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Part 3: Meet the Clients: Sammy Vee and Round #1

Layout Clients are interested in complex mixture of Rooms and Features. Their second Demand is always a Door Bonus one: this is not scored when completed like the other ones but is instead tallied up at the end of the game. This means that you'll have a total of 5 Demands that can be scored to gain Bonuses and you'll have to repeat at least 1 of them if you want to trigger the End Game by completing 6 Demands.

Our randomly selected Layout Client for this game is Sammy Vee!

Both of his Demands are fairly straightforward:

The Sign up week has just run out, but please remember that you can still Sign up till the moment the results from Round 1 have been revealed! For now, let's Start the game!

Clients posted:

Michael (Rules clarification HERE)

Emilia (Rules clarification HERE)

Sammy Vee (Rules clarification HERE)

Round 1 dice sets posted:

Round 1A - Your have to draw a Room and 1 Square has to be the gray shaded one in the center.

Round 1B

Round 1C

Please remember to WRITE DOWN what you're doing with each dice set (IE: Round 1A - 3x6Living Room, etc) for my own sanity.

Go wild! Deadline is a week from now!