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Part 39: Epilogue

So after a war that spans an entire continent, there's always a bit of cleanup.

I suppose this makes sense. Frederick is (or was) a Magnian senator, so he's technically the one in command right now, since everyone else is dead.

Because we killed them.

: We won't follow the same path that Emperor Louis did. I know it will be tough, but Father and I are ready. To heal both the bodies and minds of our people... We will do whatever it takes.


No comment.

: Then I suppose we have nothing to worry about, do we, Kelik?

: I'm not so sure we shouldn't be worrying at all, but at the very least, I'd like to believe that the reconstruction of Magnus as a peaceful territory is in good hands.

: If nothing else, I promise you that.

: I shall ensure we do not make the same mistakes as His Majesty.

: Then, we'll be off, Frederick, Rachel.

: See ya.

: Thank you for everything, Anakin. We won't forget the kindness you have shown us.

: Ah, it's nothing. Good luck, okay?

That's all well and dandy, but what if Rachel and/or Frederick got whacked? It's pretty likely, since Galagar can teleport right up to them if you don't rush the map.

: You won't help, then?

: Kelik, don't push him...

: ...I'm sorry. It was Rachel's greatest wish, yet... it will take time...

: ...It's alright, Frederick. We're going now, alright?

: ...Farewell.

: ......

Rachel is a bit more receptive if her dad bites it.

: Commanders...

: ......

: I'm sorry about your loss, Rachel. But I have to ask... What will you do from here on out?

: I... I'm sorry... I need time to think. I... want to help Magnus... yet, my father...

: Rachel...

: I see... Then, when you're ready, you'll help, won't you?

: Y-yes... Magnus is my home. I won't abandon it. Even... even if it takes months, or years, we will rebuild it. Into a peaceful land... tolerant and kind...

: Glad to hear it.

: We're going now, Rachel. If you need us, you know how to reach us.

: ...Yes. Thank you...

I like that Blazer accounted for all possible scenarios. That's some good thinking.

: That sounds more like a death sentence than a farewell, Gary...That's all I've got to say.

: Can we expect any help from the Western Archipelago? We're going to need a lot of workers and resources if we're going to truly restore this continent.

: Once we get things under control, I'm sure we can. Magnus really worked miners on the Archipelago to the bone. People started dying, and then they started revolting... Let's just say we need to clean things up now that Magnus has its mouth shut for a while, if you know what I mean.

Well, if all the folks on the Western Archipelago are as tough as you and your friends, you'll probably be alright.

: That's terrible... but I understand. Then this is farewell for now, Gary. I hope we can meet again.

: Heh. Hopefully you're a little more buff when we finally do. Keep working hard, commanders. We'll see you again.

I really love Gary's design. He looks so generic in terms of clothing, but then he has this death stare that makes you realize that he means business.

: Yeah... Only for a short while. Just to take a little nap.

: ...How will you handle things in Alicia, Alice?

: The Seraph Knights 1st division commander, Lirianna, is trying to quell the political conflict right now. When I first joined, the situation was getting better, and my last report says that soon, the aristocrats will have come to an agreement regarding how Alicia will be governed. I don't know the details, but that's why I have to go back.

We'll be hearing more about Lirianna in the bonus content.

: Ah... Sounds like you won't be getting much rest then. Do take care of yourself, alright, Alice?

: You guys as well! Come visit Alicia once things have calmed down a bit, okay? I'll be off now, okay?

: Eh... I don't really like sleeping in the cold...

: Is that all you think about?

Anakin's nicely uncomplicated that way. Of course, that last moment would only have come in if Haas hadn't been there. Otherwise, the scene continues.

: Huh? What do you mean?

: We're technically on a border line, Anakin. We passed here several months ago, don't you remember? Atheya is directly east of here. It only makes sense.

: That is correct. The Phora will take charge in Atheya for the time being, so that we may keep the blades of the other tribes at bay. Grudges and tension from the war are high yet. Someone must give the people a sense of direction to follow, or the natural tendency of chaos will resurrect itself once more.

: It sounds like you have quite the responsibility, then.

: Anakin's right. It won't be easy. If you ever need help, don't hesitate to ask. You were one of Siegfried's oldest friends, Haas. I'm sure he would want us to help you if you asked for it.

: Thank you, Kelik. I will let you know. Until then, my friends. May the winds blow in your favor.

Haas should have had a bigger role. He kind of drops out of use after Siegfried Mode, and the guy's one of the few sane people in the army.

Truth be told, I'd completely forgotten that Blaine King existed.

: I had hoped I could one day apologize in person for my actions. I did not think that day would never come...

: If I may, Your Majesty, it's quite alright. Your actions spoke for themselves.

What did he do exactly? At best, if you bring Levion or Leopold to Chapter 26, you get four guys from Blaine. Sure, they're really tough, but when it comes to contributing to the war effort, I think Alicia has you guys beaten.

: First, Zane. Now, Siegfried. It seems that our lands will need new heroes to be born, if we are to maintain any sort of peace.

: Indeed. It is not us Kings, but the people, who build and sustain a country. I realize this now. The people must be strong, and stand on their own two feet.

: What shall you do, Your Majesty?

: I will devote everything I have to rebuilding not only Blaine, but the other territories, as well. Naturally, it shall take time... But I will neglect others no longer.

I guess giving money is one thing you can do well.

: That is good to hear. We'll be heading back to Valencia ourselves. Is there anything you would like us to tell the Duke?

: Give him my condolences, if nothing else. The Valencian people have suffered more than any other.

: I see. I will do that.

: Thank you for everything, commanders. I bid thee safe travels.

: Thank you, Commander Leopold. Take care of His Majesty.

: Of course. I will guard him with my life.

Speaking of the Duke...

: I was afraid you wouldn't accept.

: Right now, I don't have very much choice. The people of Valencia need any help they can get. If I have to be a "noble" in order to give that help, then I don't mind.

: It's good to hear you're so reasonable. What about you, Kelik? What will you do?

: The same thing I was doing before this war.

: You mean, being a mercenary?

: Of course.

: Don't you want to do more than that, Kelik? You have so much potential. You could become almost anything!

: Sorry, but I intend to do things my own way. There's going to be a lot of jobs that need to be done, and I can't have any rules or duties holding me back. I'm only going to keep getting stronger, Duke Paul.

No, you've hit your caps, Kelik. There IS a way to fix that, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

: ...I see. You seem to have made up your mind, then. What about Shon? How is he doing?

: He... still hasn't recovered, but... he's not lost. Deep inside, he still hasn't given up.

: Perhaps you should try talking to him, then?

: Hm... Kelik?

: ...Yeah?

: I don't think it's a bad idea.

: ...Alright.

Fortunately, Shon's waiting just outside.

: Almost. But there's still one more person we have to talk to.

: ...Another? Haven't you talked to them all?

: He's talking about you, Shon. What will you do from here?

: ......

: Do you have something in mind? Anakin's just worried, you know.

: And you AREN'T worried, Kelik?

: ...It's alright. Neither of you have to worry.

: Huh?

: I'll be fine, so you don't have to worry about me. I... want to become a real knight. A knight of Yulia, if I can. I... have some things I want to do, and it'll be easier to do them if I become a full-fledged knight.

I don't know if I want to see what Shon's idea of "changes" is.

: Well, that's great! Shon, you're already amazingly strong for a guy you're(sic) age! You could become the Knight Commander in no time at all!

: ...Glad to hear you're not looking for revenge or anything.

If Shon was out for revenge, that would be a long journey. Although Shon versus the entire party would be an interesting fight.

: Don't end up like I did, okay? You have friends all over the world. Only an idiot would go neglect his friends and let himself get hung up on the past. If you ever need anything, the Legend Mercenaries are yours.

: Kelik... You're... really something else...

: What, you got a problem now?

: No, it's nothing. I say the same back to you.

: And I say the same back to both of you. It doesn't matter how far away we are from each other, or what kind of paths we might choose to live on. As long as we have our memories, our bonds will stay strong.

: Well, whatever. My OTHER friends are waiting for me, so I'm heading out. Shon, I can't wait to see you get even stronger. I want to fight the son of the greatest hero I ever knew. Don't let me down. I'll be waiting.

Silvans would crush you, easy.

: ...Alright. I won't, Kelik.

: Anakin... I just hope that the next time we meet, you're actually awake. Though I'm probably expecting way too much, aren't I?

: Bah, you're such an ass, Kelik...I hope you never change.

: Heh... ...Thanks, Anakin. Let's meet again soon.

That almost makes me feel sentimental.

And now it's time for the ending crawl. Nothing really to see here.

Endings too. I hope you're ready for this. For some reason, the endings go in reverse order of recruitment, but that's fine with me.

Frederick - Relic of Magnus

Left with no recourse but to change, Frederick used his knowledge to ensure that Magnus would not repeat the same mistakes it had before.

Frederick and Rachel

The two Magnian nobles were inseparable, working together to build a lasting peace for the country that they loved. Their compassion and teamwork as father and daughter were an inspiration to all others.

There's not as many paired endings in this game as there are in the main games, but the supports in general have their issues.

Gary - The Gladiator

Once order returned to the Western Archipelago, Gary once again became the champion of its renown arena, always testing his strength.

Ah, Arena grinding! That explains a lot.

Rana - Abyssal Maniac

Some say he was emotional. Others, crazy. However, those that truly knew him knew that he only saught(sic) to research and gain knowledge.

Rana didn't strike me as crazy so much as very mopey, so I guess I'm in the first camp.

Alice - Silver Seraph

Alice returned to her home of Alicia, giving her utmost to it as a Seraph Knight. She would one day become the leader of its flying army.

Shadow - The Lurker

His days as an assassin now over, Shadow became one of the finest blacksmiths, stating that "weapons alone cannot do right or wrong".

Guns don't kill people...I do.

Leopold - Dreaming Rider

His tendency to daydream made people question his ability to protect the King. However, Leopold never once failed to do so.

Liquid - Trembling Bandit

With the help of Haas, Liquid was able to return to Atheya, and stayed there in peace for the rest of his years.

I never imagined that Liquid would turn out to be so fun to use. I wish that more characters like him existed.

Storm - Drums of Change

Storm became one of the finest men of the Phora. It is said he one day found a field of pineapple, one of his lifelong dreams.

Always gotta be special, don't you, Storm? Forget apples or oranges, this kid's going for the really exotic.

Arthur - Honorable Monk

Arthur helped bring back the Kashaya's lost honor through many years of repent(sic). His lust for violence and battle never changed.

The most metal of monks.

Haas - Chief of the New Era

Haas was ridiculed many times by his fellow tribes for his westernized ways. However, the Phora were prosperous under his reign.

There's probably an in-joke here that I'm missing.

Sai - Vengeful Villager

Having finally rid of his vengeance, Sai returned to Valencia in hopes of building a new home to replace the one lost by war.

Howard - Erudite General

His actions forgiven, Howard returned to Magnus to start a library that would archive some of the greatest books on Solum.

Rex - Poetic Spear

With his father defeated, Rex left the army and turned his habit of creating poetry into a living for himself.

Wait, where's Yue? I went back through my recording, and he's not there either. Did Blazer just forget to stick him in the credits? Seriously?

Noah - The Benevolent

Noah roamed the lands as a mercenary for many years, telling those who would listen of his unprecedented benevolence.

Lyam - The White Knight

The war against Magnus was over, but Lyam still had much to do. Stories of the White Knight's deeds could be heard anywhere.

Who was Lyam again?

You were shafted, Shon, plain and simple. You could have totally taken your dad on.

Mark - Builder of Hope

Mark expanded his skills as a carpenter and led the reconstruction of the many homes lost in the war, including his own.

Corben - Faithful Knight

Corben fulfilled his dream of becoming a true knight, though not before Shon. He thinks back fondly on the times in Atheya with Siegfried.

Inanna - Cheerful Wings

Inanna continued her work as a mercenary, flying through the sky on her pegasus, Nelly. Her smile lit the dwindling flames in people's hearts.

Shuuda - Spirited Sword

Shuuda wandered the lands as a mercenary, often letting his competitive nature get himself into trouble with others.

Shuuda and Inanna

It took Shuuda many years to build up the courage, but he eventually showed Inanna a ring that would eternally bond the two mercenaries together.

It's nice that the two of them get a paired ending together, even though they both really let me down.

Ben - Strategic Mind

After saving Captain Drake, Ben redoubled his efforts to better himself, becoming a master tactician praised in books of tactical warfare.

Captain Drake: still not appearing in this game.

Emma - Wandering Maiden

Separated from Ben once more, Emma travelled the lands helping those in need. Many suitors approached her, but all were rejected.

I guess she just needed to find the right guy. Speaking of which...

Emma and Mark

Having fallen madly in love with Mark, it was Emma who asked him to marry her. Together, they rebuilt the village Mark had lost in the war, and lived a happy and long life.

Emma and Ben

The two siblings could no longer be separated from one another. After saving Captain Drake, Ben and Emma settled down, soon becoming the uncle and aunt of each other's family.

Good call emphasizing the fact that they married other people, otherwise it'd probably be Ephraim and Eirika all over again.

Immortal Soldier is right. If his defense didn't have such a low cap, he probably would have just kept on going.

Lirin - Radiant Rider

Lirin became the commander of her own squad of pegasi, using them to help send supplies and messages all around the continent.

Zach - Otherworldly Archer (what?)

At the end of the war, Zach mysteriously vanished. Rumors say he headed west, back to the faraway lands from which he came.

Okay, so Zach's an extraterrestial? Maybe I should be looking at the supports after all.

Cia - Tearful Child

With the war finally over, Cia returned to Alicia, hoping to reconcile with her family. She grew into a beautiful and mature lady.

Cia and Howard

Cia returned to Alicia with Howard by her side, reconciling with her family and raising Alicia to its former glory. Howard supported her in all things, as both her knight and later her husband.

I don't know about this one. I mean, it might just be the hat, but he looks a bit older than her.

Tamiko - Grand Healer

Tamiko returned to her home in Latis village for a while before starting a therapy service to help heal people both physically and mentally.

Tamiko and Cia

Now best friends, Tamiko and Cia both learned how to ride pegasi, adding their own spice to the experience by becoming the first Pegasus Cleric and Mage Flier.

Hey, when you're the princess of Pegasus Land, you get certain privileges.

Tamiko and Shon

Shortly after teaching him how to talk to girls, Tamiko was asked for her hand in marriage by Shon. The two spent their days together easing the pain of war-torn lands.

Shon could use a shoulder to cry on.

Asch - The Coyote

His days of war over, Asch took various mercenary jobs to help sustain himself. It's said he one day joined the strongest mercenary group alive.

Itsuke - Emotional Wizard

His sister was avenged, but Itsuke had no family by blood to return to. Instead, he found new ways to put his magic to use.

Logan - Swordshuman

After reuniting with his girlfriend, Stephanie, people began to question his gender slightly less. When they did, it was chaos.

So Logan's supports were a redux of Lucius, eh? Now I'm doubly glad that I didn't recruit him.

Levion - Old Pacifist

Levion laid down his weapons for a final time, lending Kelik his wisdom instead. He gave him these words: "I leave my peace to you."

So the snide jerk was actually a practical joker in disguise, eh? Next we'll be learning that Tekun really just wanted to take up classical dancing.

Kelik - The Fairy King (pfft!)

With his friends of past and present beside him, Kelik continued to strive for his ideals. He would later die in a battle to save the world.

Kelik and Tekun

The two swordsman sparred with each other on a daily basis, always aiming to outmatch the other. Together, they were able to defeat Tekun's father and exact his vengeance.

You remember them mentioning that whole vengeance thing, right?

Karina - Scarlet Wyvern

Karina was loyal and caring, dedicating herself to helping both Kelik and those in need. People would often remark on her beautiful scarlet hair.

Eduardo - Valorous Knight

Though he often seemed reckless and stupid, those who knew Eduardo understood that he only wanted to protect what was important to him.

Ace - Named Soldier

Ace gave up on trying to make a name for himself and became an instructor instead. On his first day on the job, everyone already knew of him.

Kevin - Silent Klutz

In time, Kevin learned to control his clumsiness and became a knight commander in the Magnian army, earning his family's recognition.

And finally...

No paired endings for Anakin, sadly. That's okay. The guy's chill enough that it doesn't matter.

And here we go! The final stretch.

Whichever one of you guys liked that spiralling castle design, I extend my finger in your direction. Chapter 26 was pretty neat though.

You were good when it came to coding, Blazer. I have nothing to complain about in this department.

Aside from some doofiness, portraits were okay.

I guess I was wrong with attributing the weirdness of Tekun's animations to Blazer. Doesn't excuse the fact that almost all the animations in this game are stiff as heck.

Except for the Blind Archer's stuff. The armored brigand and halberdier are really neat.

While I realize that making spells is hard, Luxus is literally just a yellow circle.

Most of the new overworld sprites are just slight variations on ones that already exist. At best, you can say that Siegfried's boss sprite is kinda neat.

Were there cinematics in this game? Most of the voice acting is just text on a black screen.

I've said enough on this topic.

I'm amazed that after all of these people, nobody told Blazer that calling your badass hero a Fairy King just really doesn't work.

Kinda surprised that nobody caught the exploit with Galagar either. I figured that out entirely by accident.

How is it that your Galagar voice sounded a lot more natural than your Kelik or Leon?

So what I'm getting from this is that Blazer borrowed his soundtrack from a number of other sources. I guess that explains the varying quality.

"No Mom, I can't take out the trash! I'm working on a video game!"

Oh, you're not going to...

Screw you, Blazer.

And for sitting through the entire credits, we get the last Secret, which says, "People don't die until they are forgotten." A little fortune cookie-ish, but I guess it's appropriate.

So what's up next? Well, in addition to the extra challenges in the Constellation itself, there are also a number of side stories going more into detail on the story of the main game. I'll be going over those, with Mysticblade's permission, and then we'll be done.

Oh boy.