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Part 10: It's a Trap!

Star Wars VI was a fun film, wasn't it?

: Prince Ephraim is being kept in a cell back here.

: Very well, let's go.

: ...Sir Orson. How long ago were you taken prisoner?

: Some two weeks past. Prince Ephraim and I were forced to surrender. We've been held captive here in this dungeon since that black day.

: Did you gain any news from your captors during that time?

: Unfortunately, no. Not a word... Our daily meal was brought to us by servants from the neighboring village. They were instructed not to speak to us, and we heard nothing of the war. Tell me, Seth. How fares Renais?

: ...Renais has fallen. King Fado... The king is dead.

: Dead... My King... My apologies, Princess Eirika. I have served you poorly....

: You're not to blame, Sir Orson. We must look to the future, not find fault in the past. The Grado army pursues me in hopes of acquiring my bracelet. My brother wears this bracelet's twin, and he is in danger, too.

: Bracelet? Ah, I remember... Prince Ephraim still wears the bracelet. And Grado is after them? If that's the case, Princess... Perhaps you should entrust the bracelets to someone else.

: Perhaps, but...

: Give them to me or Seth. Let someone you trust guard them. If the empire desires your bracelet, you are in danger as long as you hold it. For your own safety, Your Highness, please. What say you? We must not allow the Sacred Stone of Renais to be taken.

: Everything you say is true and sensible, yet...

: ...Sir Orson.

: Seth?

: What are you talking about, Seth? Can't you see I'm unarmed? Do you think they allow prisoners weapons? What kind of injury have you taken that you suggest such foolishness?

: If I am mistaken, then I will give you all due apologies. However, there are questions I have that I cannot answer. Too many questions. Why did no enemy reinforcements come from the castle during our battle outside? Why would you escape your cell and yet leave Prince Ephraim in chains? How do you know of the tie between the bracelets and the Sacred Stone?

: Seth, there is some misunderstanding here. I...

: And why...

: ...What?

: ...Very well. You haven't changed a bit, Seth. If only Eirika had been alone. You, however, simply will not be deceived.

: Orson! What is the--

: Orson. Why did you betray Renais?

: My fondest wish will be granted... To spend the rest of my days in the embrace of my loving wife once more...

: What are you saying?

: I'll take over now. You may return to your beloved wife.

Orson's turned red. I had doubts about him turning evil before, but that makes it official.'s actually another trick, and he's actually conning Tirado into lowering his guard.

No, I'm just kidding. He's bad now.

: Who are you?

: We've never met. I am Tirado. Loyal and talented aide to Valter, general of the Grado army.

: You're that monster's--

: And you are General Seth of Renais, yes? I thought to catch a little bird in my net, and it seems instead I've snared a hawk.

: Where is my brother?!

: Ah, yes. Your brother. He's not here. The coward fled Lord Valter's pursuit... Somehow, he escaped the castle. And escaping under these conditions... Tch! Such stubbornness is quite annoying. It was my cunning that led us to turn this unfortunate blunder to our advantage. I spread the rumors myself. I led the villagers to believe he was our prisoner. What better trap with which to catch his sweet, devoted sister?

: My brother escaped?

: Yes, but your no-doubt emotional reunion will have to wait until the afterlife. Let's end this, shall we? First, to destroy the bridge and cut off your only avenue of escape... All soldiers to arms! Kill the princess! Take her bracelet!

: But how? The bridge is gone!

: Blast!

: Oh, Brother... I'm so sorry... I...

Tirado really shouldn't have done that. Now he's stuck in here with us.

Though with a setup like that, I suppose he has a right to be arrogant. That Silver Lance especially is going to pack a punch if we let him use it. "If" being the important word there.

Franz has been in mothballs for a couple chapters, but he hasn't lost his touch.

Yup, same ol' Franz.

And Gilliam, appropriately enough, is taking it slow.

Ross is going to come into his own this chapter. Just you see.

And then the cavalry arrives.

: Prince Ephraim, I hear sounds from the east corridor. Sounds like fighting.

: Do you think it could be General Seth and Princess Eirika?

: We have two goals here, men:
save Eirika and vanquish the enemy. Kyle. Forde. Are you ready?

: Yes, Your Highness.

: As always.

: Lord Ephraim, we should join forces with Princess Eirika first. We should be able to reach them by way of the eastern corridor.

: Come now, Kyle. That seems like a lot of trouble when we could just crush Grado between us.

: “A lot of trouble? Forde, you're as insolent as you are careless! If anything were to happen to Princess Eirika, we Knights of Renais would...

: Fine, fine. I see where you stand. Calm down, before you boil over. Prince Ephraim will decide. How shall we proceed, Your Highness?

: We await your command, Prince Ephraim.

: Both of you, follow me!

I'm with Forde here. Eirika's group can easily fend for themselves.

Neimi hasn't gained a point of strength since her very first level. Hardly a good sign.

It's probably wasteful to keep using the Killer Lance with Forde...

But it's so much fun.

This room full of knights looks imposing. It certainly did for me.

That's why I sent Ross forward to plug the gap. That might have been a mistake.

You see, I wanted to build up Lute this chapter, but what ended up happening was that Ross just chewed through three knights without taking a hit. That'll teach me to overestimate my foe.

And he didn't even have a good level to show for it.

Still better than Eirika.

: Ha! Franz! How've you been?

: I should ask you! We'd heard you were captured by Grado's men. I was worried.

: Worried? I ride with Prince Ephraim, little brother. Death will have a tough time catching anyone who rides with our prince! But it's not like we've avoided trouble altogether, that's for sure. Hm? Say, have you grown taller on me?

: I have. I've also finished my training. I'm now a sworn Knight of Renais. You just watch--I'm going to be on par with General Seth one day!

: You want to be like the general, eh? ...What about me?

: Oh I... I still want to be like you, too, Brother!

Seth also has some conversations with this bunch, but that'll be at the end of the update.

Pictured: Kyle chewing up a mage in one shot.

Pictured: Kyle deciding that's not good enough.

Ross is just too tough for these poor tin cans.

And getting tougher by the second.

Oh, what's this?

The Longbow, as shown, lets an archer shoot from three spaces away instead of two. That sounds handy, but it's also a little weak and inaccurate.

A trio of cavaliers? Sounds like a job for the Reginleif.

Our first treasure for this map. The Angelic Robe adds 7 to a character's max HP. That sounds really awesome, and it is, under normal circumstances, but to be quite frank, HP is the one stat we're not low on right now.


No comment.

Crossing into the main area of the level spawns these two magicians on the enemy phase, not to mention...

A free lockpick? For me?

I should probably mention that enemy thieves can and will steal from party members slower than them if they can't reach any treasure chests. Grubby little sneaks, they are.

No point in stealing it back though. The thing's at its last use.

Nobody steals from Gilliam.

Is this level the new HP, Luck, Speed? Because I could use more levels like this.

The way this map is designed, it's not uncommon for both teams to reach the throne room around the same time. Then again, that room of knights usually isn't quite so simple to just walk through like that.

Normalcy has been restored.


Fast-forwarding a couple turns to where everyone is together, Gilliam gets into place to bait the boss while the twins have a bonding moment.

: Brother!? Is it really-- You're alive! You're alive!

: Well, of course I am. After we escaped Renvall, I thought I'd strike a blow against the emperor himself. When I heard that you'd been waylaid by the enemy, however, I turned back to find you. Looks like my timing was impeccable.

: I'm so sorry. The irony is that I was trying to rescue you. All I did was interfere with your plans...

: What are you talking about? You came to help me, didn't you? Your efforts alone are enough to inspire me. Come on, Eirika! The enemy awaits.

: All right!

: It falls on me to show you my own special brand of power.

I'm shaking in my boots.

Ross has grown up so much!

With a hit and a miss from Ephraim...

Another hit from Joshua, and Eirika should do it.

Son of a...

One thing this game added (that is to say, reintroduced from FE4 and FE5) was class-specific skills. For Generals, it's Great Shield, an ability that negates damage from a single attack.

Too bad that Eirika can hit twice.

: I expect you'll wish you'd died here on my steel. Lord Valter is...not nearly as merciful as I...


Nothing left to do here but loot. The other treasure is an Elysian Whip, the promotion item for fliers.

And Moulder takes us home.

: I worried you, didn't I, Eirika? And you as well, General?

: Not at all. We're happy you're safe. But tell me, Prince, do you know of Orson's treachery against you and all of Renais?

: Yes, though I learned of it all too late, after we'd been trapped at Renvall. I still find it difficult to believe that after all his years of service to Renais... I am morally responsible for his plight.

: Ephraim...

: What is it, Myrrh?

: Something's coming... It's drawing near. Dark...big...and great in number.

: I understand. It looks like we should get out of here.

: Um, Brother? This girl... Her hair is indigo... Where did...

: Ah, that's a long story. For now, we must move. Suffice to say Emperor Vigarde has enlisted some... otherworldly powers. We must warn everyone of the danger.

Next Time: We make the most important decision of this LP. Stay tuned.

Extra Conversations:

Seth, if he came along, could have spoken with Ephraim and Kyle.

: Prince Ephraim.

: General Seth! You're safe!

: Princess Eirika is safe as well. I'm afraid I have much news to relate to you. That will have to wait, though. For now, we must cut our way out of here.

: Yes. Let's conclude our business here before we talk of other matters. Come on!

: Yes, sire!

: General Seth!

: Well met, Kyle. I never thought for a moment that you could be bested easily.

: No, sir! And I never doubted that I would see you again.

: Kyle. About Orson...

: We heard it all. Unbelievable, isn't it? But facts are facts.

: Yes. If Orson can turn his back on Renais... We remaining knights will have to work all the harder to prove ourselves! Let's go, Kyle.

: Yes, sir!