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Part 6: Round #4

Round 3 dice sets posted:

Round 3A

Round 3B

Round 3C

Round 3 Blueprints posted:

The Torch Thief Commons - AtomikKrab

Le Tour De Slaan - Slaan

Vandelay Industries - CirclMastr NOTE: Vandelay Industries had to go back to their home planet after drawing an illegal arrangement in Round 2.

Edilizia La Qualunque - Omobono

Vandis Hills - eliasswift

The Sighence Lab - (Household Ink) Sighence

Amine Apartments - Namtab

Luna Heights - ArashiKurobara

Poor Flan - Phelddagrif

Random Appreciation of Client Kabbala while Under Pressure for POINTS - berryjon

Drywall Disaster - Jothan

Clients posted:

Michael (Rules clarification HERE)

Emilia (Rules clarification HERE)

Sammy Vee (Rules clarification HERE)

Dear City Hall,

as a loyal civil servant, I find your accusations disheartening. Never, never would I put personal gain in front of the greater good! Is it my fault if the modern, science based, development methods all revolve around rolling dice heuristic solutions? After the great success of Pompadia, this can't really be put in doubt anymore. Sure, some of these buildings had their load-bearing beams removed to make space for gravel and bathtubs. Are some of the stairs insulated, some of the windows slightly mismatched?

Maybe. But you can't fight progress.
Carl, Pompadia City Planning

PS: the local Quarry had a discount this month - something about some kind of shiny metal-like substance in the rocks? It's nice, it looks like gold! Anyway, I hope you like Stones.

Round 4 dice sets posted:

Round 4A

Round 4B

Round 4C

Go wild! Deadline is a week from now! NOTE: in case this is the last Round, we'll play all 3 phases out but I'll award 3 extra points as a "first to finish bonus" for each phase you ended your project before the (so if someone finishes in 4C they'll get 3 points, if someone finishes in 4B they'll get 6 instead).