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Floor Plan

by That Italian Guy

Part 5: Round #3

Round 2 dice sets posted:

Round 2A

Round 2B

Round 2C

Round 2 Blueprints posted:

The Torch Thief Commons - AtomikKrab

Le Tour De Slaan - Slaan

Vandelay Industries - CirclMastr

Edilizia La Qualunque - Omobono

Vandis Hills - eliasswift

The Sighence Lab - (Household Ink) Sighence

Amine Apartments - Namtab

Luna Heights - ArashiKurobara

Poor Flan - Phelddagrif

Random Appreciation of Client Kabbala while Under Pressure for POINTS - berryjon

Drywall Disaster - Jothan

Note from City Hall
Dear Carl,

it has come to our attention that several architects were present at the last municipal Roll Call for our beautiful city of Pompadia. Do you know what's up with that? I hope this is not another one of your pyramid schemes. We don't want any pyramids in the city, they would block the view to our majestic Railway Hyperloop.

City Hall

Clients posted:

Michael (Rules clarification HERE)

Emilia (Rules clarification HERE)

Sammy Vee (Rules clarification HERE)

Round 3 dice sets posted:

Round 3A

Round 3B

Round 3C

Go wild! Deadline is a week from now!