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by SelenicMartian

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Original Thread: You have my fire hose, and my gun, AND MY AXE! (Fire Heroes)



Fire Heroes is a game I can tell you exactly fuck-all about. It's an action/adventure thing set in a burning high-rise. It has three playable characters and multiple endings for each.

505 dragged it from the depths of Japan, and dubbed it.

Mobygames doesn't know of it, GameFAQs can only provide cover images.

But I know from experience that it's beatable, and comes with just the right level of drama and idiocy.

Also, the subject of fire safety has got a bit more popular in the light (not literally) of the Grenfell Tower fire.


Chapter 0.1: Yuu Who?

Chapter 0.2: The shoddiest work I've ever seen!

Chapter 1: Snap out of it!

Chapter 2: Look for victims.

Chapter 4: -hic-

Chapter 3: See? I told you!

Chapter 5: Sledgehammer.

Chapter 6: Why my building?!

Chapter 7.1: The Dumb...

Chapter 7.2: ...and the Dumber.

Chapters 8 & 9: Never again...


Max's Prologue: I charge for men.

Max's Episode 1 & 2: DIE DIE DIE

Max's Episode 3, 4 & ?: Damn! I was too slow!

Max's Episode 5, 6 & End: How dare you...




EagerSleeper posted:

We've reached an ending. Woo hoo! I've been thoroughly enjoying this game and seeing how it seems to vacillate between clunky gameplay designs and holy shit this writing is spectacular. Meanwhile watching the video, I drew some doodles.

I'm not sure what Max is saying, but Scott doesn't seem to like it.

In memoriam to whatever the hell Paul was doing.

And lastly, Douglas says what's on everyone's mind.

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