a fate worse than death.

: ...That's right. Your soul would linger in the air, fragmented, stuck between the states of life and death. The only other option would be to put you in another etherium...

: I'm sorry, Kelik, but I don't desire that. I'm... tired of living. I want to see Lily again. I should have died ten years ago.

: Dad, how could you say that?! What about me? Didn't you love me?!

: Shon... I love you more than you could ever know. I don't regret being able to spend the last ten years with you, either. But you must understand, my son. I don't belong in this world anymore.

: Dad...

So you've probably already guessed it, but the very last battle of the game, the thing that this whole game has been working up to, hasn't been beating King Louis. Louis was simply a plot device to get the party to where they needed to go, disposable when he was no longer needed.

Instead, the game has established Siegfried as a character who everyone loves, forced a scenario where he's on the opposite side, and now...

: And so I need you all... to do me one last favor.

: What?!

: You're crazy!

: Dad! Why?! Why can't you live?!

: I told you, Shon. If I continue to "live" using this body, my ether will dissipate, severing its connections with this body. But if you strike down this body of mine now, all my connections to this world will be severed, and my soul will finally be able to rest itself. If there's a hell or heaven after that, I don't know, but...

But you already died. Even the folks on Youtube noticed that one.

: Siegfried... how could you?! Ask your own friends, who care for you and trust you more than anyone else, to kill you?! Can you even begin to imagine the pain that Shon--and all of us--went through when you died once before?! And still, in that body of yours, with that face of yours, you have the guts to ask me to kill you?! I... can't believe you, Siegfried...

: Is there... no other way?

: No. There is only the one.

: ...Then... I'll do it. If it's to save my friend from a fate even worse, I'll do whatever it takes.

: Kelik... You've changed. I truly thought we would never get along.

: Nor I... It seems that we both desperately needed to expand our worlds for us to see the true value in all of the people and things in them. I'm glad I met you, Siegfried. Despite your self-deprecation, I'm honored to be your comrade.

: As well as I, Kelik. ...But as I am now, I'll need you all. The wound I received many years ago has been healed... My body is at full strength, or even greater, and no normal human will be able to defeat me. Even Lahar, unable to control my power, fell in an instant. Unless you all team up and kill me... I will continue to suffer this life--eternally.

That's no lie. Taking Siegfried down has to be a team effort, for reasons I'll show shortly.

: Siegfried... You've never been much of a reasonable person, have you? I'm too weak to do anything to save you, so I must kill you? If this is the truth, then it hurts more than any wound...

: Don't feel bad, Anakin. There's nothing anyone can do. Life isn't a fairy tale. Some hardships can't be overcome.

: Even so... Siegfried... you idiot...

See, Anakin kind of understands how contrived and stupid this situation is. Blazer seriously had to jump through a lot of hoops to create this supposedly dramatic moment.

: Anakin, from the moment I met you, I knew I could trust you. And I still trust you now. I know you can do it. Shon, I... I don't know what to say. But there's no other option, and so I've made my choice.

: There's no way... I'd rather die!

: I know. Just leave it to your friends. They're strong, and they'll help you. I'm sure they helped you while I was gone as well. And so long as you trust in them, they'll continue to help you. Don't hate them, Shon. This is what I want.

: I... I know. But it's still... so hard. I... hate this world, for being this way... Where I'm so helpless to save my own Father! It's... the worst! Dammit...!

: I'm sorry, Shon... This is the last time I'll make you suffer. But it's like I said before. One more challenge... awaits you. And this challenge will be tougher than all your others.

Except for, you know, the part where he doesn't actually face the challenge. Seriously, Shon is the worst.

: Now, everyone, prepare yourselves!

Freakin' finally! If he kept talking, I think my eyes would have rolled out of my skull.

This is the grand finale, folks. I'd like to say that beating Siegfried up is satisfying, but after that long, drawn-out, self-pitying speech that he did, I just want him gone.

And wouldn't you know it, but Shon has wussed out again. I wouldn't be so hard on him if there wasn't a character by the name of Jill Fizzert in FE9 who would actually fight her father if you brought her supports up. And even there, Jill was under even heavier pressure, because she was not only fighting her own family, but she was also betraying her homeland.

Seriously, Shon's whole character progression was supposed to be about him becoming less of a milquetoast. This could have been the final test of his character, having him actually step up and agree to do what had to be done to save his father. The guy's literally asking his friends and family to kill him, and Shon refuses to do it. I am getting really pissed off at this endgame right now.

And surprise, surprise, but Siegfried isn't done talking either.

: Gather your strength and face me using the same bravery, courage, and strength you used to get here! You've saved me countless times before, and I know you can do it once more. Steel your hearts and ready your weapons... This, my comrades, is your final battle!

Let me just freakin' fight already!

As can be expected, Blazer has cheated the numbers even further with Siegfried. If Siegfried had been given Nothung instead of Raikiri, this battle would be ridiculously hard, but as it is, the sword has zero might, weighs him down a lot to bring down that horrendous speed (he's still got 35 speed, so expect to be doubled regardless), and only has 5 crit. He's still got 25 crit from his skill, 5 crit from his S rank sword mastery, and 5 crit from the weapon, for a total of 35 crit, so you'd better be passing the Iron Rune around.

Since Raikiri's chained to 37 attack, it's quite survivable, so long as you keep the crits down.

For the last battle theme of the game, it's good. I rather like the changes in theme that you'll never hear because fights don't last that long.

: I had an itch to spar with you once or twice, but this kind of fight was never my intention. To be honest... this is... pretty hard for me... Just like with Kain, I can't do anything to save my friends right in front of me.

: I know, Kelik. I've felt the same way. But you should also understand more than anyone else why it has to be this way.

: ...Yeah. I'm doing this because you're a friend, Sieg. Are you ready?

: Of course. En garde!

Since Raikiri is a lightning blade, all of its attacks are lightning-based. They're still physical damage, even though they look like magic, so there's nothing to worry about there.

: Anakin, I know you're a kind and compassionate person. But for me, this is compassion. Don't forget that.

: It's... it's not what I want though... I wish I had another choice. Dammit!

Of all the animations that Blazer's created in this game, he finally created one that doesn't jerk around like a marionette. Congratulations, I suppose?

Now get ready, because there's something special about this battle with Siegfried.

: I'm really, truly sorry...!

: Cia... You're both kind-hearted and strong. Don't lose those qualities of yours, for few have them both. There's no reason to apologize to me. Just remember who you are, and face me as is... Cia!

Yes, that's right. It's not just the major players this time. Everyone gets a turn to ride the Siegfried monologue train, and I mean EVERYBODY!

: Siegfried... It's been so long. It feels like ages ago, you, Shon and I... were training, sparring, enjoying ourselves...

: A lot has changed, Corben. You included.

: Yeah... We all have. But to honor you and those memories, I will do my best to fulfill your last request of us. Siegfried, here I come!

: I... I'm scared... Siegfried, I... don't want to fight you...

: Nor do I... But there is no other way. Tamiko, I sincerely thank you for all your help... But now, I need your help more than ever.

: Y-Yes. I understand.

Ah, Corben and Tamiko. I wish you two had performed just a little bit better, because you were two of my strongest players in my first run.

By the way, I should note that you can get levels off of fighting Siegfried, but that hardly matters at this point.

Also, Siegfried regenerates 24 HP per turn, so like I said, you need everybody to be dogpiling on him.

For instance...

: You are?

: Frederick, former Senator of Magnus... but now, I... Now I am just a man, trying to end this era.

: If that's the case, then defeat me.... for I am nothing but a ghost of this age.

: Alright, Siegfried. Since this is the last job I'll be doing for you, I'm going to put everything I have into it. Not just as a mercenary, but as your friend!

: I'd expect nothing less from a loyal man like you, Shuuda. Thank you.

: Inanna... This must be hard. But you're helping me, so don't be sad...

: I-I know... I... I'm trying...!

Inanna and Shuuda were both huge disappointments, although in Shuuda's case, it's because the game kept throwing sword fighters at me who were so much better.

: I'm well aware, and I'm ready.

: ...I see. That's fine with me.

: Siegfried, I know you're very strong, but I... I'm not going to let that stop me from trying. Here goes all the power I have!

Oh, Arthur. I wish I could have done more with you, but I could only build up either you or Storm, and Anakin had already filled the Light Magic niche. Sorry, man.

: "Benevolence"... I say that word all the time, but what does that even mean? I think this kind of tragedy tests as people.(sic) Is putting you to rest truly showing mercy? Nothing feels right, but I'll do it anyway. Here I come, Siegfried!

Noah, you might have worked out pretty well. You had the growths for it. But there were other people to train.

: You've earned my respect just as much as Kelik's. And it's truly been great knowing you, Sieg.

: The same to you, Althares. Continue helping Kelik, even after this, please. No... rather, I know you will, Althares.

: Damn straight, Sieg... I'll do everything I can!

: Siegfried, my brother... It is truly a shame. You are a great warrior and hero to us all. But as your comrade, I will respect your wish, and do everything I can to let you rest easy. Forgive me, Siegfried!

: It's been an honor, Chief Haas. You are truly a loyal friend I can trust, to the very end.

Haas was a prepromote who also had the impediment of coming in when his stats were no longer sufficient. I feel like he was doomed from the start.

: General! I have no desire to fight you, but apparently, there is some sort of reason I must confront you! So I will charge forth into battle with you! FOR YOU, SIEGFRIED! DO NOT HATE ME!!!

Ah, good old Eduardo. He doesn't know why he's fighting, but there's a fight going on, so he's charging headfirst into it anyway. I just wish his stats were a little better, because he's a fun character.

: But this... this is different, right?

: Yes, it is, Itsuke... So don't hold anything back!

: Siegfried... You are truly a virtuous man unlike many others. I am glad I got the chance to meet you.

: Karina... I as well. Your selflessness is a trait few can say claim(sic) to have. And for everything you've done, I thank you.

7 constitution on a Wyvern Rider...Blazer, what were you thinking?

: General Siegfried... Are you sure this is what you desire?

: I'm absolutely sure, Levion. I don't have the least bit of hesitation. So please, do everything you can to help me.

: If that is what you truly wish, then...

Levion is a solid paladin. I could take him to the endgame, and he'd tank everything all day.

: ...I still have much to learn, that I cannot even save you from this tragic fate.

: Yue... I'm afraid that no one has that knowledge. Don't let it bother you. I'm fine with this. Just fight me with everything you have, and that will be enough to save me.

Although if you pulled your punches just a little, we could do that whole "killing you" thing a lot faster.

: Tsch... Dammit! I know this is wrong! Why does it have to be like this, huh?

: Don't think of it that way, Logan. For me, this is the same thing as showing me mercy. You have to believe me, and strike me down!

: Urgh... I hate the very idea of it, but... If there's no other way, then here I come!

: Hahahaha! Today, I'll lose another comrade to another war. I'm sorry I couldn't get to know you better, General. But I, unlike some of the others... Understand the reality of this situation, and so I will fight to end it once and for all. You have no qualms about this, correct, Siegfried?

: None, my friend. Now ready your blade!

I didn't really use Asch that much more than I would have used Logan, but at least I got the Chainsaw out of the deal.

: General Siegfried... I don't know what to say. In our tribe, fighting your leader is forbidden.

: I'm sorry, Storm, but it looks like you'll have to make this one exception for me. It can't be helped.

: I know... but it's also important to respect the wishes of our friends. So I will do just that!

: General Siegfried... You know, this whole time, I've been trying to become more mature... and strengthen my ideals. In a way, facing you now is questioning that... Is this really the path I should be taking? Can death ever be a substitute for mercy? Have I really matured, or is that just a delusion? I don't know the answers to these questions, but I believe that one day, it'll make sense to me. So for now, all I can do, is face you as I am!

I really tried to make something of you, Zach, but you failed me time and time again, so Storm got your spot instead.

: This is... just like with Lena... Must fate ridicule me with tragedy twice? ...General Siegfried, I don't want to do this. But I understand the circumstances, so I... I will fight, but no matter what, you must realize, and never forget, the pain we are enduring!

: I realize, Lirin... Both the pain, and our reality.

Lirin's growths were a little too average for me to use her. She could have been good, but not with that speed growth.

: Siegfried, I joined you because you are honorable. Even now, I still respect you greatly. You helped me when I was led astray, and I will do whatever I can to pay you back.

: Don't worry, Kevin... You already have.

: ...If this is your wish.

Risk could have easily fit a slot in the party with those growths, but I was already developing Tekun. Oh, what could have been...

: General Siegfried, I did not know that you had endured such a cruel and tragic past. If I had any idea before, maybe I could have helped more.

: Mark, it isn't your fault. Not even my son knew.

: I know... But still, it hurts. And now, all I can do... is fight to save you.

: That's all I ask.

Mark's a bit too slow for the endgame. To his favor, I didn't know about how powerful Liquid was when I first played the game, so I didn't know how much he was outclassed. Speaking of Liquid...

: I dun' have a choice, so I'll... I'll do it!!!

: This is... Just like what happened before, with my village. I'm helpless to save someone who is suffering right in front of me...

Sai, I'm afraid that Gary made you pretty much obsolete. You're a good unit, but really not worth the time to build up.

: General Siegfried, you've been a role model to me. My father was my enemy, and now you are mine. Facing my father was hard, but facing you is harder.

: I'm sorry to put you through this, Rex. But you must face me.

It's interesting how Rex's storyline works, since the only way you can get him to the endgame is to face off against Cid. It's too bad that Ace was so well-entrenched in the army, since Rex could have been a good substitute.

: So this is what it has come to, huh? This is something I could never have planned for.

: None of us could have predicted this fate... All I ask is that you do what you can, Ben.

: I know. I'll try, General Siegfried.

: General Siegfried, you've shown me mercy once before. The least I can do is show you mercy now.

: Howard, how you've changed... It seems I've become your foe once more, but the circumstances are much different than before. Still, I'd ask you to fight me with your full strength!

Howard's a good paladin as well, but I think that Levion is better. One's faster, one's stronger and beefier, and in this game, being able to survive a lot of hits is pretty darn valuable.

: General... you are most definitely a great man, and I will forever remember the courage you have shown. I won't pretend to understand everything, but I know that, at the very least, if I wish to save you, I must aim to defeat you with all of my strength. And so I will do just that, General Siegfried.

: You understand more than you give yourself credit for. Trust me in that you are doing the right thing. And hold nothing back!

Leopold was an excellent Wyvern Lord, and I was sad to see him go, but at the same time, I can't count the number of times that Ben's life was saved thanks to Sylmeria.

: Ace... You are truly special. You are kind, but your kindness is not a weakness. I can see in your face an unbreakable resolve.

: Thank you, General Siegfried. Your words mean a lot to me. I know there's no other choice, so I won't hesitate. Here I come, Siegfried!

: The right thing... I still don't know what that is... But... if this is what you really want, then I'll do it. So here I come, General Siegfried.

To be honest, stat-wise, Shadow was a better assassin than Althares, but since he didn't have the crit boost, it wasn't as evident. Besides that, he wasn't part of Kelik's self-esteem team, so he didn't have a place in the army.

: Goodbye, Siegfried.

: ...Rana.

Verbose as always, Rana's main problem was his speed. He and Yue were both too slow to compete.

: General Siegfried... I don't think this is the just thing to do... But I respect your decision, so I'll do what I must.

: Thank you, Emma.

: This is... unbelievable... Siegfried, I... don't want to fight you...

: Trust me, Alice, no one here does. But I need to move on from this world already. There's no other option, and no time to hesitate. Please... you'll help me, won't you?

: Yes... I will, but... No matter what you say, it will never be easy...

Alice was an invaluable aid during Chapter 26, with her Falcoknight reinforcements and her aerial mobility. It's a shame that Lirin and Inanna aren't as capable as she is, because some triangle attack action would have been great in this fight.

: We finally meet, General Siegfried. I've heard all about you and your exploits... But it seems that only in meeting you could I realize just what kind of man you really are.

: ......

: The name's Gary. I'm going to do everything I can to put you out of your misery, even though I've only just met you. I just hope you can forgive me for it.

: ...Don't worry. This is what I want. There won't be any need for my forgiveness.

Gary was too fantastic for words, but I couldn't use him. It'd feel too much like cheating.

And finally...

: G-General Siegfried... My name is Rachel... and we haven't met, but everyone respects you, so I shall as well... Even if that means fighting you.

Rachel was odd, since there really wasn't much opportunity for leveling her up in the short amount of time she was in the party. She wasn't able to live up to her true potential as a result.

Liuke can't be deployed, so neither he nor Shon have a quote. And now...

Sayonara, jackass!

: can finally...join you...Lily...

Drunk Voice Acting!

: Way stronger than me, that's for sure. I've never been one to make sentimental farewells, but... It's been fun, Sieg, and I'm glad I met you.

: You as well, Kelik. Take care of everything for me... won't you?

: Heh... now that I think about it, this all started because one day, you got captured and decided you'd drop all your troubles on me. But I learned more than I could ever imagine, and I have no regrets. Rest assured, I'll handle everything in your stead.

: Thank you... Kelik.

: This is truly the last time I'll see you, isn't it? I'm sorry I... couldn't do anything, in the end...

: Don't be like that, Anakin. As soon as I met you I knew you had great potential in you. And you never let me down, not even for a second.

: ...Heh... You know... You're the first person to ever see that potential in me. I never thought I would... ever amount to much myself... I wanted someone to push me on, to help me better myself... So I always tried to encourage others instead, hoping that, one day, they'd encourage me back, and I'd become strong. Siegfried, to me... you were that person. And I will never, ever forget the good you have done. When we get out of here, I will use the power of words to stop conflicts before people resort to violence. I'll make it so we don't need anymore heroes like you.

: Heh... that would be nice, Anakin, my friend.

You might have noticed, but unlike Kelik or Shon, Anakin is kind of the odd man out when it comes to having character development. He's an okay guy from the start, and he really doesn't change too much, other than perhaps getting a little more perceptive. All the same, Anakin never annoyed me, and I can't complain about him.

: Speaking of getting out... there are two portals here. Originally, one of them was used to travel down to the surface. I think it'll take you somewhere near the Focal Mountains. You'll have to find your own way out after that, though.

: Don't worry, Siegfried. We'll find a way out. We always have, haven't we?

: Hahah... that's true, Anakin. When you finally do get out, get some rest, Anakin. You truly deserve it.

: I will... and you get some rest too, Siegfried.

: Shon... my son... You've grown to be... so brave and strong... I'm so proud of you, Shon...

: I... I owe everything... to you... Dad...

Plus about a million stat boosters.

: I'm going for real this time, but... you have to move on. You'll be as handsome... as your mother was beautiful... And brave... as I was... too... right?

: ......Dad...

: Shon... will you... make me a promise...?

: Huh...?

: You'll make it, won't you...?

: O-Of course, Dad...

And so the cycle of bloodshed continues.

: A long time ago... Before this all began... I made a promise... to my wife... A beautiful lady named Lily... I told her I'd... save her country... And protect our son... But I won't be around to do that anymore, Shon... So I need someone to... finish the promise...

: ......

: Cherish your friends, and be a true knight. Protect your friends, and protect everything that's important to you. And when you make your own family... make sure you... protect them too... Help those around you, just like Anakin. Live your life without regrets, just like Kelik. Fight for what you believe in, just like everyone else. These are things... you should always do... As for me... and your mother... we want you to... make sure you... always... keep your promises... I was... never good at... keeping mine...

: Your voice is... it's getting weaker...!

: I already made... my last promise... ten years ago... to Lily... So this time, you... you have to...You have to make the promise, Shon... I know you love me... and that's why... I worry... I worry you'll stray from your path and lose your way... But the words of a promise resound like a bell, and remind you... They remind you... of what's important... Of your ambitions... and your ideals... So tell me what you want from your life... Tell me... what's the most important thing you'll have... when I've finally passed on from this world... And make me... a true... knight's... vow...

: I...I... What do I want...? What's important to me...?

: Hahaha... That's a great one, son. And I'll... definitely... keep it...

I wonder if Blazer was paid a dollar per ellipsis.

Next Time: We epilogue, and learn who's to blame for this mess.


I didn't get it in the run that I did, but Siegfried's critical is so overblown that he needs to accompany it with voice acting. Check it out!