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Part 7: Slaying Ravana

(I have to apologize, earlier I said that Sathanas was coming up soon, but I had it confused with the Ravana they're both huge motherfuckers though)

Mission 7: Slaying Ravana


This is Lieutenant Samsa. The Allied attack against the SD Ravana has deteriorated. We've lost the GRD Delacroix, and the surviving warships in the battle group are damaged. Petrarch is scrambling the 107th to assist. Command will also sortie the GVC Somtus and the GTC Yakiba. Once they cross the subspace portal, we will move them in to position.

For this mission, we'll fly the GTB Boanerges, the Alliance's new attack bomber. The Boanerges maximizes shielding and payload, while offering enough maneuverability to make it a viable tactical unit. The bomber won't handle as well as the Herc II, so stay on the move. Bombers make easy targets.

With our Cyclops Torpedoes, we'll have the firepower to take out the Ravana. If you're too far from the target, the flak guns will neutralize your bomb, so get as close as possible. Once you fire your salvo, hit your burners and get clear of the blast. The Cyclops has an extensive lock time and countdown.

If we succeed, we will have secured the jump node between the nebula and Gamma Draconis. If we fail, we pave the way for a Shivan invasion of our systems. Good luck, Pilot. We know you can do it.

Sounds like a lot of fun.

We get to pilot a bomber and take down the Shivan destroyer, Ravana.

This mission is actually very short and there's not much interesting action going on at all.

We enter the nebula yet again. I'm getting sick of this place.

Alpha 2: "I've acquired sensor lock on the Ravana. The destroyer is currently out of range."
Alpha 3: "No visual on allied ships, but we can see their cannon signature."

The first thing I do is divert full power from my guns in to my shields and engines. Being a bomber, the enemy fighters are not my target, I can, for the most part, avoid them and count on the other wings to take them out before they take me out. I can see nothing in the clouds ahead, aside from massive beam cannons exchanging blows between the hulking colossus and the GTVA's fleet.

Command: "Bombers, close in on the Ravana. We must end this now."
Alpha 2: "Roger that, Command. Warheads are armed and ready."

I know I mentioned this before, but not while actually piloting a bomber. Torpedoes take a long time to reload, around 15 to 16 seconds.With two torpedo bays, we can generally get in four bombs per run (two shots with double-fire enabled). On top of that, these torpedoes have a HUGE blast radius, which means we want to get away before the explosion, or else we're going to be in trouble. Alpha 3 reminds us of this.

Alpha 3: "Watch the friendly fire! You get hit, and you won't make it to your own service!"

We don't need to worry about disabling the Ravana's systems too much because it's not going anywhere. The only system that could make a big difference is Weapons, but there seem to be a LOT of flak cannons surrounding the weapons system. Instead of focusing on systems, we'll focus on turrets. The beam cannons are first up.

A single Cyclops will put them out of commission.

Once most of the forward turrets are destroyed, we're more free to make quick passes and smash the hull as quick as possible.

I work it down, calling in the support ship once to rearm my torpedoes. The fighters still haven't bothered me, and I've destroyed all of the turrets that can reach me where I am. Yawn.

Command: "The Ravana's hull integrity has fallen below critical. Destruction of primary target is imminent."

I fire two more torpedoes, then turn around and lay on the booster.

Command: "Ravana objective neutralized! All units, return to base."

Not wanting to stick around to see if the explosion will destroy my ship, I engage my subspace drive and warp out.



The destruction of the Ravana is the most significant victory over the Shivans since the end of the Great War. We have secured the subspace node linking the nebula with Gamma Draconis, and we have demonstrated our technological superiority over our Great War nemesis. We have proven without a doubt that we have the firepower to neutralize any Shivan threat.

A new class of intercept fighter will be stationed on board the Aquitaine. I have recommended that you be transferred to this unit. Interceptors are fast, high-performance fighters requiring pilots with good reflexes. You've got the talent for it, and you'll represent the Ravens well.

Command has ordered the Aquitaine to return to the Capella system. Admiral Petrarch will brief the crew about our upcoming operation.

While that was a fairly boring mission, it paves the way for two great improvements.

1) We're out of the nebula.
2) I get to fly an interceptor now.

edit: screenshots fixed