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Part 56: Melkaen Coast: Life's a Beach

You know, I'm kind of glad that I was the one setting up the Easter Egg hunt this year. My appetite for chocolate has deadened somewhat as I've grown older. But you don't need to hear that, because it's time for a special feature.

Melkaen Coast: Life's a Beach

Before we go on to the Lagdou Ruins, there is one thing I want to show off. You see, we didn't play through all the locations on the world map in the regular campaign. This one particular location, the Melkaen Coast, is completely optional, and only playable in random monster encounters.

This map can actually be sort of tricky if you don't have the right party configuration. Fliers are highly recommended, due to the mountain that cuts through the middle, and it's not too bad an idea to have archers either.

Another part of the problem is the enemies. Unlike everything we've fought thus far, these enemies are actually a very high level, presenting us with a legitimate challenge if we don't take the map slowly.

Just imagine having something like this lunge at you from the fog. This particular one doesn't move, but there are others that do.

Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to mention. Monster encounters have the potential to include fog of war. The specific reason why I chose an encounter without fog was so I could show the map off better, but not having to worry about having an enemy suddenly appear with a Killing Edge or something similar is always a plus.

Anyway, let's get this going.

I should mention that whatever dodge chances we see on Tana are without any terrain bonuses because, if you recall, fliers don't get those. I cannot stress enough how fast she is.

Innes too. The Frelian siblings are both quite awesome right now.

I should make a team of nothing but royals sometime. They're all really good in their own rights.

Though I wish that some of them would actually cap their strength.

I'm glad that our team is largely dodgy, because those damage numbers wouldn't be pleasant.

Keep this up, Marisa.

Don't think that it's just main characters hogging all the fun. The guests are helping too.

Those spiders are just a stepping stone on Caellach's path to glory.

Yeah, sure, why not cap that too. You've already done strength and speed. Might as well go all the way.

Marisa was a bit of a dud this chapter. She critted once, but didn't do her killing thing.

But at least she's doing okay for stats.

And since nobody's getting hit, might as well get with the magic.

More power seems to be the theme of this map. Fine by me.

Nobody ever objected to gaining more power.

Looks like we're attracting some friends though.

One thing at a time though. There are spiders to squish.

I sent Tana to the other end on a lark, but it turned out to be a good strategy.

This may look bad, but that's three out of the four stats that haven't been maxed yet.

So this is why the strategy was wise. Since Tana was closer to half of the group, and the AI of these grunts was telling them to seek and destroy, they split the clump up, leaving an easily managed group on the main team's end.

Unfortunately, I'd advanced too far forward, drawing this Maelduin's attention.

Two can play at that game.

And Innes does it a lot better.

Let's disassemble these pursuers, shall we?

Though you have to be careful about who you approach. Lots of killer weapons in this crowd.

You want to get some strength or defense there, chief?

Oh, this guy is great. I like this guy.

And as soon as I actually bring him down, I'll show you why.

There we go. This Maelduin always has an Angelic Robe, and there's also an Elder Bael in the upper right corner with a Secret Book. This map is pretty darn good for getting stat boosters, if you can stand chewing through fifty enemies in one sitting.

Can't be too hard when Ephraim's on the team, right?

His support with Tana essentially makes the two of them untouchable. They're quite the battle couple.

Guaranteed kills are my favorite kills.

Let's keep this theme going. I like this theme.

I haven't acknowledged it too much, but having the Phantom attract bad dudes is really helpful. This Wight here critted with its Killer Bow, as evidenced by the jumpy window.

These things are best handled at a distance.

Not that it matters, but we're in range of a gorgon with Shadowshot. Thank goodness for forest tiles.

Since they've got to be dealt with eventually, I've sent Ephraim and Tana up the west side to handle the Arch Mogalls.

Even with the support bonus, their chance to hit is better than I'd like with that damage.

Lest we forgot, Knoll exists too, and his Phantoms have been showing up with a special present.

That's right, baby. It's time to pick our Killer Axe...

And kill!

Keep the magic coming, L'Arachel.

I pity anyone who tries playing this map without some form of anti-magic. These eyeballs are deadly.

It's a little late to cap her defenses, but she can always aim for her luck.

Always good to dodge Stone. L'Arachel's on station, of course, but if that hit, Lute still would have been helpless until our turn.

Wish Tana had the same luck.

Innes has no time to be a statue.

I haven't given our favorite frosty tornado too much appreciation this time around. I guess it's because it's in that weird intersection of being not powerful enough to merit the speed loss.

Nonetheless, power is not something that Lute has to be concerned about.

Ugh, I hate these things. Almost a guaranteed hit or, more than likely, two guaranteed hits.

Of course, when the AI thinks it's got an instant kill locked down, logic goes right out the window.

Hey Fido...

Play dead.

I'd just like to note that with Nidhogg equipped, Innes is breaking the luck cap. No wonder he's so hard to hit.

Not that it stops them from trying.

A little too late to stop the boss from using Shadowshot, but I can still put an end to it.

Much better. That more than makes up for the last one.

I don't know what's prompted this, but I hope it doesn't stop.

Still, what I'm getting in levels, I'm paying for in dodge chance.

Almost time to wind this down. Let's have Tana solo a trio of axe users, shall we?

While Innes hunts down the elusive Secret Book spider.

This chapter is ridiculously good for levels, just because there are so many high level enemies about. I hope this pattern continues.

Hopefully without Caellach.

Repeat this picture three times, and you've got a picture of how Tana did.

And whacking this Arch Mogall nets another level for the queen of the skies.

Guess we're passing on capping luck. What a shame.

Oh well, let's finish this little bit off.


Next Time: I hope you like the color gray, because we're tackling the Lagdou Ruins.