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Part 66: Eirika - Seth

Supports, an introduction:

As I mentioned in the update, supports are how characters really develop. A lot of the cast doesn't get a lot of time to show their personalities after their introduction, so in these conversations, we'll get a better idea of what these characters are like.

Getting an A Rank support takes 240 support points, 80 for each rank, so just for fun, I'll be showing how many turns the characters would need to spend standing with one another to get an A Rank.

The stats shown are for a C rank. For a B, those would be doubled, and for an A, those would be tripled.

Taking another page out of Artix's book, I won't be filling in the complete list of supports immediately, just the characters we've acquired thus far. This'll allow me to show supports gradually, rather than dumping a whole load on you at once. We'll start with our protagonist herself, Eirika.

Supports: Eirika


Affinity: Anima

Starting Points: 25
Points Per Turn: +3
Turns to Max Support: 72

Attack: +1
Defense: +1
Accuracy: +2.5
Avoid: +2.5
Critical: +2.5
Critical Evasion: +2.5

C Support

: Seth.

: What brings you, Princess?

: How fare you, Seth? Ever since the castle fell you have been protecting me, despite your own injuries...

: Would that I could have served you better, my lady... You were not meant to see such things. But my wound has closed up, and it does not affect my lance arm...

: Wait. Show it to me. Look. The wound has closed, but it has not yet fully healed.

: ...What made you think of this, my lady?

: Your fighting is as superb as ever, Seth. But when you raise your lance, I see a flicker of pain on your face, as if you were merely enduring it... But it only lasts a moment. Perhaps it is all just my imagination...

: Your Highness, please put your mind at ease. My wound has healed. There is no reason to worry.

: I would that were so, Seth. Please do not overextend yourself. I beg this of you. Without you, I may not be able to continue this quest...

: You praise me too much, my lady...

B Support

: Hrrngh... Hahh! What do you think?

: Your sword arm is magnificent, my lady. You have improved yet again.

: Thank you. It is only because I know my brother will scold me if I do not practice every day. But I still am nowhere near your level of skill, Seth.

: ...My lady, I hardly think...

: Perhaps next time, you could spar with me and help me learn some technique? The basics I've learned from my brother all apply to skills with the spear. If I could learn the sword techniques of the Knights of Renais, then perhaps I could be even stronger. I would be of greater help to you on the battlefield.

: Yes, but... Princess Eirika, I think you should stay away from the front lines. You are of the royal family of Renais. Please leave the fighting to me...

: Still... How can I just watch from afar while others risk their lives for me? I cannot rely on you always. I must learn to protect myself. So please, continue to observe as I practice.

: Princess Eirika...

A Support

: Seth, do you have a moment? Could you help me practice a bit right now?

: ...Princess Eirika. Before I do, there is something I must say to you.

: Yes, what is it?

: Please forgive my rudeness... Princess, I am merely your subject. Recently, you have been too close to me. It is not becoming of a noble of Renais to fraternize in this way with her subjects.

: Oh... But I... it's just that your wound has not yet... I was merely...

: It's true. The wound I received the day our castle fell has not yet healed... Perhaps it will afflict me to the end of my life. But it would be a mistake to assume you owe me a debt for this wound. This thought should not rest beneath the crown you soon must wear.

: But still, you suffered for me...

: Lady Eirika. You are a noble of Renais. The nobility should not favor one subject over another. How can they maintain their fealty if you treat one so differently?

: ...

: You may have to forego such attachments just to defend your country. There will be times when victory in battle demands a sacrifice. If you cannot send your men to die, then you are not fit to rule.

: ...I understand... Seth... You are correct. I had forgotten my place, and I had forgotten my duty. Please forgive me.

: ......

: That night... We fled from the soldiers of Grado... You held me tight, keeping me safe from the enemy's blades... Perhaps...I did feel something more for you then. was improper for a queen of Renais. And with my father dead, I suppose that is my station. I am a queen, and you are a knight in my service. If I do not keep this in mind, then I will never be able to rebuild our kingdom.

: I thank you for your understanding, my lady. Now, if you will excuse me...

: ...

: Princess Eirika. If you would allow me to say one more thing...

: Seth...?

: ...That night... I felt what you felt. When I held you in my arms as we rode into the night... It was the first time since I was knighted that I forgot my duty. I thought of you not as my queen, but rather as someone I wanted to protect from all harm. I wanted to leave everything behind... To take you far away to someplace where we could be together... Those were my thoughts...

: Seth...

: Please forgive me. I swear to you that I will never again forget my duty in that way. Now, please excuse me. When I see you next, it will be as a Knight of Renais... And I will lay down my life to protect my queen.

: Seth...

(Get used to characters developing romantic feelings for one another in the last conversation. It's a common way the writers wrap up support chains. Also, characters who develop an A Rank with one another will get a paired ending as a result, so in this case, Eirika and Seth would get married at the end of the game.

And no, finishing a support chain does not change the story any, just the ending, so Seth will still act completely formal around Eirika, regardless of pouring out his feelings to her)