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Floor Plan

by That Italian Guy

Part 7: Round #5

Round 4 dice sets posted:

Round 4A

Round 4B

Round 4C

Round 4 Blueprints posted:

The Torch Thief Commons - AtomikKrab

Le Tour De Slaan - Slaan

Vandelay Industries - CirclMastr
NOTE: CirclMaster has been arrested after committing an ancient and forbidden architectural move in Round 2.

Edilizia La Qualunque - Omobono

Vandis Hills - eliasswift

The Sighence Lab - (Household Ink) Sighence

Amine Apartments - Namtab

Luna Heights - ArashiKurobara

Poor Flan - Phelddagrif

Random Appreciation of Client Kabbala while Under Pressure for POINTS - berryjon

Drywall Disaster - Jothan

Clients posted:

Michael (Rules clarification HERE)

Emilia (Rules clarification HERE)

Sammy Vee (Rules clarification HERE)

Round 5 dice sets posted:

Round 5A

Sudden Death: if someone is able to finish in 5A, the game ends here.

Go wild! Deadline is a week from now (but may be shorter, depending on what happens/when I receive all the submissions)!