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Flower, Sun and Rain

by honeymustard

Part 1: R-00 - Welcome to the "Flower,Sun,and Rain"

Opening Video:

Here is the main menu, we can either start the game, or view movies. There are only two movies ever available though, the intro and the welcome video (more on that later).

The game gives you three save slots, and Edo Macalister (the Hotel manager) operates the save functions.

The game is divided into 18 chapters - or days, and given a unique name, usually after a classical piece of music (excluding this day of course).

I guess I'll point it out now... the graphics in this game leave a lot to be desired. No doubt this is intentional, however, as you will see as we progress through the game.

I'm Sumio Mondo. I'm a searcher by trade. That means I look for things. Ask me to find something and I'll find it. That's what I do. This baby is a Toyota Celica. A car that only true connoisseurs can appreciate. I named it Giggs. Those of us who name our cars, well, we're a select bunch. You find me in a hurry because I'm heading for a job... Not desperate for the can, OK? The "Flower, Sun and Rain Hotel". Can you believe that name? And now they've hired me. I don't know exactly what for, yet... I'm meeting with the agent on the ground. That's when I'll get the details. I've no idea what lies ahead.. But the word "lost" isn't in my personal dictionary. My work is always perfect. I can find anything. And so, another adventure begins.

The agent's supposed to be here somewhere. Use the +Control Pad or stylus to get moving.

So, here we go. The bottom screen shows the map of the island. Usually the map will be zoomed in on a particular area, depending on your location. In the top left corner, you can see the step counter. For every step you take in the game, the counter will increase by 1. At certain milestones, you will unlock upgrades and the like, but we'll come to those when they appear. My last playthrough ended at about 18,000 steps. Yes, there is a LOT of running around in this game. Beneath the step counter is Catherine's icon. Tap this to open Catherine, where you can check the guidebook, jack-in to targets, check your goods, and save your game at any point. Now, let's check the piece of paper at our feet.

The lost and found items are a new feature that were not present in the PS2 version. Basically, at the start of every day, you will find a Lost and Found report, which will list three items and puzzles to go along with each one. Most of these puzzles are incredibly easy (simple math problems, or looking up a number in the guidebook). Some are mind-numbingly difficult. The items are hidden around the island, and at first can be very difficult to find. However, after a number of steps, as previously mentioned, you will unlock a search button on the touchscreen, which will locate the items for you. As you complete the puzzles, you can unlock costumes. After unlocking all the items, you can get the ultimate reward... the Travis Touchdown costume! I'll be showing that off at the end of the playthrough.

Owner's tickets and containers...? Seems like a pointlessly complicated system. It also appears to have nothing to do with my current assignment. I don't have to spend time on this if I don't want to.

I'll leave the list here. This seems to be how they do things here. I'll just note down the pertinent details.

Alright, let's grab the first Lost and Found item. It's actually the third, but whatever, all three are in the car park area. This one is underneath Sumio's car.

Just a note, I changed the 3D rendering options in the emulator I am using at this stage, so it now provides a much more accurate representation of playing the game on the actual hardware.

I have also recorded this part in a video, which should give you a better demonstration than the next few screenshots:

Every time Sumio Mondo comes across a Lost and Found item, or a jack-in target, he will recite the following speech. A Lost and Found item begins with "I'm getting that DS feeling..." to let you know that you have found said item, rather than a jack-in target relating to the main game.

Here is Catherine. Currently, we can view the Memo, Jack-In and view our Goods.

The memo, added for the DS version, provides you with two screens where you can jot down any notes. Generally, the memo is used for writing down the answers to the three Lost and Found puzzles at the start of the day (seeing as you cannot take the list with you), so when you come across them during the day, you can easily enter the answer.

The Goods screen provides you with character bios, a list of targets that you have jacked into, Lost and Found items you have collected and a list of unlocks you have gotten.

Jacking in is the way to solve the puzzles.

First of all, you must choose the correct jack for the socket. There is no trick to this, simply try each one until one fits. Using this technique, the correct jack seems to always be the last jack you try. I should also point our that the number on top of the jar indicates which Lost and Found item it is on the list that we found earlier.

Once you have jacked in successfully, you are presented with a set number of slots, indicating how many digits the answer has. By pressing up and down on the d-pad, you can select the digit you want to input and then tap the push button to enter the number.

This particular Lost and Found puzzle is an easy one, simply asking for the number of cars currently in the parking lot. A quick run around tells me that there are 7 cars, so we whack that in.

A correct answer is indicated by "HIT", whereas an incorrect answer is "BLANK". If you do input the wrong answer, Catherine closes and you have to repeat the process again. It's a real pain, so make sure you know the answer is correct beforehand!

The Hotel lobby is calling me.

Right, now let's grab those last two Lost and Found items, and then get to the Hotel.

A red/green circle will appear around an object or person you can interact with. Doors, people, etc.

I could have taken a nap!

I'm Peter. Peter Bocchwinkur. I'm here from The Comission. Nice to meet you.

Oh, so you're a broker?

I don't like to be called that. I just... grease the wheels.

Same thing.

Not so, pretty boy.

Five? Five what?

From your rate.

You sure? That isn't much.

I'm not a greedy man. This is more like my hobby than my job.

Wish I could say the same...

That's settled, then. I'll collect you once you've finished.

Fine with me.

I don't feel like this is our first meeting. I look forward to seeing what you can do.

Lead on, then.

We'll start by making sure you're who you say you are. Jack-in to me and input your date of birth.

On into me...

That's gotta sound odd... This guy, Peter, talking about "come on inside me". Well, like I already told you, I'm a searcher. But just how do I search? Using this - the Ultimate Computerised Unlocking Device, "Catherine". She does all the heavy lifting. Powering Catherine up and inputting the correct code... Can unlock anything. She's a very useful piece. Using her, I'm able to complete any job, perfectly. That's my style. The catch is, that I have to figure things out and input the codes. Catherine can't work alone. But I can't work alone, either. And so we work as a team. Partners. Perfect partners. She's my perfect partner. That's Catherine. But why the name Catherine, you ask? Working with a Catherine is always better than working with a Bob. That's all. Now, I'd better input my birthday. A hint... Look on page 15 of the game manual. It's right there in black and white. Check up on how to handle Catherine, too. Her controls are a snap. First select a jack. There's no real art to this, just keep going until one fits! Then use the dial to enter numbers. Press the A Button to confirm and the B Button to cancel. Mess with the buttons, I'm sure you'll figure it out. It's been a while! Time to get to work, Catherine!

As you can see, this requires 4 digits. The input format is dd/mm - as this is the European localisation (I imagine the Japanese would be mm/dd, as with the American).

I'll use my own birthday here... now I expect presents from you.

Any date will get you a hit. It's important to remember this date though, as you'll need it to finish the game.

Welcome to Lospass island. And I do mean welcome.

Pretty odd name, ain't it?

Does it mean anything?

Hey, I just grease the wheels. I don't know much about this place.

Alright, then... Get me to the Hotel.

Which brings us to the first problem.


Hear me out...

Through them gates is the only way to the Hotel.

Looks like a simple enough problem.


I'll find the code that you've so conveniently forgotten! Leave this to me!

Before solving that problem, let's just grab the two Lost and Found items. The first one is on the other pillar of the gate.

A mystery is concealed here! An endless journey -- The prey protect its soul -- While the hunter hunts the truth. A requiem solely sung for the search! Truth is singular. It's time to go to work, Catherine! The search culminates here!

The second Lost and Found item basically asks us to double the age a child becomes an adult. This one was a pain for me to figure out initially, as in the West, it's usually viewed as 18 or 21, something like that. But of course, this is a Japanese game, and the age in Japan is considered to be 20. So, double 20 = 40.

The Hotel lobby is calling me.

And the last item is hidden behind Peter's truck.

Forgot to point out earlier - you can tell when you're next to an item, because the ring on the touchscreen will spin red, and an exclamation will appear.

A mystery is concealed here! An endless journey -- The prey protect its soul -- While the hunter hunts the truth. A requiem solely sung for the search! Truth is singular. It's time to go to work, Catherine! The search culminates here!

Another easy riddle - how many wheels are on a truck? 6, on Peter's.

The Hotel lobby is calling me.

Now that we have jacked-in to something story related, I'll just show the Goods menu.

And here is a list of the Lost and Found items we have collected so far. At the moment, I have three tickets. To get the items, you simply talk to the Hotel manager, and he will exchange the item, and it will appear in the list (taking the ticket's place).

Now we have the items, we can continue on. Let's check the gate.

Should be a simple problem. But that Peter's a sly guy, isn't he? Checking me out like this. A test of my searching skills. Quite literally, an entrance exam. Upside-down baby... Reversed birthday... The date of birth I must input is the key. Catherine, one more time!

An endless journey -- The prey protect its soul -- While the hunter hunts the truth. A requiem solely sung for the search! Truth is singular. It's time to go to work, Catherine! The search culminates here!

As Sumio hinted at, the answer is quite simply the date of birth we entered earlier, backwards. Just a little test to get us using the required logic for this game.

And that unlocks the gate.

But this island is a green zone. No cars from the outside can be used! It's a pain, but we'll have to take my lorry.

What about Giggs?

I can't hear you! Speak up!

What about my beloved car?

Huh? You're too far away! Shut up! Just get in the lorry, Mondo!

But... Giggs...!

We've got a long road ahead of us! Two hours each way!

Just what was the gate code, then? Remind me.

You knew it all along, Peter.

You read me like a book. Impressive! You just might be the real thing, Sumio Mondo. Hey, don't feel insulted. Edo asked me to test you. All part of my job. I'm sure you can understand that.

Edo...? Don't you mean Ed?

Ah, no, actually. Edo Macalister. The manager of the Hotel. Isn't he your client, Mondo?

I don't know my client's name, actually.

So who asked you to come here?

I don't... really remember.

I see... I expected as much. Well, so long as you can find the item, "who" doesn't really matter.

The "item"....?

Edo will tell you about it. Pretty scary stuff.

We've finally arrived at the Hotel!


Take it easy. But don't forget out promise.


Oh dude, you gotta be kidding?

Just having fun. Five, right?

That's right! Don't forget!

See you soon...

Yeah! I'm hoping you get the job done! Hey! Once you're finished, I'd like to hear your thoughts about Eden.

My thoughts?

Yeah. About this island.

No problem.

Get to it, then, Mondo! Adios!

That's the last we'll be seeing of Peter, until he picks us up, at least.

Now we're finally in the Hotel grounds. Let's get going.

To the right, are the Hotel's garbage facilities. Not important now, though we'll be paying them a visit later on.

Now we're at the entrance, let's talk to the staff member waiting for us.

That's a very deep bow...

We have been expecting you, Mr. Mondo.

This is the Hotel lobby. The only real point of interest here is the front desk.

Here is the Hotel manager, let's get our briefing!

The staff here are very respectful.

We have been expecting you. I am Edo Macalister, the manager of this Hotel.

You're my client?

That is correct. You must be worn out from your long journey. I shall show you to your room right away.

Actually, I'd like to hear why I'm here, first.

Oh, you would...? Well, how about I tell you as we walk?

Sounds good.

Oh, Mr. Mondo...

I'm sure you'll find it very useful.

"The Lospass?"

Thanks. Looks like required reading. I'll put it inside Catherine.


Yeah, my partner.

I see... Now then, please follow me.


I see... It's a combination of two words - Lost and Past.

To... lose the past...?

That is correct.

There's a reason for this, I take it?

There is. A crazy magnetic field...

What does that mean?!

Time is lost.

I don't understand.

A certain instance of time is continuing eternally.

That's insane...

I'm sure you'll understand soon enough, Mr. Mondo.


Look, Edo... Don't give me this crap and tell me... Just why have you asked me here?

blah blah blah, terrorist putting a bomb on a plane, help (yes, the game skips this bit)


Oh, how terrible this all is.

This job is crazy, too!

I knew that when I asked it of you. The facts are, an airplane has been fitted with a bomb. And we need you, Mr. Mondo...

To find it.

Thank you so much for doing this. You shall be our saviour!

Saviour? You're serious?

Totally serious.

Well... I do like the sound of that. Saviour.

Then please!

OK. Leave this to me.

I feel so much better to hear you say that, Mr. Mondo.

Now, please, my room.

Please, step inside...

Welcome to Flower, Sun and Rain:

After each chapter, Edo will provide you with his thoughts. Usually helps wrap up the complex story. After this message, the game automatically saves.

See you tomorrow...

From what I gathered from the test post a few weeks ago, the pictures should be bigger. So I've started the next update, and I've enlarged them quite a bit. Also I'll try and cut back on unnecessary screenshots, as there seem to be quite a few in this update.