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Part 20: R-14 - Träumerei (Part 3)

Such a friendly greeting. Trying to cover your tracks now?! This is stealing, Mr. Mondo. Are you OK with that? If you are, then ride on! Ride on, thief! There's something else...

That bike has a secret. There is a terrible old story about it. Mati told me. If you ride the bike three times you'll lose all of your money. I don't know if it's true... But if you are going to ride it again, you'd better be ready! I'm not responsible for what may happen!

oh god...

Of what?

Lady Natsuko, of course!

I still don't know what you mean.

I guess not. That can't be helped. Gebohah hah hah hah!

What kind of laugh is that?!

You can't question the mannerisms of a man! So, how did it go?

No good. That's what she said. No good!

No good? She said that?

That's right. No good.

Ah, beautiful Lady Natsuko... This feeble Takaoka is no good...? This...! This is rapture! A moment of pure ecstasy!

She said no good, OK? What're you so happy about?!

No good is a feeling! A feeling directed at me! Lady Natsuko has reacted to me!

I guess you could take it that way. I'm glad for you, anyway, weirdo.

I want to watch a film...

Then do it. Have a lovely date in the cinema.

You're right. I'll go to the cinema with Lady Natsuko.

That sounds wonderful!

Wait! Handyman!

I'm a searcher.

Thank you. You have my gratitude.

This is the last time we'll be seeing the bike!


Back to the Hotel...

I think I've resolved the issue. Thanks for your help, Edo.

Miss Akai was just talking about going to the cinema, actually...

A cinema? A cinema on the Island? You have one of those, too?

Why, it's on the fifth floor of this very hotel. We are showing a special program today.

What film?

A very rare print of a valuable piece of cinema history. Its title is "Tonight Tonight." A request from Miss Akai.

Hummm... Very interesting.

Why don't you watch it too, Mr. Mondo? You can read about it in the guidebook.

A film, huh...?

Here's the cinema on the fifth floor...

I need Catherine. The film is "Tonight Tonight." The content of the film is related to this mystery, I think. It's only one digit, so I can just guess if it comes down to it!

When hurtling into mystery, mysteries call up more mystery. What is a mystery without mystery when mystery proceeds? Hurtle on toward the ideal of solving all mystery! Open! Catherine! Let's solve the mystery of today!

Page 35 has details on Tonight Tonight:

As Sumio said, it's only one digit. Presumably it comes from a the emphasis on 3 (third person, triangle, Pythagoras), though maybe the puzzle is supposed to just be a guess. Either way...

We're in.

Here's the lovely couple.

Summertime called the two of us together. I will never forget Lady Natsuko from that day! Just as we are now, we were seated next to each other in the cinema. The change came over Lady Natsuko 8 seconds after the film started. We were complete strangers, and yet she took and held my hand. Gebohah hah hah! I was so happy... I hadn't touched skin so smooth since I was a student. I felt as though I had been transported to another world! Those 8 seconds...! I can remember every single frame of film. The two characters on the screen held hands, just like we did! The number of frames that passed our eyes, that is our memory!



8 seconds...

8 seconds?




What am I, a parrot?! But I think she's trying to tell me something...

Here's the projector she was talking about.

(really not sure why the text didn't show up)

This projector isn't broken. It's just been made to only show a specific scene. This is a tough one. Takaoka and Natsuko are waiting for the film to start. Looks like I have to solve the mystery of this projector, then! The mystery of 8 seconds... A single frame of film...

When hurtling into mystery, mysteries call up more mystery. What is a mystery without mystery when mystery proceeds? Hurtle on toward the ideal of solving all mystery! Open! Catherine! Let's solve the mystery of the film!

Page 32 has information on the cinema and projector:

It runs at 30 frames per second, and Natsuko said 8 seconds... 30x8=240, so frame 240!

One of my dearest memories, of first meeting you...

Oh...! You've finally woken up!

Yes... from a long dream.

I can't believe that I've finally met you again...

I'm sorry.

No, please! I'm very happy!

I do like that word. "Happy." A very lovely word. I'm happy too.

I will protect you, you and your life.

Ah! To be with one I so admire, now I can die happy!

You'd better not die any time soon!

I'll certainly try not to!

Gehboh hah hah!

Tee hee hee! ♥

Is this any better...? I can't help feeling there's still something wrong with this picture.

R-14 Ending:

Phew... longest day over. 4 days left, and they're reasonably short, in comparison to this monster. Anyway, bonus content is a review from Cubed3 - a positive Western review. Wow!