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Part 15: Intermission - Concept Art, Easter eggs and glitches.

Intermission - Concept Art, Easter eggs and glitches.

- Art -

After some internet sleuthing, I was able to collect some of the sweet concept art that was used to promote the game. Let's take a look at that!

Sadly, I was only able to find drawings of the Kid and from Bagzton. I would have liked to know how the other main characters looked during the design phase. And despite Bagzton being a douche, the first drawing of him looks pretty neat.

The first drawing of the fighter looks real gritty, I like that style very much. In general, the concept art looks a bit more rugged than the actual game, and that would be a look that I would enjoy for a sequel. The drawing of the wounded soldier gives us also a little insight into the "mystery" of Soviets that join the Resistance. It's actually called "Sov_defect". That makes them more than just fellas who are happy about a free Medkit, and makes Gideon020's theory much more likely.

First up, I really like the picture with the tank. It's fucking great! But it also makes me sad, because we're probably never going to see a modern version of this game. Seriously, the game still looks pretty good today and the style is totally fine. But a sequel that looks as gritty as some of the drawings would be awesome. Couple that with a more serious story and deeper mechanics, and you can have my money.

Just some promo pictures that I included because I can. But again, loving that gritty look on the last one. It's also a variation of the picture that I use for my update banners.

I don't really know who to credit for this drawing, but it's hella cool! This really nails the look that I'd want for a sequel or remake.

- Easter eggs & stuff -

First up, there are two references to Hitman in the first part of the game.

This is in Isabella's apartment in the first level. The poster says "Hong Kong Love Story"

This billboard can be found in the police station level. I couldn't really get a good angle on it, but the address description has a 47 in it.

In the subway tunnel of the same level, you can also find this.

Janos Flosser is a member of the development team, and I assume he's the lead. Credits to Iron Chitlin, who told me about this picture.

This is also in the tunnel.

As well as this.

There are a bunch of names and random words scrawled on the wall. Could also be people who worked on the game.

The police station itself also has some things to show.

Probably more members of the team. The other walls of the station are mostly plastered with wanted posters from Isabella. It also looks like there are some kind of reports on her, but you really can't read those tiny pixels.

Some more propaganda in the police station.

This is one of my favorite things about the introduction with Isabella.

And lastly, this can be found in the hotel level.

Insert "Dear Leader" joke here.

I don't claim to know about all the little details in the game, and a few are in levels we haven't seen yet. So if you know something that I have missed, speak up and I'll make another additional post on it at the end of the thread.

- Glitches -

"800 Pistol rounds"

I wasn't able to reproduce it for the Lp, but have seen it happen multiple times. Basically, when the revolver appears for the first time in the rebel base, and you quickly switch out your pistol for it but immediately switch back, you'll sometimes magically gain 800 pistol rounds. Really handy, as they'll probably last for the whole game! I've not been able to reliably reproduce it, but have seen it happen a couple of times.

"Chipmunk time"

This is a Glitch that I could record.

You know how older games have some issues with multi-core processors? If not then let me tell you that they make some older games run hella fast. FF isn't affected that much, but it still can happen. But here's the kicker: it's totally random if it will happen. Sometimes when I boot up the game under Vista, it will just run really fast. And this doesn't get affected by compatibility modes. When it does happen, I just close the game and boot it back up, which makes it behave fine again.