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Part 3: The Romans Blunder

Mission 3: The Romans Blunder

"Intelligence has tracked Admiral Bosch's command frigate, the NTF Iceni, through subspace. We have vectored its course to the Sirius jump node. The 53rd is being scrambled to seek and destroy the Iceni before it escapes Deneb. We have pre-assigned your loadout, and your fighters are now standing by. Report to the flight deck pronto."

Upon arrival, we are 5.3 kilometers behind the Iceni.

Command: "Engage full burners and intercept the Iceni, they are two kilometers from the Sirius jump node."

I divert full power to engines and lay on the afterburners.

Alpha 2:"Command, we're five clicks from that corvette! Those coordinates you gave us were bogus! We don't stand a chance of catching that ship!"
Command:"You have your orders, pilot."
Alpha 2:"Command, where's the blockade? Why isn't the Alliance guarding this node?!"
Command:"Our line of defense has been reprioritized for engagements elsewhere in the system."

Around this time, the Iceni is reaching the jump node, and I'm still a click and a half away.

Iceni:"I regret your efforts to intercept us have failed, pilots. You would be well advised to question the wisdom of your leaders. Helm, engage subspace drive."
Beta 1:"The Iceni has jumped! I repeat, the Iceni has jumped!"

Command:"Acknowledged, pilot."
Alpha 2:"Request a status brief, Command! What the hell is going on here?"

Alpha 2 is spunky and fierce
I bet he's a redhead.

Command:"You're out of line, pilot!"
Alpha 2:"Out of line? I don't think so. We're risking our lives out here! We deserve a straight answer!"
Command:"You can discuss this at your debriefing. We now have reports that rebel vessels are heading for the jump node. Stand by for mission update. Command out."
Alpha 2:"Damn it! Command let Bosch escape!"
Alpha 3:"What are you talking about?"
Alpha 2:"They pulled the blockade. They gave us the wrong coordinates. There's no other explanation!"
Alpha 3:"Why? Why would they let him go?"

Oh no, Alpha 3, don't tell me you're falling for Alpha 2's inane rambling

Alpha 2:"You tell me, pilot. I'm informed on a need-to-know basis."
Alpha 3:"Stand down. We're on your side here."
Alpha 2:"Why did we attack the Iceni? Why did we destroy that cargo? I can live with being a pawn if the game makes sense!"
Command:"Incoming freighters with Loki escort. These targets escaped the asteroid depot. Destroy those ships before they reach the node."
Beta 2:"Beta wing here. Target acquired and closing in."

Two freighters approach, each with four Loki fighters flying escort.

We dispatch of the Lokis quickly, and the Freighters go down just as quick.

Command:"Two NTF cruisers have jumped in, the NTC Glorious and the NTC Impervious. They are heading for the node. Eliminate the fighter escort, pilots. We'll deploy the Psamtik to handle the cruisers."

I begin to fly towards the cruisers, only to be interrupted by a little bad news

Command:"Those cruisers have anti-fighter beams with an effective range of 1500 meters. Lure the escort away from the cruisers before you engage."

I wish you would have told me this before I was only 900 meters away, Command.

I turn around and hit the burners, then wait for the Lokis to come to me.

Lokis are about as tough as a baby riding on a kitten's back.

Seconds after the Psamtik warps in, it manages to crash in to the NTC Glorious. Good going, Vasudan pilots!

A couple beams later and the Glorious is toast. We turn our attention on the NTC Impervious.

It lasts only a few seconds with myself, the Psamtik, and all of Beta wing focused on it. If you'll notice, Alpha 2 and 3 have died but they're not exactly big losses!

Maybe I should have flown away before it was destroyed, because my ship is rocked by the blast. This nearly destroys me


Command:"Return to base, pilots. The Aquitaine is shipping out."

I'm leaving anyway.


"Admiral Bosch's command frigate reached the Sirius jump node. I have received no explanation, neither on or off the record, for what happened out there. I assume we'll be informed on a need-to-know basis.

Good job neutralizing those fighters and freighters. You've served the 53rd Hammerheads well. Your performance in this last mission proves you have what it takes to be an ace pilot. I have recommended your transfer to the 107th Ravens. They lost many good officers in Deneb, and they could use someone with your talents. They're a top-notch unit, I know you'll make us proud.

Good luck with your new assignment, pilot. Command has ordered the Aquitaine to return to the Capella system. Admiral Petrarch will address the crew at 0630.

That's it for the night, I'll do another couple missions tomorrow