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Part 2: The Place of Chariots

Mission 2: The Place of Chariots

The briefing is as follows;

"Command has ordered the 53rd Hammerheads to secure an NTF depot in the Deneb asteroid belt. Six sentry guns are positioned around the depot, and Rebel freighters are now moving the cargo out of the area. The NTF has gone through a lot of trouble to hide these materials.

Alpha 1, your mission is to seek and destroy all targets of opportunity, including freighters, cargo, and sentry guns. Beta wing will scan the cargo. Recon sighted a wing of Lokis guarding the depot, so prioritize these bandits.

Do not underestimate the importance of this mission, pilot. A depot raid won't win you any medals, but it can be just as vital as taking down a cruiser or corvette. We must sever rebel supply lines if we want to achieve a decisive victory.

Immediately upon entering, we're confronted with two Hercules fighters and four Alastor-class sentry guns.

Alpha 2: "Okay, Alpha wing, let's take out the fighters and freighters. Beta will scan the cargo. Watch those sentry guns!"

The Hercs are flying straight at me, and I realize this with a few laser blasts scuffing my shields. A quick dogfight ensues.

Alpha 2: "Beta wing, target cargo units and close in to scan. Optimal distance is 150 meters."
Alpha 2: "Alpha 1 and Alpha 3, you target the fighters. Stay focused on those Lokis."

Lokis? What Lokis? And why is Alpha-2 calling all the shots

I continue dispatching the Hercs and Sentries along with Alpha 3.

Beta 1: "Command, we've got a problem here. We can't scan the cargo!"
Command: "Run a diagnostic, Beta. Are your sensors malfunctioning?"
Beta 1: "Negative. There's some kind of shielding on these units, our sensors can't penetrate!"
Command: "Acknowledged, Beta. Abort the scan and engage the enemy."
Beta 1: "What about a recovery op?"
Command: "Negative, Beta. Command will not risk recovery in that asteroid belt."
Alpha 2: "Heads up! Enemy wing closing in!"

Oh, those Lokis.

Now it's time for a lesson on the NTF - they're stupid. They send their fighters in waves of 2-3. What kind of stupid idea is that? There's 6 of us GTVA pilots here. What gives?

Alpha 2: "We're facing multiple bandits here. That cargo must be vital."

The two Lokis are easily dispatched of, aside from this asshole crashing in to me.

Luckily, my shields were fully charged and I glanced off most of the collision. I flew out with only minor hull damage.

Alpha 2: "We have secured the depot, Command. All bandits have been neutralized. Alpha and Beta, destroy the cargo units."
Command: "Hold on, Alpha. Long-range sensors are picking up another hostile target three kilometers from your position."
Alpha 2: "I'm reading nothing here, Command."
Command: "We're detecting a faint EM signature from one of the asteroids. Transmitting coordinates now."
Alpha 2: "I'm still not getting a clear reading. There's too much interference."

You're a smart one, Alpha 2! It's not like this thing is visible from here, or anything

Command: "There should be a flashing red blip on the radar screen of your HUD. Maneuver your fighter until this blip is centered in the radar. This will point you in the right direction."
Alpha 2: "It's a large asteroid, Command, with some kind of structure built in to the surface."
Command: "Let's take a closer look. Proceed with caution, pilots."

In my world, "proceeding with caution" involves shooting lots of missiles and lasers.

And flying around blowing up asteroids

Alpha 2: "Command, the target has turrets and a fighter bay. It must be a Rebel installation!"
Command: "We're scrambling bomber wings now! Destroy that base, pilots!"

I open fire on the nearest laser turret, and it opens fire on me.

Delta 2: "Delta wing now in position."
Alpha 2: "Command, I'm picking up incoming hostiles."
Command: "Engage and destroy those fighters. We need to clear a path for Delta wing."

I engage as commanded. A wing of three Lokis. Goes down easy enough.

Unknown NTF: "This is Admiral Bosch of the Neo-Terran Front. Allied fighters, break off your attack!"
Alpha 2: "Command, the rebel leader is on that base!"
Command: "Disregard that transmission, Alpha. Admiral Bosch is in the Polaris system. This must be a decoy."
Unknown NTF: "If you destroy this installation, you sign the death warrant of our race! I demand unfettered access to the Sirius jump node!"
Command: "There will be no negotiations, Bosch."
Unknown NTF: "Listen to me! If my saftey is guaranteed, I'll withdraw my forces from Deneb."
Command: "Pilots, destroy that installation. You have your orders."

I like destroying things. I turn around to face the installation.

Alpha 2: "The asteroid is breaking apart, Command!"

There was a ship hiding inside the asteroid!

Command: "That's NOT an installation! Disable the engines of that warship! Do not let them escape!"

All wings begin to pound the ship's engines with everything they have.

Alpha 2: "There's no time, Command! The vessel is powering up its subspace drive!"

Command: "Bosch and his warship have jumped!"

I'm... I'm sorry Command...

Command: "This mission is over, Alpha. Return to base."

"Command has issued no official explanation for Admiral Bosch's presence in the Deneb system. The hidden base and the shileded cargo units only compound the mystery of the admiral's agenda. Under the circumstances, there was nothing you could have done to stop the escape of Bosch's command frigate, designated the NTF Iceni."