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Part 8: Final Round and Scoring

Round 5 dice sets posted:

Round 5A

Round 5B

Round 5C

Clients posted:

Michael (Rules clarification HERE)

Emilia (Rules clarification HERE)

Sammy Vee (Rules clarification HERE)

I had to tinker a bit with the format for the last image - mostly to keep tally up the final points. This means the artistic integrity of some of your masterpieces have been compromised. I am ready for the

Round 5 Blueprints posted:

The Torch Thief Commons - AtomikKrab

Le Tour De Slaan - Slaan

Vandelay Industries - CirclMastr
NOTE: CirclMaster has been arrested after committing an ancient and forbidden architectural move in Round 2.

Edilizia La Qualunque - Omobono

Vandis Hills - eliasswift

The Sighence Lab - (Household Ink) Sighence

Amine Apartments - Namtab

Luna Heights - ArashiKurobara

Poor Flan - Phelddagrif

Random Appreciation of Client Kabbala while Under Pressure for POINTS - berryjon

Drywall Disaster - Jothan

After a long deliberation, here's what the judges have decided:

Goongratulations to Omobono who, after a last second defeat in the Railroad Ink LP, has managed to decisively close the game with a good lead beat the competition by a narrow margin (thanks for the correction on the Door Bonus rule). An honorable mention to Namtab - they have promised us a moat, and we got a moat. Also to Sighence for A) submitting their updates through Google Sheets of all mediums and B) doing so on the MOBILE version at that.

Thanks to everyone for taking part in this game, I hope you had fun!